The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Left-wing Legislative Session And Exposing Leftists Working Against Texas Parents

The Conservative Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Matt Rinaldi.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

We meet USAA insurance to help you save. Take advantage of discounts when you cover your home and to ride, discover how we’re helping members save at restrictions apply. You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he was store podcast. Folks, I don’t normally do this. But I’m going to give some some advertisement to our enemies, not my not my word. That’s Joe Biden. That’s how he describes us. So I took him at his word. So I’m going to go ahead and refer to those on the political left as my enemies the way he referred to those of us who believe in election integrity as his enemies. So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I’m saying so I want to introduce you to a left wing group of seriously deranged and degenerate people. They are on Twitter, and it is a pastor’s for children is what they call themselves, at pastors for Texas kids is their Twitter handle. Now these people do not identify who they are. These people are anonymous. They claim their pastures. But take it from me, they’re doing Satan’s work. Let me give you an example. These people are against parental school choice, these people are in favor of undermining the nuclear family of putting the state in charge of your children, not you, not not you as the parent. Let me give you an example of one of their tweets. And then I will give you an example of our response pastors. For children. They are apoplectic because they know that the governor is going to put parental school choice on the call for one of the several special sessions that are coming up here in Texas, and they just keep on saying it’s never going to happen. You’re never gonna they have all this bravado. And of course, they can do this under the cloak of anonymity, because they’re really just a bunch of left. This is my theory. They’re just a bunch of left wing Marxist Leninists, who call themselves pastors who are frankly, undermining God’s will. If I can be honest with you, these people are anti God by trying to supplant parental authority by putting the state in charge. Here is their most recent tweet, and then I’ll tell you what I said in response to them. This is pastors for children at pastors for Texas kids, TX kids on Twitter, it is morally unacceptable to expect our poorest children who are deprived of the security and provision essential for success to perform adequately in school without extraordinary resources and intervention to spout Poverty isn’t destiny is cruel without this intervention. Now, this is of course, the Socialist mindset that tries to tell children who are in the lower economic strata that you can’t make it without government. You can’t do it without government. Now, this is just one of the many tweets these these morons put out these these impersonators, these pretenders put out quite frequently, and I have been pushing back on them right now. I don’t want to say gently, actually, very forcefully, I’ve been pushing back on them rather forcefully. So this is what I said to them. You know, it’s morally unacceptable for you to do Satan’s bidding by undermining the nuclear family. Shame on you for denying parental school choice and trying to supplant parental authority. You anonymous quote, pastors and quote, doing so in the name of God are shameful. You have zero moral authority, folks, I think is what we got to do to these people. We’ve got to find them. And thank goodness there is Twitter 2.0. Now normally, these leftist would go whining and crying Oh, oh, a conservative would let me get away and push my narrative. I identify as a pastor, I identify as a as somebody who believes in God, I really don’t but I identify it as such. And here comes this nasty conservative who is getting in the way of my narrative. I want to silence them. I want to shut them out. Here’s another one of their posts. vouchers are about politics. They’re not about education. They put that on there’s a big poster pastors for Texas Children are to political translation. don’t pester us with private I want we privatize the public education of 5.5 million kids, for the personal profit of a few. We follow politics. We follow politics of Jesus, exclamation point. So let me get this straight. You follow the politics of Jesus by empowering the equivalent of Rome to lord over the people. You know, it sounds like to me like you follow the politics of Caesar, not the politics of Jesus. Jesus was of by and for the people. And he sure as heck didn’t undermine the nuclear family, the way pastors for Texas children are doing, by the way at pastors for Texas kids at pastors for TX, kids, that’s their handle. Alright, folks, this is just one of the many failures of the legislative session I’m going to get into a focus on with the Republican Party chairman of Texas. He’s the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Mata Manoli, up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? Well, what if you’re under 65 and need quality affordable health coverage American medical plan specializes in under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays at the doctor and no deductible on all outpatient services including surgeries, you pick your doctors and hospitals, there are private plans and roll anytime and there are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans. They have a customized plan managed and chosen by you, not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax, genital mutilation is happening Texas kids, these abusive medical practices are being pushed by the radical woke leftist in our state. You can go to Texas to learn more and get real news for real Texans. He is