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The Movie Democrats Don't want You To See, And How Can Get It For Free!

Robert Davi is a veteran of Hollywood. He’s been in big films like the Goonies, Die Hard, License to Kill, James Bond, and the Expendables. Sci-fi fans will know him from his role as Acustus Colea, on Stargate Atlantis. Davi is in the Director’s chair, with the new Film, “My Son Hunter.”

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And it comes from the origins of the studio system, who founded the studio system plus the actors back in the day when movie started really coming in vogue. A lot of them were conservatives. I mean, you think about John Wayne, you think about you think about Ron Reagan. But you know, there were I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, even though you have a lot of the traditional Americans, Bob Hope and that, in that era era, you also had your fair share of left wingers and a lot of people falsely accused of being left wingers Do you all remember the McCarthy era? Well, there was a lot, there was a pretty huge clamp down inside of Hollywood, trying to ferret out leftists turns out that there was an actual communist infiltration they were trying to use Hollywood to, to influence the culture. But Ronald Reagan, who was probably the I think the only Republican to ever hold the Oval Office who was actually a member of an AFL CIO Union. He was the head of the Screen Actors Guild now, at the time, he was a Democrat. But still Ronald Reagan was was trying to protect innocently accused actors, because you know, back in the day, when you were known to be a Marxist, or a socialist, it was a scarlet letter, that a lot of these left wingers were having to do their evil deeds behind closed doors. But when Reagan stopped being in the 1950s, he stopped being a union guy and started getting into politics. He I think he started to see that that all of the concerns about the left wing infiltration, the socialist communist left wing infiltration of Hollywood was something that was real. Here is his famous speech that actually launched his political career. This is the Goldwater address, and Reagan, having a conversation about how certain Democrats even back then, were noticing that the Democrat Party itself was adopting communism and socialism. And they wanted no part of it. Listen, last February 19, at the University of Minnesota, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president in the Socialist Party ticket said, if Barry Goldwater became president, he would stop the advance of socialism in the United States. I think that’s exactly what he will do. When you guys hear those applause, that that’s real America, that was real America, back in the 1960s. When when you said we oppose socialism, you got applause from a tremendous amount of Americans, you oppose communism, you got the applause. So that was, frankly, where America was. We were the antithesis, we were the opponents of the communist world. And that’s how many Americans identify. That’s how we should identify we don’t today because of what they’ve done in gov Ed, but back to Reagan, listen to these applause. But as a former Democrat, I can tell you in Norman Thomas isn’t the only man who is drawn this parallel to socialism with the present administration. That goes back in 1936. Mr. Democrat himself, Al Smith, the great American came before the American people and charged that the leadership of his poor already was taking the party of Jefferson Jackson and Cleveland down the road under the banners of Marx, Lenin and Stalin. Yeah, see back then it was down the road they hadn’t fully committed back then that they were just tilting toward communism tilting towards socialism. Today, I think we can, we can all rest assured the Democrat Socialist Party is just that is a communist, socialistic party, and he walked away from his party and he never returned to the day he died. Because to this day, the leadership of that party has been taking that party that honorable party down the road, in the image of the Labour Socialist Party of England. Now, it doesn’t require expropriation or confiscation of private property or business to impose socialism on a people. What does it mean whether you hold the deed to the or the title to your business or property if the government holds the power of life and death, over that business or property and such machinery already exists, that government can find some charge to bring against any concern it chooses to prosecute, and the concerns today the government chooses to prosecute would be conservatives. And by the way, folks, in Reagan’s day, there were still guardrails. In Reagan’s day, there were still Republicans who actually believed in defending their constituents and Reagan’s day, the government wasn’t as powerful as it is today. It’s only gotten worse. So folks, a focus on that. And well, I’ve got an announcement. My next guest has an announcement for you. That’s going to help you get some great information. A great bit of entertainment, for free. That’s all coming your way. Next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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He’s been in big films like Goonies diehard Licensed to Kill James Bond and Expendables sci fi fans are going to know him from his role as Augustus kuliah on Stargate Atlantis, Davi is the director of the movie that