Reflections on Life & Liberty
Reflections on Life & Liberty
The Long, Deadly, Sick Joke

In this week’s edition of his podcast, Michael Quinn Sullivan discusses the modern “isms” arising from Karl Marx. He explains they are rooted in the state stealing all property and distributing goods based on the intellectual whims of those in charge.



It Is Our Job

We can be a self-governing Republic, or we can be a subservient people governed by tyrants.

Keep Doing Good!

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Against The Odds

Texas independence was achieved not in timid bites but in bold actions.

It’s A War Out There

Rather than fight the enemy, we have contented ourselves with blaming the victims and shunning the warriors.

Good Friday

What’s so good about the day when an innocent man was executed by the political elite for challenging their authority?

Making Excuses

When we’re making excuses for politicians, we’re subjects and not citizens.

How Would You Answer?

If you received William Travis’ 1836 letter from the Alamo, how would you respond?

When Someone Tells You Who They Are…

There is an unfortunate trend in politics for voters not to believe who the incumbents really are, even when the politician shows then.

Let Them Grumble

When your enemies are complaining about how powerful you are, don’t interrupt them.

Setting Captives Free

The Nazis’ atrocities are made all the more horrific with the knowledge we’re all capable of such horror.

A Common Era

The more we struggle to ignore Jesus, the more central He becomes.

Carol of the Drum

A Christmas hymn that actually captures the meaning of the season.

Real News For Real Texans

Our Founding Fathers understood citizens must be able to expose government malfeasance, criticize public policy, and publicly identify corruption.

Giving Thanks In 2022

We must shrug the vestiges of socialism if we are truly thankful for liberty.

Praying For Our Leaders

If we want to be praying for the leadership of our nation, we need to be praying for our fellow citizens.

Don’t Get Distracted

For too long, too many of us have been lulled to civic sleep or pointed in the wrong direction.

What Do You Expect?

Conservatives have been doing way too much settling for the low-bar results tepidly offered by our civic clerks.

Never Stop Fighting

Despite the odds, despite the peril, despite the risk, we must keep fighting.

Fighting Right

If we want to be honorable men, we must behave honorably.

Are You Prepared?

“Be Prepared” is the well-known motto of the Boy Scouts of America. It’s also a pretty good admonition for successful living. 

Don’t Give Up Now

Every excuse to stop, is a reason to keep pressing forward!

Storm The Gates of Hell

There is nothing safe or comfortable about fighting for the soul of our republic.

Make Them Fear You

As citizens, we have failed to inspire sufficient fear in our elected servants.

Factual Faith

Facts keep intruding on the carefully constructed disbelief of the fallen world.

Suppressing History

Regardless of our political, ideological, and even theological beliefs, an honest review of history keeps us grounded in facts as we move toward the future.

Tolerating The Intolerable

As a self-governing people, we must pursue righteousness if we are to enjoy the blessings of liberty.

Choose To Lead

Independence Day should not only be a celebration of history, but a commitment to the future.

Why Red?

After decades of being “blue,” Republicans let their opponents define them.

Doing Wrong

Doing right in our “own eyes” is a recipe for trouble.

Failing Our Future

We have allowed education to go from "training up" a child, to tearing down the moral and religious upbringing of their families.

You Rule

As a self-governing nation, each of us are leaders. Do we act like it?

Killing Liberty

Liberty will die on these shores only after we have killed it in our hearts. And so it is only by turning our hearts back to self-governance that we can save our republic.

Now, But Not Yet

As a self-governing people, we must daily work to build a more perfect union.

Wasteful Spending

We need to redefine government waste to be “anything not explicitly authorized by the constitution.”

Let Them Whine

Our system of government requires an informed and engaged citizenry, even when the politicians don’t like it. Especially because they don’t like it.

The Long, Deadly, Sick Joke

Socialists, progressives, communists, and Marxists are the flat-earthers of political and economic thought.

Promises, Promises

Republicans must be something more than a speed bump on the road to serfdom.

The Alamo Fell

Most of us aren’t called to man the walls of an old church, outnumbered by superior forces, but all of us are called to face a hostile world.

The Real Parties

Two political parties are in a fierce competition, with nothing less than the fate of the Republic riding on the outcome. The two parties aren’t who you think.

Public Morals And Private Morality

Reputation is what people see us do; character is what we do when we think no one is watching. The two almost always converge.

Serving Two Masters

The citizens’ precious liberties are routinely sacrificed by politicians at the altar of contrived congeniality in the crony religion of self-promotion.

Confusing Volume And Mass

Depending on your perspective, campaigns either try to convert political volume into a mass of support through messaging, or use the volume of messaging to conceal their lack of mass.

School Board Idiots?

Whatever bad things, like Mark Twain, one has to say about school boards are more appropriately directed at the citizens who elect them.

Remembering Matters

The Holocaust was the natural result of the worldview embraced by the Nazis and socialist movements around the world. When one abandons God and His precepts, when one looks to government as the savior, a cult of death and destruction is but a step away.

Written Words Matter

We safeguard old writings as a way to demonstrate that, yes, we still mean what we said.

Great Responsibility

We are witnesses to the bounty the blessing of liberty can bring, but in our sloth we risk shrugging it off... and falling away.

