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David Clarke is Retired Sheriff of Milwaukee County. He’s the President of “Rise Up Wisconsin INC,” And is on the Board of Directors at the Crime Research Center. Sheriff Clarke is the author of the book, “Cop Under Fire”

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You know the job was dangerous when you’re talking Fred, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he got this no single score podcast. So it was an interesting week in these ones United States. Cocaine was found at the White House the first time in American history that any illegal substance was officially discovered at the People’s House. And of course, the speculation was rampant. And all of a sudden, we started getting differing stories. First who was found the library. And then we were told it was Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe and actually brought the cocaine in. And then we were told it was found in an area where they give tours, and a whole bunch of people could have been through there. And then then the story changed my friends then it changed again. And then finally MSN BS was forced to confront the reality that the cocaine was brought into the people’s house, by the only mechanism that sane people knew that it could have been brought in by somebody who didn’t go through a security check, have a listen, I was found by my observation in a much more secure place, limited access place. And that West Wing reception areas there are in fact two West Wing entrances, you know that I know that for the benefit of our audience. And now the investigation has progressed and so they’re saying the West executive entrance, which as you noted is closer to the Situation Room. It is also next to West executive drive. That’s where for example, the Vice President’s vehicle is parked. Oh, could be Kamala Harris. The failed borders are I’m sorry, Camilla Harris. That’s the Stevie Wonder pronunciation. So you know, it’s not racist. So it could be the VP who brought the coke in. Now, since these revelations had come out that the White House spin is now this. Well, you know, the situation room that was mentioned there in that MSN BS soundbite the Situation Room? It is. It is been under construction for the last several months. So it could have been anybody could have been these construction workers. Now, you would have to be a complete idiot to believe that you would have to believe these construction workers get access to the White House every single day without getting patted down without getting searched thoroughly to make sure that the work that’s being done is being done with legitimate tools and that every security precaution is is being taken. You’d have to think that that goes by the wayside that oh yeah, just sneaking in a white powder and unidentified white powder happens all the time. On that level of the White House. You would be a fool to think so and only left wingers think so. And which means you know, not necessarily they are fools. So a lot of people are crying BS on all of this As they rightly should, Bret Tolman, you guys know this guy, Brad Tolman is the executive director of right on crime. He’s a former US attorney. He wrote the following. been there many times meaning the White House myself. There is no, there is no one unknown. Whoever has access to that area. The quote, high traffic area response is a distraction. Oh, yes. The the idea that it’s a high traffic area, any Tom Dick or Harry can just traipse on by the Situation Room. And cocaine is flowing through the White House at all times, is insane. That’s what they want us to believe. That’s what they’re asking Americans to believe. And nobody would have a brain cell believes it. Only Democrats believe it and not even the biased press believes that they’re just trying to muddy the waters as best they can. Sean Davis, who was the co founder of the Federalist, he wrote the following. This whole charade isn’t playing out because they don’t know who traffic cocaine into the White House. It’s taking this long because they know exactly who brought it in. But as with everything else of this regime, the great Democrat cocaine cover up. It’s all about lying to the American people about what is true, so that these leftists can continue to get away with breaking the law and this case, right in your face breaking the law without any consequences. The laws don’t apply to them. They’re Democrats didn’t you know, Byron York at the Washington Examiner had an interesting, interesting take on all this. Cocaine run around at the White House. Republicans in Congress are starting to ask questions about last weekend’s discovery of a baggie of cocaine in the White House. On Friday morning House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, best known as the chief investigator of Hunter Biden on Capitol Hill, sent a letter to Kimberly Cheadle, head of the Secret Service. The presence of illegal drugs in the White House is unacceptable, and a shameful moment in the White House’s history. Comer wrote this incident has raised additional concerns with the committee regarding the level of security maintained at the White House. Comer requested a briefing for the committee by no later than next week, blaming the Secret Service. I don’t know that I agree with that. But you know, what I find even more disgraceful is that there are people who run the Secret Service now, as is the case with the FBI and the DOJ who are willing