is highly prized, and if you haven’t seen it, you should call my son Hunter. Robert. Davi Welcome back. Chris, thank you so much for having me again. Well, before I get into the reason I brought you here because when I got you on television, we lead with the reason why because of timing elements, but I I’ve been dying to have this conversation with you for well for about four or five months now. For those of you who don’t know, Robert Davi as I mentioned was a was a one of the big bad guys in in a sci fi series I love which is Stargate and Atlantis, and I raised my girls on on Stargate. So they all knew Robert Davi and he spans multiple generations with his talent. So he was kind enough to record a video to each one of my daughters talking to each one of them. And it was it was so very cool. And Robert, I gotta thank you for that. Number one, but I just I’m just jonesing to know about your personal philosophy, because I think it was Lucille Ball and that generation who, who seemed to have a recognition of what, of what entertainers they were out to entertain the masses to, but they had an appreciation for their audiences. Of course, well, my thing is, it’s all it’s all the whole idea or two elements to it, to express oneself and to communicate, to communicate with your fellow man. Through whatever message in the ravioli is able to be passed through with your performance, whether it be the, the bad guy or the good guy or whoever you’re playing, to find the commonality in that archetype. And so the audience because we’re all the same, when you watch a film, you’re all we’re all the same. We’re all part of this Same, we’re all probably the each character in the film, or movie or TV thing, there’s a part of us in every single character. And that’s, you know, and the appreciation of, for me, I remember when my uncle’s told me, they were growing up story of Queens, New York, and they ran into a celebrity that was very curt to them, and how it hurts them, and how it made them feel toward that celebrity. And this is before I was a professional actor. This is just growing up as a kid about 10 years old, nine years old, 11 years old, and seeing the disappointment in their faces, when they said celebrity kind of shine them on, and didn’t you know, someone who they had a connection with on because of film. And I think that probably affected my own philosophy of not doing that to the, to the public and to your fans. Because there’s nobody above or below any of us. We’re all really we all must be quite nice. Well, I sincerely appreciated that in you. And I think, you know, it was Ronald Reagan who said that he he said that he was a successful president and politician because he he was an actor who knew how to give a good speech. And instead of bristling at that Reagan embraced it and said, Yeah, that’s not too far wrong, because an actor knows two things, to be honest in what you’re doing, and, and to know your audience. And he says, you know, that’s not bad advice for a politician, either. Yes. Well, what I feel also, the element and Reagan understood this is to have a compass, a moral compass, and a compass to the world. That’s, for instance, in the 1940s, when the Communist Party had financed through millions of dollars, to infiltrate Hollywood useful idiots. They call them useful idiots. And they were in all levels of it from the unions to the, to the studios to the screenwriters guild. They were infecting the content and the messaging. Now, some of it was done innocently because of the bleeding heart liberal aspects to it all that we all have compassion for our fellow man. And Reagan, of course, did that that time, Chris, but the difference is, Reagan then understood what they were doing. He found out it was Reagan, Olivia de Havilland, and James Roosevelt, Roosevelt son, Franklin Roosevelt son, who understood what was happening, and how the Communist Party was infiltrating the industry to affect culture and change. So there was a party at a woman’s house, named idler Pino, I Lapena was, let’s say the Meryl Streep of her day respected actress, directly a woman in film. And she had a meeting of the Communist Party of Hollywood in her house. Now, Reagan wasn’t told about the party, but William Holden told Reagan Hey, there’s something going on at her house. And they went and kind of crashed the event. Reagan wanted to speak to his contingencies friends in Hollywood, he wanted to tell them of the dangers with what he understood what was happening, to give them another point of view of, of the philosophy that was infecting the celebrity class. And they were shouting him down except one actor, a guy named John Garfield, who was part of the group theater, who I understood intimately because I studied with Stella Adler, who was in the group theater, and her husband, Harold Clurman was one of the the creators of it along with Lee Strasberg and Shiva, Crawford. And the group theater was a movement in theatre that took socialist principles and put them into the work they were affected by what was coming out of Russia at the time at the turn of the 19th century, with Stanislavski and the Moscow Art Theater. Wow. And so, Garfield gets on the chair and says, We should listen to what he has to say he has a right to speak. And they booed Garfield down in the game, how would they feel but then took John Garfield out to the back of the room and berated him for 4550 minutes while