the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Matt Renaldi. Sir, welcome back to the Salcedo storm podcast. Thanks for having me. Well, let’s see you and I have two things to discuss. And I really I didn’t script much of anything as far as, as far as things I wanted to be sure to ask you because I think I want to have a rather organic and flowing conversation with you. So we’re going to save Paxton for last. And we’re gonna go with session, because you also used to serve in this body. If I had $1. For every story that I have heard from conservative members who tell me that they get sat down by this GOP establishment saying all of your conservatism check it at the door. We’re not going to do any of your conservative crap here. You’re gonna fall you’re joining a fraternity. They say Is that Is that accurate? Do you get? Did you were you privy to one of those conversations? Yeah, I mean, as you know, I’ve been I was in the Texas House for four years. And right before you take office, they send you to this orientation, supposedly, and it’s not you don’t learn anything about your parking space or anything like that. It’s all to socialize you into this fraternity. They bring Democrats in to talk to you at the dinner. They’ve I mean, the Speaker of the House said to me, they said, you know, governing is different than campaigning. Don’t worry about all that stuff. You just said back home. We’ll tell you how to do it down to here. That’s basically the attitude you get. And that explains and I have said this that I think Speaker feeling is the only Republican who has an excuse to be delivering so many Democrat priorities, because as we everybody knows now, you’d be surprised how many Texans Mr. Renaldi don’t realize the majority doesn’t pick their speaker, that the speaker is elected with Democrat and Republican votes, which explains why David feeling is so deferential to socialism. Yes. Well, yeah, but the speakers elected with Republican and Democrat votes in the US Congress to it’s just the Republicans know that whoever the caucus taken, they’re going to vote for their speaker, that Texas house has a little difference, I guess, traditional view of party line voting where I guess it’s less socially unacceptable for for Republicans to crossover Democrats to crossover vote for the opposite party, which gets you like what you have here, right, a leadership team that is partially composed of Democrats, which requires the speaker politically to cater to those Democrats and serve up, you know, some issues to them every session last session. He tried to serve up election legislation. This session. It’s apparently the head of the attorney general. Yeah, and which we’ll we’ll get to in short order. Now I’ve made an evaluation of the failures, all of the failures from a conservative perspective and a pro American perspective and a pro Texan person. Effective rests with the house as the Senate did its job the Senate said we are Republicans were run by Republicans, we will live up to Republican priorities. Let me go through the list and you you again, my list I think is up to date. Some late breaking passages of some, some bills yesterday caused me to update my previous list. So if you know of anything, don’t, don’t feel bad feel bashful about correcting me. But from my estimation, the house failed. No prohibition on our foreign enemies buying land in Texas, they did not harden our electric grid from terrorist attack or from an EMP attack or a natural phenomenon EMP like a solar flare. They did no property tax relief, although they did use some of that $32 billion surplus to deliver for woke corporations they passed woke corporate welfare before they passed any relief for we the people. No energy diversity, reliability, none of that, though a, a prohibition on Texas tax dollars to green energy was was assessed, but they didn’t do anything to I think it’d give low interest loans to try to incentivize thermal generation reliable thermal generation. And of course, the biggie, no parental school choice. Did I miss anything? Yeah, I mean, they completely watered down the border bill. And a lot of it has to do with the the Senate priorities just being completely decimated when they came over the house. Luckily, this tenant is is truly fighting. The same fight we’re fighting is the grassroots, right? I mean, if any, if anybody says you know, you guys are never satisfied with your office holders, they say yeah, we are look at the Texas Senate. Just do that. And we’re good. I mean, like look at the AI for example, right? diversity, equity inclusion in colleges shouldn’t have been an issue. The Senate passed the bill. So Brandon Creighton had a bill. It was absolutely fantastic bill goes over to the house. They add an amendment that requires all of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion bureaucrats that are fired when you close the department to be rehired by other departments that the same salary Oh dear God, that they added another amendment requiring every student at a university to get a questionnaire on their gender identity. Wow, this is a Republican controlled House. Thankfully, Senator Creighton made a very bold political move and took the bill the conference and risk you know the whole bill and and fixed it, we’d have to bold Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ban. But that’s just one example. Yeah. And I Sherry Sylvester at the Texas Public Policy Foundation did a lot of good work to get that passed. And she was very, very happy with the result. Again, folks, the diversity inclusion equity, the DI program as the Chris Salcedo show calls it because that’s what it is. It’s about killing Western civilization. The die program instituted by the Democrats is is one that is no longer able to be implemented at at Texas colleges that get that get public money is my understanding. That’s the limitation there. I was hoping for a complete prohibition