to sacrifice the integrity of the Secret Service. Just like the FBI is willing to sacrifice the leadership is willing to sacrifice that agency’s integrity as the leadership of the DOJ is willing to sacrifice the integrity of the Department of injustice, just to protect the illegality of Democrats. That’s what I find most reprehensible, most disgraceful. Most of what the public knows rights York or thinks it knows, has come from unnamed sources in news reports, it has been hard to get anyone in the White House to reveal any details about what happened. And the reason why folks, why do you think we can’t get a straight answer out of Corinne? What is what is my buddy? Colonel Tony Schaefer call her Korean Jean Luc Picard. I think it’s, that’s Corinne, John Pierre, the most one of the most unqualified people and government. Why can’t Why won’t she go on the record and say definitively this baggy does not belong to anybody with the name Biden, she can’t, she won’t. Instead, when asked directly, hey, does the cocaine belong to anybody with the last name Biden? Here’s what Corinne John Pierre said. She actually blames the folks asking the question, there has been some irresponsible reporting about the family. And, and so I gotta call that out here. And I have been very clear. I was clear two days ago when talking about this over and over again, as I wasn’t being asked a question, as you know, and media outlets reported this. the Biden family was not here. They were not here. They were at Camp David. They were not here Friday. They were not here Saturday. They were not here Sunday. They were not even here Monday. They came back on Tuesday. So to ask that question is actually incredibly irresponsible. And and I’ll just leave it there. But I your liberty loving Latino will not just leave it there because press accounts debunk this liar, this leftist liar who speaks for another leftist liar. White House press secretary Corinne John Pierre’s claim that no members of the Biden family were present at the White House in the days leading up to the discovery of a bag of cocaine in the west wing has been contradicted by Fox News press pool reports. Come on one of those days according to the Friday, June 30. Pull report, Beijing Biden gave remarks in the Roosevelt Room that afternoon and didn’t depart the White House for Camp David until 6:34pm. Along with First Lady, Jill Biden, I’m sorry, Dr. Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, and Hunter son, Beau Biden, however, John Pierre claimed Friday while angrily responding to a reporter’s question about whether the grain belonged to a member of the Biden family that they weren’t present at the White House on that day, just another lie in a series of lies designed to cover up more lies that we are asked to accept by the biased press as Okay, the rules don’t apply. We can’t expect the truth from Democrats. And that’s probably true. We should never expect the truth from anybody any leftist because as you know, leftists lie Democrats lie, communists lie, they always lie, because they can’t tell the truth about what they’re up to and any circumstance. So, folks, the idea that you couldn’t leave a bag of cocaine behind and it couldn’t be on Friday, and it couldn’t be discovered on Sunday is absurd. And this, this line of denial just makes it even worse, America really screwed up by electing anybody in the Democrat Party. When this is what retreated to folks. We talk about the rule of law with a law man coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? Well, what if you’re under 65 and need quality affordable health coverage American medical plan specializes in under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays at the doctor and no deductible on all outpatient services including surgeries, you pick your doctors and hospitals. 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David Clark, retired sheriff of Milwaukee County, he’s the president of rise up Wisconsin Inc. and is on the board of directors at the crime Research Center. Sheriff Clark is the author of the book cop under fire. Sheriff, it’s been a while Welcome back, Chris. It’s my pleasure to be on and good morning to your listeners. Good morning to you. Now I was going to I was going to start off by cocaine found at the White House. But I wanted to ask you something because I’ve been looking at your your Twitter posts here over the last couple of weeks. And you’ve been asking some questions for the folks who follow you on Twitter. And there’s there was a poll out there that Fox took that I wanted you to react to. Now we hear about this. Never Trump business a lot. But when asked who you would never vote for the one who gets the most is Mike Pence. 