The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Man Who Is Challenging The TX Speaker For Seat

David Covey is Former President of the Texas Republican County Chairman Association (TRCCA) and former Orange County Republican Chairman. Chairman Covey is a committed leader who trains activists all around Texas how to influence local government.

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I have not made a secret that I think that the last legislative session, the regular legislative session in the state of Texas was a complete dumpster fire. There were so many things that were left on the table that, frankly, and it was all done on purpose. It was all done. In a mean spirited, we hate conservatives kind of way. I mean, you just got that feeling. I have talked to Matt Rinaldi, the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas on many occasions. And he has been very clear to me that he believes that individuals who are in the leadership in the Republican Party and the Texas Legislature hate, literally hate conservatives, they hate us. Because, frankly, some of them this is my opinion, not not the chairman’s that some of these individuals are actually Democrats. Some of these individuals couldn’t get elected as Democrats in their districts. So they pretend to be Republicans, and they get together and they run as Republicans and they fool everybody. And they they probably laugh their asses off every step of the way, as they’re watching the tallies come in all the people who vote who I’m a Republican, instead of looking at the record instead of looking at the policy positions. So these people who are fakes are probably laughing their asses off. I mean, at the rubes they think that all of you conservatives are and it’s starting to really rubbed me the wrong way. Let me give you an example. The idea that you could thwart that you could basically kill a common sense piece of legislation that said the following. We don’t think it’s a good idea to allow America’s enemies to buy land in the state of Texas. We don’t want them to compromise our food supply. We don’t want them to spy on our military installations. We don’t want them spying on our people. Senator Lois Kolkhorst actually had her on one of the podcasts here, talking about this very important bill to stop Communist China, Iran and Mother Russia from coming into this country and buying up land and using it to disadvantage and get a foothold in our country. Well, that common sense bill died in a in a committee headed by a man by the name of Todd Hunter. Todd Hunter is an alleged Republican, but I’m trying to get to the bottom as to which Republicans killed that common sense bill, and who was the one that pulled the trigger on this I’m trying to find the name. Because in my opinion, if you’re not, we already know the Democrats are pro enemy of the United States, we already know that they are. They are the party itself is arrayed to foreigners first. Right. So there’s, there’s that and that’s just part of the curse we’re we’re dealt with and our responsibility as real Americans is to make sure they never get a voting majority in this country to make sure that they are forever in the minority because we cannot allow to have enemies of America running America. So when Republicans undertake an effort to stop a bill like this, what do you call it? I mean, what what do you call someone who’s in elected office? who stops a good measure that would have prevented our enemies from harming this country? In other words, what do you call a politician in America that AIDS our enemies? I think I think the word is traitor. I think the word is a traitor to the United States of America and to the state of Texas. So there is I have heard, nobody explained to me why it should be permissible in the state of Texas for China, or Iran and Russia to buy land here. I have not heard any rational explanation. I’ve heard the Democrats saying, we have to allow communists to put our country at risk because we don’t want to have Asian hate. It’s like Screw you. There is nothing come Asian about communism. That’s what we’re standing up against. There’s nothing Asian about enemy to America. But there is enemy to America and everything. That’s communist, everything that’s left wing, everything that is socialist. So I’m not the only one getting tired of this. There was an op ed in the Texas scorecard by Sid Miller, the Agricultural Commissioner, he wrote the following. We gave them a chance. They blew it. I’m going on a rhino hunt. Will you join me? Sid Miller, is ticked off at this special session. I’m sorry at the fact that we had to have a special session he’s ticked off at the regular legislative session that so many conservative priorities for the Republican Party, so many conservative priorities for the governor of Texas, so many conservative priorities for the lieutenant governor, and for our people, were absolutely shelved and ignored by so called Republicans in the Texas State House. Sid Miller wrote this on Twitter in 2022. I received more votes than at Greg Abbott, at Dan Patrick, or at Ken Paxton, TX. If you’re a rhino, you don’t want me and your district come primary season. I love that. By the way, Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller is going to make some time for the Salcedo storm podcast in the future. But until then, folks, there’s an individual who’s challenging. One of the individuals who spearheaded the destruction and the killing of common sense constitutional conservatism. That would be the speaker of the Texas House Dade feeling. 