across all of Texas government, but I mean, Hope springs eternal for the future, folks, we’re talking to Matt Rinaldi, he’s the conservative chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, former Texas representative who spent four years in that legislature. So let me let me ask you, as the Governor has called a special a special session, I think nine o’clock last night was when it was supposed to officially get started. And because of the failures of the House to pass any real meaningful border legislation in the failures of the House to pass any meaningful property tax relief, where do you see this special session going? I see. A series of special sessions that I got from the Governor’s statement was, this is the first special session and he’s almost like, okay, because it’s almost like spoon feeding, you know, to my child. He’s like, Okay, the first special special could be property taxes. And border. Okay, so once you get back done, then we’ll deal with school choice. So then you’re the so I think that’s the approach you’re taking with it. Well, you know, a lot of the members of the Texas House are impaired are caught on camera in various states of impairment. And so you have to go slowly, for a lot of these so called Republicans who are delivering for socialists and Marxists in the state of Texas, so had to go very slow. So as we stated, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is is going to call several special sessions and I liked the way you you phrased it, Mr. Renaldi. Sometimes, like children, you’ve got to give them little bits and little little tidbits here and there to to process one thing and then they can do their job and then move on. And so I applaud the Governor for basically telling the members of the Texas House that you will not be going on vacation, don’t plan any vacations, don’t plan on going back to the railhead, Charlie Garin and, you know, trying to work on getting casino gambling, and to Texas don’t don’t make any plans, you still got more you got to actually do the work you failed to do during the regular session on Charlie Garin and the 60 Republicans who voted for impeachment, I’m gonna kind of go in reverse order here. And the 22 Republicans who voted against parental school choice, doesn’t there have to be a reckoning for those for those individuals? Mr. Renaldi? Yeah, I, I mean, I think primary voters need to take careful note of who voted for this sham of an impeachment, it was absolutely a disgrace. It was done with zero process. They didn’t allow witnesses, they didn’t take any direct evidence whatsoever. They didn’t allow anybody to interview or cross examine witnesses. They didn’t place witnesses under oath. They didn’t even allow members to talk to the investigators that did talk to him. So you basically had this entire I don’t even want to call it a case whose entire like, was basically an opening argument with no case. That was rammed through in four hours. And people were forced to vote. I was entirely political. It was a political hit job on an attorney general. And it was an absolute disgrace, and voters need to take note. Right. So let me just ask you, personally, you’re the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, you’ve been trying to change the culture away from one that is deferential to socialism and communism, back to an actual opposition party, a party that actually opposes Democrats doesn’t seek to dupe their own voters into delivering for Democrats under the cloak. I mean, because you and I know this game, and you and I have had many off air conversations about the game that the Dade feeling, and these in his lieutenants are playing, trying to empower the Democrats to run out the clock to kill conservative priorities, even though it is they who are doing it, they blame Democrats, and they keep up this illusion of a two party system, the illusion of conflict. And doesn’t that also have to go by the wayside? Yeah, I mean, which is why, you know, as chair, my top priority was addressing, my top legislative priority was addressing the shared leadership in the Texas House, between Republicans and Democrats. So Republicans win an election, we win a majority. And then we voluntarily hand over power to Democrats who hate us. These are not moderate Democrats. These are Democrats who have called Ted Cruz, you know, a threat to democracy, and called to the impeachment of Ken Paxton, by the way, interestingly enough, which which now happened under a Republican administration, you know, called for the impeachment of President Trump, these are far left Democrats that are in power that the speaker is having to give concessions to. And we’re seeing one of those concessions now. That’s the head of the Republican attorney general being given to Democrats in an impeachment effort that was quite obviously led by Ann Johnson, a Democrat on the general investigate. And I think it’s important to point out that 60, Republicans voted with 61 Democrats to impeach the sitting Attorney General of the State of Texas, taking him out of the out of the playing field, as he has been one of the biggest stalwart defenders of Texas against the harm being done to the state by Joe Biden and his socialist regime. Let me ask you, How significant is it that the 60 Republicans joined 61 socialists in this, which which, by the way, Democrats are online on Twitter admitting this was all political? We don’t like Ken Paxton. So we’re taking them out. How significant is it that Republicans signed on to this? All right, I mean, hugely significant. It shows there’s there’s a huge problem in the Texas House with Republicans blindly following leadership in this bubble, that I don’t think they get it. I don’t think they get what they’ve done. I don’t think they get how far speaker failings overreach in this. And how far off the reservation? Yeah, I mean, he’s acting erratically. He’s that he’s making