35% say they are never pence. Only 13% say they are never Trump and everybody else is kind of in the middle. What does that say to you? Yeah, those things kind of mirror each other. If you think about it, Trump has about 35% within the Republican Party anyway, support so the fact that 35% are against it, probably Trump supporters. But look, Trump’s position within this party is still strong, in spite of these contenders continued government harassment of him and his family and it’s not going to change so, you know, as you go through the nomination process and Republican nomination is going to be up to the vote. It’s not up to chris Christie is not up to new John Sununu. It’s not up to these never Trumpers. It’s up to the voters to decide who they want to represent him or represent them in a general election of November 2024. And one last point here on that. The fact is, I’m tired of people that made mainly the Never Trump errs, peddling this lie that Trump to not win the 2024 election, he most certainly can win the 2024 election. If you get back on message. I’ll tell you one other thing is that the Democratic Party, I read a story last week, members of the Democratic Party are whispering to themselves. You know what Trump could still win this thing in 2024? Oh, sure. Hillary Clinton is out there saying if if Trump wins, it’s going to be the end of our democracy. Whatever it is, it’s just the more hysterical they get, and the more laws they break to target him. I think the more support Americans throw his way, even if they’re not necessarily a Trump supporter. They do not support this, throw out the Constitution, throw out the rule of law, throw out our protections to get him mentality. Most Americans say, Well, if they’re going to do that to Trump, what are they gonna do to me? And they’re right to think that. So let’s, let’s talk about a headline that I thought that I would never see in this country. But I’ve been saying that an awful lot lately. So I should stop saying that cocaine at the White House, your thoughts? Amazing, isn’t it? You know, I’ve been to the White House numerous times. And it’s a it’s a strict process to get in your darn there have to be stripped certs in order to get in. I think that that. And this is just my gut, I don’t know. But you know, I’m an investigator, so I can have some hunches. That’s what you start out with when you you don’t know who did whatever. That was probably brought in by a credentialed individual whose cert to get into the building is not as strict as someone from the outside. Could I be wrong? Sure. But I would start with that. I don’t think that they’re gonna find out I know, I’m hearing some secret service, reading stories where they’re saying we’re gonna get to the bottom, it’s no, they are, they’re never going to know. It’s kind of like the leak at the Supreme Court, where the I think the US Marshal Service investigated that and they couldn’t figure out who the leaker was on a Dobbs decision, although I think they know who, but they didn’t want to ruin the credibility of the court. Well, I think it’s it’s even more insidious than that. I think Justice Roberts, Chief Justice Roberts found out it was a member of the left, and he convinced himself that it would rip the country apart. If if they revealed that a left winger did it of course, it wouldn’t be ripping anybody apart, if it was discovered if a conservative had done it, and that that probably would have been outed. But I believe Chief Justice John Roberts knows who the leaker is, and he’s keeping it under wraps and some misguided attempt to quote unquote, preserve the country, which is of course asinine, which is and I think you’re right. I think your gut instinct on what this investigation at the White House is going to yield. It’s it’s just like we were told, Oh, Hunter Biden was being investigated. Uh huh. Sure he was, and then he has this sweetheart deal. Oh, yes. He can lie on a gun for him. Oh, yes. He cannot pay his taxes. Oh, yes. He could do influence peddling and no consequences because that’s how Democrats roll in this society fair. Well, yeah, this you know, that was a miscarriage, obviously, of our justice system was a bastardization if you will, of the concept of equal justice under law. I put out a social media post the other day, I posted the facade of the United States Supreme Court building and on the top to carved into the Marvel or whatever it is granted, it says equal justice under law. And I quoted by saying, they might as well bring in some masonry people and scrape that off the front of that building, because there is no equal justice under law. There’s a two tier system of justice in this country. There’s one for the elites, the political elite, the donor class, the people who are well connected in Washington, DC, and then there’s people like you, I and your listeners, Chris, there’s a different standard for us. They throw us under the jail when we get used to doing some of the things that Hunter Biden was and others. He’s not the only one. No, he’s not the only one. I mean, Hillary Clinton. You know, Comey said there’s evidence she broke the law, but no reasonable prosecutor would ever prosecute her. I mean, the fix has been in for the Democrat Party. And I actually had this conversation yesterday. I want to get your your comment on it. And we’re talking to Sheriff Clark, he retired Milwaukee County Sheriff, and he is the president of rise up Wisconsin, Inc. Name of the book is comp under fire. I had Tom McClintock, who I’ve known for an awful long time I had him on the Newsmax show, and they had an opportunity Need to punish Adam Schiff for his weaponizing of the the intelligence committee here to four Republicans and Democrats agreed we will not politicize national security or, or intelligence or any of that stuff because it’s it’s an all of our interests, but Adam Schiff, threw that out the window, Barack Obama threw it out the window. So Adam Schiff lied for years about Trump, Russia collusion, and it was determined he did lie because of the the investigation of the Durham investigation and the special counsel investigation there. When the Republicans said no, we don’t want to find him. We don’t want to punish him. I said to Tom