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Did you know Jack shows for kids are being normalized in Texas sexualizing Texas Children is happening right now and you can learn how it affects our state by going to Texas Today, get real news for real Texas folks. I want to bring in our guests David Covey’s former president of the Texas Republican county Chairman Association and former Orange County Republican chairman Chairman Covey is committed to leader leadership and he trains activists all around Texas, and how to influence local government, sir, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. Hey, great to be here. Thanks for having me. Well, I I’m glad to hear that you. You’re committed to leadership because it seems to me that we are in dire need of that in some places in Texas government in particular in the Texas House. Explain to me why you are running in HD 21 that is against speaker daid feeling. It’s pretty simple and it does come down to a lack of leadership and You know, we really sent our representatives to Austin to do a couple things for us. And one of them was to lower the property taxes to the second was to close the border. And the third big one was to give educational freedom. Dade feeling is the most powerful person in the Texas House of Representative. And he ran originally on his 10 years ago, he was challenged that time, but he hasn’t been challenged since then. And he has gotten progressively more liberal to the point where he is now at war with the Republican Party. He didn’t pass any of the three top priorities but yet, then he finds time to go and do a Trump style impeachment. On the last weekend, in 44 hours of the most effective Attorney General in the country fighting the Biden administration. That’s what you call a lack of leadership, a lack of priorities. He’s his priority is not the people of House District 21, which is the Beaumont orange and Jasper area. And that’s who I’m running to represent. Well, have you heard of the talk? Am I talking about the birds and the bees? I have had several members. Tell me of a talk when you get elected to the Texas State House as a Republican. The Democrats don’t get this talk, just the Republicans. The Republicans are told all that stuff. He said on the campaign trail, forget about it. You’re up here in the legislature. Now this is where we, we govern, and you’re going to have to get your mind out of that whole conservatism thing, that whole constitutional law thing, you’re just going to have to guess the way things get done here in the legislature. They don’t get done by sticking to your principles. Have you heard about a talk being given to individuals like that? I have heard I’ve heard of that. I’ve seen it though. I mean, I’ve seen these guys go in and say one thing, and then it becomes politics over policy? Well, and and everything they said goes out the door, as long as they can compromise and they tried to get a chairmanship or do whatever I ever the liberal liberal speaker wants them to do. We’ll see that’s going to be my my question would be, because I’ve been dying to ask this. When you get sat down, and let’s just say for argument’s sake, you’re able to defeat speaker feeling in the next election. And you go up to the Texas legislature, and they’re gonna, they’re gonna sit you down, and they’re gonna give you the talk. What is your response to the establishment there? What is your response to them going to be when you get the talk? I have no obligations to these people, the only people I have obligations to are the voters in House District 21. And so I’m going up there to fight for the people that I will represent, we will win because we’ll outwork David VLAN. And then we’re going up there and we’re not going to sit down and, and try to talk it out and, and have a come to come to Jesus moment with with the liberal establishment. We’re going up there to do the people’s business. And so I’m not going to sit down and listen to that conversation. That’s something that we’re gonna give up and fight for the values, the conservative values of this district. And that’s something that we’ve already been doing, and we’ll continue to do. Yeah, on the practical side of that, you know, how the game is played. Because if if you don’t kiss the ring, bend the knee, then all of the priorities, your ability to deliver for your district on those conservative priorities is hampered. You don’t get the chairmanships, you don’t get the your bills don’t get considered, they get stuck in a calendars committee, where they never see the light of day. So the retaliation My understanding is the retaliation is vindictive. It’s spiteful, and it is geared toward conservatives by the Republican establishment inside of the Texas State House, by the way, that same Republican establishment gives, you know, just a few Civ praise and love to the Democrat side of the ledger. So how do you plan to get around all of that and still be an effective representative for HD 21 Because to hear the stories coming out of the Texas House, you have to compromise your values, and to have a shot at getting anything that delivers for your district. I think there are two things to that. One is a lot of the job of a representative is to stop bad legislation. You know, we have a lot of laws on the books and they’re always trying to create new laws. One of the most effective things that I can do to go to Austin is to Stop bad bills and so the vote no to make sure that those bills don’t come up and that they’re there people are educated on what they are. That’s one thing. You don’t have to be a chairman to, to stop bad legislation from passing, too. If we win we beat speaker feelin, who is one? You know he’s the he’s at the top of this pyramid of of taking retaliatory action against conservatives who who don’t play ball with him if we beat him that sets a new tone in the Texas House of Representatives. And that gives a voice to the Conservatives members to come back and to work with whoever is selected as the next speaker. Well, so so we do those two things. I think I think we can still be very effective for this district. David Covey is our guest right now former president of the Texas Republican county Chairman Association he’s running