Be Committed

As activists, we must be committed to the long fight – to a willingness to fight for a better tomorrow we might not ourselves see.

Looking Beyond Christmas

Christmas doesn’t make sense unless we remember that the baby in the manger is the Savior who conquered sin and death.

Liberty Is Good

Liberty is not an economic tool, but a moral imperative.

Spiritualized Cowardice

If liberty is to die here, that death will have been preceded by whimpers of ecclesiastical acquiescence.

Be A Troubler

When others fall under the self-induced spell of a false prophet, we must cause trouble by speaking the truth ever more loudly and boldly.

Jesus And Wealth

Like Hunter Biden, wealth and political status were intertwined for the rich young man in the often misquoted New Testament story.

Joyful Responsibility

We cannot delegate the preservation of our republic to someone else.

Happy Warriors

The issues facing our republic are deadly serious, but that doesn’t mean we always have to be.

Serving Two Masters?

Politicians can serve the establishment, or the citizens, but not both.

Become A Hammer

Citizens must fight harder, even against their political heroes.

Two-card monte

Two-Card Monte?

We’ve been hustled by the Elephants and Donkeys. It’s time to stop playing the games.

Choosing A Side

Most politicians wait to pick sides in a fight until they can tell who is going to win.

Be Nice Or Else?

The gooey, saccharine-sweet niceness demanded of us by politicians isn’t found anywhere in the Bible.

Building Our Monuments

However exalted or self-important we may think we are, we all eventually become a footnote in the great story of history. The monuments to our greatest achievements will become dusty artifacts for future archeologists. Michael Quinn Sullivan looks at what it means to have a lasting impact.

Fake Jesus, Real Jesus

On this week’s podcast, Michael Quinn Sullivan says the fake Jesus of the modern age tells what we want to hear while the real Jesus leads us where we need to be.

Remembering Normandy

We can never say thank you enough for the valor, heroism, bravery, and dignity of those who died on D-Day.

No Greater Love ...

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

Responding to Lackluster Effort

Many of the Republican officeholders in Texas are very upset with the grassroots. The politicians are mad that citizens aren’t being appropriately appreciative for what we are “getting” this session.

Not Enough Fear

Fear is powerful. Improperly applied, fear can cause us to make irrational choices without thinking.

Faithfully Fighting

When most of us hear the name “Magdala,” if we think of anything we might possibly connect this city’s name with the New Testament’s Mary the Magdalene, also translated as Mary of Magdala.

Who Do You Serve?

No question causes more discomfort than this: “Who do you serve?” Not long ago, I asked that question to a politician who bristled with indignation and replied, “I serve no one!” His answer told me a lot.

Truth In Context

Michael Quinn Sullivan argues that, as a self-governing people, we must acquire a principled taste for reality.

Don’t Aid The Enemy

It seems some conservatives suffer from an unfortunate desire to be applauded by the left.

Surrounded by Beauty

We don’t have to visit the Garden of Gethsemane to experience the beauty of Christ’s love for us.

Embracing Our Responsibility

As a self-governing people, we cannot delegate the preservation of our republic to others. The work belongs to us.

Access for What?

Masking compromises with the devil so as to do good things down the road never pays off.

Would We Answer?

As beneficiaries of the Alamo defenders’ sacrifice, we must answer the call to the fight for liberty.

A Cold Truth

Yes, we have trouble and tribulation in this world... But we also have Jesus!

Picking up pebble

Slaying Giants

We cannot count on kings to do our work for us. It’s up to us.

Joy For The World

For most of us, there would be little joy in welcoming our new child into the world under such circumstances.

Make It Professional

Despite their protests to the contrary, politicians like for politics to be intensely personal.

Cleaning Up

If we want to clean up government, it has to start with a cleansing revival of the people.

Giving Thanks for Liberty

The very first days of the American experience demonstrated what world history repeatedly proves: socialism fails, and fails miserably.

Jailed For Liberty

Would you go to jail for what you believe in? Would you give up your freedom in the pursuit of liberty?

Blazing Bonfires

With a “tireless minority” keenly at work, we can push against the darkness and illuminate the lives of our countrymen.

Trust Not in Princes

Many of Western civilization’s governing mistakes and missteps are traced to the rejection of God’s practical provision of self-governance.

Woke Versus Winning

Many church leaders are threatened by a “profane” businessman delivering on the promises that they have not.

Lying With Facts?

Telling the truth requires that facts be offered in context, especially when it is inconvenient.

Our Fault

We’re responsible for setting the moral environment in which our public servants work.

The Church, Silenced

When shepherds cower in fear from the howl of government wolves, they shouldn’t be surprised to find their flock in decline.

Not Worse, But Not Better

No election is trivial. And elections in the past were as nasty – if not more so – than today.

Image by Tony Walker from Pixabay

What We Do Tomorrow

The choice we make today about what we will do tomorrow will shape the future of our Republic.

Meaningful Work

All work is meaningful, because in our work we serve others with the gifts and skills given to us by God.

Test Everything

As citizens, we must look past the packaging.

The Army You Need

God will provide what we need, when we need it, but it often won’t be what we expect.

sticks and stones

Sticks and Stones

Our words often say more about us than those at whom they are directed. So what are we doing with them?