McClintock, aren’t you just encouraging the Democrats to continue to run roughshod over this country and your Republican Party by making sure they don’t suffer any consequences? He of course objected. What do you say? Well, of course, you know, Republicans, for some odd reason, I am a conservative, you know, there’s a difference between a conservative and a Republican, but that’s a conversation for another day. Anyway, when they get power, they still think that this is a collegial, we’ll all just sit around the table and debate and discuss and we’ll walk out of here with some sort of consensus, when the Democrats get control of power, they forge it into a weapon, and they go around clubbing their political opponents with it. So you look at the way that the Democrats when they control the house under Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate under Chuck Schumer, it’s much the same with the Trump impeachment. They just brought it, they knew they didn’t have a case to bring against them, but they did it anyway. And the reason they do that is that’s what you’re getting at Chris, is that they know, you know, we don’t have to worry if the Republicans ever get control of power in these chambers here in the Congress, they’re not going to do unto us as we’ve done unto them. And so they know that they can get away with this crap until the Republican Party develops a backbone and lets the the Democrats know, okay, now it’s our turn, we’re going to show you what it feels like once the Democrats, Democrats understand that the same might happen to them. They might I don’t, I wouldn’t, you know, sell them or bet the mortgage on it, but they just might change their way if they know we will bring it to them. Like they brought it to us. True, like, like any criminal, you gotta provide disincentive to any criminal and when, when Adam Schiff betrays the country weaponizes intelligence, which here to four, they have not done that’s not been allowed. And when he does that, there has to be a price. So he doesn’t do it in the future. But as I said to Mr. McLintock, all you’ve done is assured the Democrats will will weaponize government against the Republican Party and against your constituents in the future. That leads me Sheriff Clark to back to the cocaine, if it is somehow determined. And you and I both agree that it’s probably going to be whitewashed, but let’s just say for argument’s sake, somebody gets a wild hair and determines that traces this cocaine back to the first son, a man who we all know, has documented problems with, with drug abuse, by the way, which he has never been prosecuted for. I must add. Let’s What do you think that should impact his sweetheart plea deal he got from the IRS won’t, I don’t want to get your listeners hopes up that anything’s going to happen to him no matter what, even if he’s the source of this, but this this is small potatoes compared to what he was up against, you know, 10s of millions of dollars and unreported income or taxes, so on and so forth. I said at the time, and I set it with Hillary Clinton, and I don’t like to be, you know, this, this downer all the time. But like I said, I understand that there’s two tiers of justice in this country, I said Hillary Clinton would never see the inside of a courtroom. I said, with the Hunter Biden thing. I was wrong on this aspect. I said he’d never seen the inside of the courtroom, he will but as to plead to a misdemeanor for heaven’s sake. But the fact is that nothing’s going to happen. And that guy could go out and do something dastardly today, and it wouldn’t impact on a sweetheart deal that he got. Yeah. And that’s and that’s a shame. And you know, what the biased press would also be out there covering for him every step of the way. Now, when I was when I was booking you for the program, I wanted to pay attention to something that’s impacting Texas, frankly, it’s all 50 states because Beijing Biden has turned the American government into illegal alien airlines, shipping illegal aliens to the tune of over 6 million to every state. But the borders are so wide open drugs are flowing in. There’s so there’s so many drugs, they’re even ending up at the White House in this country. So I want to address the six and a half million illegal aliens and the millions of known God aways that we have. And then I want to point you to what’s happened in France. The EU inflicted all of these unassimilated folks on France And now you see what’s happening France is on fire. How long do you think it’s till America sees on steroids what we endured with the the George Floyd riots which I know you were condemning every step of the way, when you start to see American cities on fire from these unassimilated, folks, these millions of people that Joe Biden in the Democrat Party are letting in across the southern border. Yeah, it’s just a matter of time. When you when you take into your country, whether you take them in legally or not, these these young males in their crime prone years, this is what was happening, Chris, as you well known your listeners, during the the age when you’re after 911, you saw these countries that were trying to be nice, and they were allowing all these young Arab male refugees into their country, like I said, trying to be nice. And the next thing you know, they end up with a problem. So it’s just a matter of time. Here, all you’re going to need as a catalyst or you’re going to need it is that Flashpoint where these individuals rise up. And