to dethrone speaker David feeling in HD 21 Look, I gotta be honest with you, I mean, Speaker Straus, here’s a guy we reached out to him and conservative talk radio. He didn’t give us the time of day. We reached out to Dennis Bonnen, and he didn’t give us the time of day. As a matter of fact, it was my radio show that debuted the bond and tapes, which showed the seedy underbelly of the the so called Republican leadership, Republicans who don’t adhere to the Republican platform of the state of Texas. And that which led to him resigning in disgrace, he is a disgrace. So, Speaker David feeling, he actually came onto our program and talked to us and actually made a commitment to us that that school freedom that parental school choice would be given an up or down vote, and that never happened. Did you hear a similar promise from Speaker feeling that that that that would get an up or down vote? And how did you feel when it didn’t happen? I can tell you how I felt I feel pretty damn betrayed. But what about you? He Well, he did he made he made multiple promises of doing the things that Texans want to see done. And one of those is this educational freedom or school choice. And that is that the money should follow the child because the children are not Ward’s of the state, they’re given to parents and parents should have that authority to just just the natural competition in education is going to make public education and private education better. Now. I’m a homeschool graduate, I was I was homeschooled all the way through. But my parents still paid school taxes in and and paid for others. So, you know, I’ve seen I’ve seen the other side of that. And I’ve seen that there is a path that that often if you will give that flexibility to the parents to choose what’s best for their children. They can excel, because every education curriculum should not be the same for every child. Will they feel and stop that he promised to give it a vote. And then he broke that promise. And he’s made multiple promises. And he’s broken his promise. He continues to do so. And so we’ve lost faith in Him. And it’s time for him to go. I mean, here’s a guy who’s third generation money. You know, he I have yard signs, he has buildings with his name on it. And that’s what we’re up against. But, but because of that he is out of touch. He’s not listening to the people who voted him into office. Well, that leads me to something that you have a great deal of expertise with. And this these Republican Party chairman, across the state of Texas, there have only been a select few chairmen who have come out against Senator John Cornyn, for his disgraceful vote for that omnibus, which as you probably know, prohibited any taxpayer dollars be used to secure the southern border all the only money that can be sent down to the border had to be used for processing Joe Biden’s illegal aliens, and John Cornyn voted for it knowing the damage it was doing that the massive illegal immigration was doing to Texas. So I’ve been asking anybody who will listen about these party chairmen. Now we’ve got a great party chairman of Republican Party of Texas in Matt Rinaldi but these local chairmen, they sit on their Duff’s, they go to the cocktail parties, and anything that gets in the way of a good cocktail party with John Cornyn, they don’t want any part of it. They don’t want to censure him. They don’t want to call him out for voting with socialists to take away our Second Amendment rights. So don’t we have a systemic problem in this club, known as the Republican Party, this private club known as the Republican Party, that frankly doesn’t stand for the values it claims to stand for? Well, it is and We have to stand for the principles in the platform. And so those principles are things that Republicans have refined and supported and voted on. And you can’t allow your Enthrallment with a with a elected official, to get you to take your eye off the ball and then have this blind loyalty to whoever is your elected official. And so I’m very, very happy to have the endorsement of Matt Rinaldi the state chairman. And we’ve worked together I ran against him as state chair and, and But afterwards, we came together and had worked on a number of conservative issues. But we do have to get, we do have to get our chairs, we have to get our precinct chairs, you know, I believe that all politics are local. And so the it needs to start with our precinct chairs and come up. And if you have good precinct chairs, they’re going to go into hold our county chairs to that standard. And we have some good county chairs, but we also have those who, who fall in line and it seems like they’ve they’ve had that blind loyalty. So we need we need integrity, Integrity at every level. Well, yeah, integrity, and, you know, being a Republican used to mean something. It doesn’t mean anything anymore. There’s no when I when I say Democrat, you go, Oh, that that person’s for illegal immigration, they are for LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism and in the schools there for critical race theory there for breaking laws, they’re for criminals, they’re for America’s enemies. There’s a set of values that comes with being a Democrat, and everybody knows it, and it’s and, and they are unified in those principles. But you say Republican, and it’s like, Well, Ted Cruz calls himself a Republican. Right? And he is a he is a staunch conservative. And he, he fulfills that obligation, he lives up to the party planks. At the same time, the aforementioned John Cornyn claims to be a Republican, nobody within the sound of my voice thinks that he is or believes that he is. Nobody thinks that there are there’s a significant number of so called Republicans who call themselves Republicans in the Texas State House in the House of Representatives, who claimed to be Republicans, but we all know they’re not. Charlie Garin is not a Republican. I think