poor decisions, and he’s doing it to preserve his power in to keep the Democrats in his camp. I hope that the next speaker in to be honest, I think we probably will have a new speaker next session after this because I think he’s weakened enough open next speaker realizes that his downfall was having Democrat shares I’m continuing that tradition of sharing leadership with Democrats and the next speaker has a Republican leadership team, because he ain’t gonna survive. Well, political climate where the Democrat leaders well with names like burrows and and others, you date feel and technically has Republican leadership. However, they are more interested in delivering for socialists, rather than rather than conservatives and preserving the safety of Texas. I mean, I don’t know how the hell you take that common sense bill from Lois Kolkhorst. From the United States Senate. I’ve started from the Texas Senate, I should say, from the Texas Senate that says, hey, our enemies can’t buy land in Texas. This is Russia or Iran, Communist China. I don’t know how you take a common sense bill that would prevent our enemies from spying on our military installations from compromising our food supply. And how you say no to that, only because Democrats are pro enemy of the United States. I don’t know how you do that. If you consider yourself to be an American, much less a Texan. Can you explain it? Yeah. I mean, if if it isn’t something that they’re effectively forced to pass, because of the overwhelming public opinion, it didn’t get passed in the Texas House, because the speaker will offer it up to Democrats. He thinks he can get away with it. They’ll kill it, so that he can have another offering on his plate, the opposition party, we can’t function this way. As a state. We can’t continue to function this way as in state, we need to take more of the mentality that Florida’s taken. Amen. Amen. Every bow you can, amen. And so and by the way, the Texas Senate, I mean, the the Texas Senate has been amazing. They their priorities, were in line with the Republican Party of Texas. I mean, the governor himself had seven very, very good priorities of which, you know, only three passed. Yeah. And the Texas House, there’s the outline. Yeah. And are and I’m glad you I’m glad you mentioned that. Because as we have, in the conservative movement, remain focused on the cancer, Lansing out the cancer, which is the leadership of the Texas House, and a lot of wayward, left leaning Republicans, we can’t neglect to get a pat on the back to the folks in the Senate, the governor’s office, lieutenant governor’s office, saying, you know, well done, good job. And they, and they’ve shown Texas how it’s done. And to your point earlier, let me ask you that the last question about what you as a chairman can do, because you run a political organization, the Republican Party of Texas, and I think we have a new voting guide for the primaries, we have 60 Republicans who don’t deserve to be in that state house, we have at least certainly a list of 22 of those so called republicans who voted against parental school choice who stabbed every parent in the back in the state of Texas. We have that list. What can you as the Republican Party chairman of Texas do with that list? What we’re trying to do is educate the voters so that they know who’s voting for our priorities. I mean, which by the way, I say our priorities, Republican Party priorities that are their priorities, they chose a convention and who’s voting against so that when March comes, they can make informed choices. And you know, we want to let them know who those those 20 was 23 Odd Republicans who stood against leadership and you know, Republicans like Brian Harrison, Tony, Tinder, hold that mic Schofield. You know, those guys who are willing to stand up for them when that when the speaker was whipping votes to the house. And we also want to let them know who did exactly, you know, March is going to be very important here in Texas. No, and I think that’s and folks, I think that’s where the governor strategy of several special sessions to make sure that it is in the mind of Republican slash conservative voters, right up until March, the failures of pro Democrat Republicans, Speaker feeling his leadership team, the 60 Republicans who voted for a sham impeachment, a political impeachment, giving one away to the Democrats, and of course, the 23 Republicans who voted against every parent and every child and frankly, every teacher in the state of Texas by prohibiting parental school choice. Matt Rinaldi if folks want to help you, in your efforts to write the ship to expunge the Republican Party from the cancer of left wing extremism, where can they go go to www dot Texas and join the grassroots club which helps sustain us every month. And follow me on Twitter at Matt Rinaldi, TX done at Matt Rinaldi, PA. I always appreciate your your forthright way of speaking and always appreciate your leadership. Thank you Matt Rinaldi for being here. Thank you. That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Folks, if you would do me a favor and visit a couple of websites First off, Texas, Texas That’s big enterprising journalism for the state of Texas that impacts several other states so you would all do well to go there and visit. Also check out Chris That’s how you track down the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas, simulcast with our buddies on TNT worldwide, and also the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV four o’clock Eastern until five, Monday through Friday. While you’re there at Chris Check out our social media hookups. We are everywhere to fit your taste, whether it be Twitter, whether it be truth, social, or getter or me we are gab whatever we are there. So my friends until we visit again remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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