they’re going to end up doing just like they’re doing in France right now. And then there will be the Democrats supporting their debauchery, their violence, their looting their burning every step of the way, as they did during the George Floyd riots. Last thing, you probably saw this story and you and I, you being alone, a former law enforcement officer, now you’re in media a lot more. We make our livings, we make our points, utilizing the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the freedom of speech, a judge has determined that it is likely that the Biden regime violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution by stealing our rights suppressing our right of free speech on social media and went to the extraordinary step of forebay, forbidding the entire DOJ the entire FBI and certain regime members of the Biden regime from from having conversations with social media in an effort to stifle Americans, right, a free speech, your reaction to a government that would do that to its people? Well, that’s a slippery slope. That’s more that’s more serious than I think people are giving attention to when whenever government is a building block of totalitarian, totalitarian fascism, Criss, whenever government controls the need to control three entities for a totalitarian form of government, they need to disarm the people. And there’s they still haven’t figured out a way how to totally do that. But they’re trying, they need to control the media. And that’s what this is, that’s that second building block. They need to control the media, and they’re doing it. With their stifling of dissent in this country. Chris dissent is healthy in a democracy, the free flow exchange of ideas back and forth, opposing viewpoint, that stuff is healthy in a democracy. It keeps the government at bay, keep the government under check. And that’s why I said this is more serious than I think people are, are giving it credit for. You cannot allow government to control you. They call it big tech, but it’s actually it’s big tech, because it’s part of media, right? It’s Facebook, its Twitter, these other social platforms. They’re deciding I don’t want the government deciding what’s true or not. That’s for the marketplace of ideas to sort out. I don’t care if it’s disinformation. I don’t trust this government. I think it was, it was either John Adams or Thomas Jefferson that said, government is not to be trusted. I don’t care who the administration is. I don’t trust government. It’s not worth trusting government, because they can’t be trusted. Look at our D state look at our intel agency that got in bed with big tech as well. And push these false narratives about the pandemic, push these false narratives. The lie outright lied about, not only the COVID, but you know, the Hunter Biden laptop, that’s the danger when you allow government to get into bed with media or big tech. And I would maintain that the social platforms today are bigger than our traditional media, meaning like the newspapers and local TV and even national TV. More people get their information off social media than reading the New York Times The Washington Post, and that’s why this is dangerous. And I’m glad that stepped in. And I’m glad he worded the way he did. Yep, he was not ambiguous in his determination. But maybe now we’ll just say we’ll get the attention that it deserves. Without free speech, America ceases to be America and I firmly believe that David Clark, retired sheriff in Milwaukee County, the name of the book cop under fire. It’s always a pleasure talking with you. We’ll talk again soon, Chris. It’s my pleasure. Do well, that’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast two websites to go to my friend wins Texas, Texas all the news that’s fit to print in the great state of Texas that impacts our state and beyond. Also head to Chris While you’re there, you can check out where to find the Chris Saucedo shows on ks evey on Newsmax TV and all of our social media hookups. Oddly enough, folks, one of the big areas of growth that we’re having in social media aside from Instagram, truth, social is blowing the doors off of our growth. But believe it or not, we’re getting a spike in left wing Twitter. I don’t know where it’s coming from. I think it’s because Newsmax has been pushing out a lot of our stuff as of late, but man, we’re getting some growing influence on Twitter. So check it out there at Chris CHR is Sal CEE Till we visit again, my friends remember this, a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there, my friends, you were an entrepreneur before you knew what an entrepreneur was the boss of every stuffed animal in the toy box. The kid who had strategy and passion from day one, you ran a lemonade stand that actually turned a profit every day. Origin helps people like you who’ve always had the vision to see the full potential of any idea and make it happen. Connecting people to their dreams is our passion. Every great relationship has an origin story. Start yours today. Remember of DRC how do people make their mark in Garland? They start with an idea. They take a chance they feel the vibe, they joined the dance. They forge their own path. They live at their own pace in a hometown. That’s a giant Makerspace because garland is a city of doers of hobbyists of artists. A bunch of printers they’re all making their mark in Garland Texas can make yours visit make your mark Today

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