that a lot of the Republican leadership are not Republicans, they are there for something different because they don’t live up to the platform. And that brings me That’s right, that that brings me to a statement that was put out by the majority of the Orange County Republican precinct chairs. And this is exactly what you and I have been talking about. David Covey. We know it’s an important statement. And so if I can just give context to the statement. Sure. Well, you, you give the context, and I’m gonna read it after you give the context. Okay. Okay. So last night, there was the regular monthly meeting of the Orange County Republican Party, which Orange County is the largest voting bloc in, in Dade feelings, districts. And the party came together and they had sent notice to David feeling. And so under new business, they brought up a resolution to censor him, it was seconded there was discussion, but the party chairman would not call a vote. And so for over an hour, they debated they sat there, they stalled until the meeting was was basically dead. But the chairman would not allow a vote even though it only takes two thirds to censor. And and they had over the two thirds vote to do it. He wasn’t going to argue about whether we should censor. He even admitted, oh, they feel in the point of Democrats in violation of the priorities and the principles of the Republican Party. But he said I’m just not gonna hold the vote. And so well, he is on hold on. What is the name of the chairman of the Orange County Republican Party? His name is Leo LeBeau. Leo LeBeau. is emblematic of the chairman that I’ve been talking to you about the guys that go to the cocktail parties, the guys that sidle up to power and don’t really care about living up to any set of principles. Right. So now, did you have something else before before I read the statement? Go ahead and finish with no no, go? Go? Yeah, well go ahead and read the statement. I think it’s very effective. I think it is very effective as well. Folks, this is dated 628 23. We are deeply disappointed that after following the correct RPT rules, Republican Party of Texas rules to censure Dave a date feeling and and having over the needed two thirds vote to successfully censure feeling or for appointing Democrats. had chairs and working against the Republican principles at every level, we were not even allowed a vote. And motion was made and seconded. Still, the chairman would not allow a vote. It was against party bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order, and the majority of the Republican Party of Orange County. We currently have a total of 20 precinct chairs in the Orange County Republican Party, and it’s signed respectfully, all of the chairs that were dissatisfied with this. So again, and in an effort to protect politicians who deliver for Marxist and socialists, they suspend the rules, the rules don’t matter. So you tell me, David Covey, why should anybody in Orange County donate to the Orange County Republican Party, when when it comes to holding Republicans accountable who betray their voters, they’re just not going to, they’re not going to do anything about it. What what, tell me on what brochure that makes sense to donate any money to that party. That is a this is a symptom of the apathy of voters. And so what I would tell you is one person can make a difference, because if we can get people to get involved, there’s out of 20 precinct chairs that are filled, that leaves 14 that are empty, think if we had 14 conservative fighters in Orange County who stepped up to fill those other seats, and you could you could overwhelm this county chair. And and that can happen in every county around the state. If people will step up one person can really make a difference. But we have to then go and follow through. And so the county chairs that do not follow the rules, and do not hold elected officials accountable, like Lea LeBeau needs to be primaried and challenged and voted out of office. And if we will start to clean house and take responsibility for where we are, we can move that up the chain and continue to purge these offices like speaker of house because if you if you see the corruption down here at the county level, think how much easier it is to get away at the DNS level. Well, let’s talk about some policies. Where are you on? On the property tax debate? Right now you’ve got a Senate version of property tax relief, you’ve got the House version, which is backed by Governor Greg Abbott, which allegedly is is geared toward eliminating property taxes altogether. Which one do you prefer the House version or the Senate version? So I would like to see property taxes eliminated now, not in 15 years. I think that the House version is a version focused on giving corporations and corporate welfare more than giving tax breaks to homeowners. So if I had to pick out of the two, I would definitely go with the Senate. I think Paul Betancourt has done a decent job on that side. You know, when people talk about property tax cuts, they’re not talking about giving Walmart and, you know, these large corporations, tax cuts, they’re talking about given everyday homeowners. And so focusing on the Senate plan, where you raise the home exemption rate from 40,000 to 100,000, I think is the right direction. But I like to go even further than that. I don’t think we have to stair step this. I think that we can go and I’d like to move to a fair tax on the sell side and eliminate the property tax altogether. Yeah, I’m, I’m in favor of that I’ve been in charge in favor of a fair tax for many, many moons. As far as power is concerned. As you know, it’s been pretty hot in summer in Texas. And our grid is strained once again, they’re asking us to conserve energy. This is of course, after two years after Snowmageddon where 250 Texans lost their lives. And the legislature, frankly set on its rear end, and hasn’t done very