Reagan gave his speech, and years later, years later, a man named Sterling Hayden. Did you ever see the godfather? Yes, absolutely. Certainly, Hayden played the police captain that punches out Al Pacino and he then and then he then shoots Yeah, remember the guy is choking on with his napkin is is eating Yep, that’s Sterling Hayden. Years later Sterling, Hayden said, Ronald Reagan was the one man wrecking crew of the Communist Party in Hollywood. Wow. At this time, so Reagan, besides being an actor, he had a value for Judeo Christian values deeply embedded in his psyche, understanding what America was, and was able to communicate it to the people. The difference also being at that time the studios was started by a lot of the a lot of immigrants from Poland, from Jewish immigrants started the studios MGM 20th Fox, you know, that was Greek, but a lot of immigrants started the studios and filmmaking and they were, believe it or not thankful to be in America. They, as you You will find for most people that have have been in a communist nation. They they’re thankful to be in America. It’s only the Americans that are taught not to be thankful to America. I’m so glad you said that. Brittney Griner. You know, her the the a women’s NBA basketball star, she just she before she had her little stint in a Russian Gulag for for 10 months, she was kneeling for the flag. But now she can’t wait to stand and pay tribute to that flag after she got home after enjoying some of Vladimir Putin’s hospitality for about 10 months, folks. Robert Davi is our guest right now he’s a veteran Hollywood actor, and he is the he’s also a director of the film, my son Hunter, and the story you just told was, was so emblematic of what’s happening today, we’re seeing every aspect of our lives being inundated with communism, and with socialism and what I call cultural Marxism. So without further ado, I want you to announce what your big announcement is about my son Hunter. Go ahead. Well, my son Hunter was released in September, you know, through Breitbart, and you had to download and pay for it. And we have recently like that, very recently, a few days ago, released it to the public for free. And we want everyone to see this film. It’s it’s not a documentary. It’s the film much like American Hustle by David O. Russell, or The Wolf of Wall Street, it has those elements to it. It’s a it’s a dramatic piece. It’s a satire. It’s very funny. And it’s poignant. And I don’t demonize Hunter Biden in the picture. You would rather sympathize for him in a certain way. And I don’t I don’t comment on on the Add on this of Joe Biden is incompetence. I don’t, because here’s a guy who has been in politics 50 years. And he has to be played with strength, because he’s a bit of a, you know, he knows where a lot of the dead bodies are. And there’s a lot of allegiances that go to him over the 50 years, in politics, on both sides of the aisle, and friendships and everything else like that. That sometimes, as we’re finding, turn the blind eye to what’s happening with our politicians that have actually sold the American people in our country out. True. So true. Now you say it’s not a documentary, but, but I bought it and watched it when it first came out. And it’s, as I mentioned, you on television, it took me about 10 minutes to get to the gist of where you’re going. Stylistically, I wanted to ask you, Chris, yeah, what was that? What was that? Why did it take you 10 minutes? What? What was the? What was the holdup on that? Or what was your? What was your feeling when you were watching it in the beginning those first 10 minutes? Because usually, that’s usually what what happens unless, you know, unless it’s a known franchise, like say, like, you know, sci fi Star Trek, or you know, where the premise of all the characters are going to begin and with, with movies, and I would I would liken this to Pulp Fiction, because it took me a lot longer to get to where Pulp Fiction was going. And but once once you knew stylistically where it was going, once you understood where the director was, as you mentioned, all the elements, you mentioned a satire. And you said it wasn’t a documentary, but I’m gonna get to more on that here in a second. It turns out to be very prophetic in what you were talking about, because a lot of the things that were highlighted in this film were getting factual bases for now. But But yeah, it took me about 10 minutes to know where you’re going stylistically. And once I plugged in, it was it was a fun ride. Okay, great. Yeah, yeah, okay. I understand Yeah, cuz you don’t expect it to have that. That the the wink wink exactly the wink and the nod. And once at once I got the wink, then I was like, Okay, now I know where it’s going. I could sit back with my adult beverage and have a good time. So let me ask you about the prophetic nature of this because you say it’s not a documentary. But there’s a lot in this film that has either come to pass or is currently under investigation right now, in a real way. So what are your thoughts on that? Well, when you watch a documentary, you’re going from fact to fact and it’s, it’s, there’s a an emotional aspect that’s missing. And much like, let’s take a look at two true stories, The Wolf of Wall Street in American Hustle, or The Big Short, The Wolf of the American Hustle is based on the abscam thing with the FBI. So it was dramatized. And you can see the absurdity