much the best they could come up with was providing incentives for natural gas power plant production, low cost loans, that’s the best they could do. Was there another solution that you would have favored? Well, I think you take this and open it up to the to the free market. And this will correct the problem is that we’re over regulating this. And so the competition is beat down. We’re trying to pick who the winners and losers are. And then you know, these people are they’re just trying to get their money from their allotment from the government. And they’re not really focused on on the power and source of providing Texans with the power they need to either stay cool with the summer or warm in the winter. Yeah, that’s that’s what Barack Hussein St. Obama did. He used federal money to pervert our market dumped a whole bunch of money? And what did what did Texans do with property? They started gobbling up the money. It’s free government money. And it’s just, yeah, set up windmills set up solar farms. The only problem is we’ve come to depend on that. And it’s unreliable energy. And it costs 250, Texans their lives. So I was kind of in favor of a of a bill that was being floated out there saying, Well, if you want to take the Obama money, that’s great, cool, go ahead and do that. But you must provide reliable energy equal to the wattage that you’re providing. With so called green energy, you must provide equal wattage in in reliable dispatchable thermal energy, meaning you flip a switch and turn it on when the sun isn’t shining. And when the wind isn’t blowing, and oh, that’s, that’s absolutely the way to go. Because otherwise, you’ve put out these these windmills. And then, you know, as we saw, they freeze up or, and now you’d have zero energy. It’s but if you talk to engineers, and those people that are looking at this, from a design perspective, they’ll tell you, it’s not going to work. If you look, if an honest person looks at the math on this, and the numbers, they can tell you this is not a sustainable solution. And but but they’d feel it doesn’t care what the math says he doesn’t care how that affects you. David feeling is concerned about status quo and protecting those who are in power and protecting his own power. Yeah, no, I was very, he, he, as I mentioned earlier, in the interview here, he came on my radio show, which was a step above, in my view of the previous speakers who gave who wouldn’t give conservatives the time of day. And again, one session started then then we couldn’t get him to come on. And I think that I’m not the only one who has been getting the but the cold shoulder as it were. Is there any issue that we haven’t talked about that maybe we should Mr. Covey about? That is something that you really want to do you really want to get solved? If you get to the Texas Legislature? Well, I’ll tell you, the one of the big issues that we touched on in this past session was the gender modification. But we did kind of bare bones on that we passed some, a few a few bills, but there are other bills like House Bill 888. And others that would go further and put liability on doctors that would do these transition surgeries and take away statute of limitations and allow us to go after them. I would like to focus on not just doing a show vote and I wanted to put these stiff penalties so that any type of you know I call it child abuse, like that has some serious ramifications for those who are the guardians of the children, and also for any providers of medical health or mutilation that do that. Well, you know, if if you want to know an analogy that is that I’ve been making radicalized Islamic fundamentalists. We’re modify gender, gender, mutilating, genital mutilating their children, their girls in particular, and we thought that was a barbaric practice. But now all of a sudden, when when physicians can make $70,000 a pop and, and hormone blockers and Big Pharma can make all kinds of money off of this stuff. Oh, now all of a sudden, child genital mutilation is acceptable now that we can make money off of it. It seems to be rather distasteful. And I, I really wished as you do that the Texas Legislature would have taken this more seriously. But they didn’t. Sadly, David cover He’s a former president of the Texas Republican county Chairman association of folks want to back your bid to success succeed David feeling in HD 21 and dethrone him from that, from that seat? Where can they go? You can go visit cubby for You can find me cubby for Texas on Facebook. And you know, we’re a small donation campaign. We’re trying to connect with all the grassroot conservatives around the state. So please, please visit us $5 makes a huge, huge difference in our campaigns. All right. Um, it’s gonna be great to meet you and thanks for the time of the Salcedo storm podcast. Yes, sir. Have a good one. That’s gonna put the wraps on this Salcedo store podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites, Texas and Chris at Texas That’s where you find enterprising journalism and all the hard hitting news and editorial perspectives. And the battle for Texas. It is it is there you’re not going to catch any of this hard hitting stuff in the mainstream left wing mail it in press. Also check out Chris That’s where you find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas TNT radio, dot live TNT radios heard all over the all over the world, my friends, and we have a bit of an expansion on conservative talk radio coming up that we’ll get to when we can announce it fully. We’ll make sure we tell you here on the Salcedo storm podcast. Always at home here always dependable even when we’re on vacation, the podcast goes on. Till we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. We measure a society’s worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the people who stay safe out there my friends

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