of the event, you can see that you can laugh at it, you can be terrorized by you can see the satire and the the the pain of what what transpired them with the different characters. That’s happens here and my son Hunter, It’s told through the eyes of a 25 year old, left wing activist who is working as an exotic dancer to pay for her college who meets up with Hunter Biden. So now she meets up with him and now you unfold the story as he starts his intimacy with her. And you then have the of course, the journey of going through some of the the alleged corruption and the deal making whatnot that happened in the Ukraine, in Bucharest, with the Communist Chinese party with the spy chief from China, and what happened to them. And it’s, you know, the whole, the whole nine yards of what we watched for four years or five years of Russia, Russia, Russia, Putin, Putin, Putin, and it was all a scam really, on Trump. And here we have something that laptop on it to annotates that we find now that the Congress is investigating and finding things. And yet it’s still it’s still not taking hold. No, it absolutely correct. You know, I gotta be honest with you, the scene that I have watched multiple times was, was that scene where Biden and and and Hunter were sitting in the in the SUV, and that whole exchange, that is something that was a that was laugh out loud. Just just pure entertainment based on and what made it so funny was you could actually see it happening. I thought the actors did a good job. And actually plugging into what may be a fly on the wall conversation sounds like between these two? Yes, yeah, I wanted them. I didn’t want to demonize. But I wanted to reel between a father and a son, a father who was a bit out of touch with his own son, and a son who was frustrated with the father in a certain way. And you we use a lot of the direct dialogue from Biden and some of the hunters stuff that I read and beautiful things. And of course, Brian got to where the screenwriter dramatized. And, and the so that’s even the whole corn pop thing that was woven into it was an absurd and absurdity. And as we see Joe Biden, he’s Jelic he’s the most incredible human being that stretches the truth I’ve ever seen. And he gets a pass with it. And he’s been getting a pass with it for 50 years. Whether he is a teacher or an educator or went to college or graduated number one in his class, everyone buys his bullshit. Excuse my friends, you know, that’s absolutely and that’s exactly what it is. It is a bunch of bullshit this man, for the frankly, his entire political career and who used to be blatantly honest with us about this is the Democrat party they used to, they used to tell us, yeah, we don’t want Joe Biden he’s really a goofball. This man has traded on lies and an exaggerated resume his entire life. And that’s why people like me, who grew up watching this manage him, as you mentioned, he’s been in politics nearly a half century. Why now all of a sudden, he was being billed as a savior for the country. Yeah, absolutely insane. And it’s, and we’ve known he’s been, you know, said the most incredibly divisive things over the years in terms of race and everything else, that they give him a pass on. And today he’s continuing that with beating the white supremacist Magga extremist drum on people that just love the country and and hate what they see happening to it. And to deny it to deny the globalist takeover of our nation is being sticking hot coals in your own eyes and ears and being muted. The whole whole thing, and it’s happening because the media is complacent. And we talk about the media as you see in the film, and, and indict them. And also Joe’s, you know, look at he’s got a granddaughter who he refuses to admit his son. You know, I mean, that DNA testing proved it. And, you know, you never know anyone’s heart but geez, I know. i It is it is terrible to consider and, you know, there’s an if I can provide you with something that may or may spark some creativity in you. There’s a man by the name of James Lindsay, and you can see a very well, yeah, no, I know of him very well, him and him and Michael O’Fallon Yeah. And you see, you saw his speech before the European Union, everything that is happening here, is is intentional, it is it is what they what He deems Cultural Marxism, from the woke agenda from everything that we’re being asked to accept. It is a complete communist assault not only on the economic level, but also on a cultural level, which the communists believe worldwide, the left believes worldwide was the one thing they were missing the last time they tried this during the Soviet era. They think they’ve got the secret sauce now. Absolutely. Well, I think, and I don’t know, you know, it was, was interesting to me, when President Obama said I want to fundamentally change America. And, you know, so what does that mean? Well, instead of bringing us closer together, you see the fractured nature of our nation, were fractured a little bit with sexuality, with race, with immigration, within our own psyche, the American psyche has been fractured. It’s been shattered. And when Ferguson happened, I wrote an article on Breitbart. I used to write quite a bit for Breitbart. And when Ferguson happened, I said Ferguson, do we? Do we pull it apart? Or do we pull it together? And that was the defining moment when President Obama as being a black white man, should have brought us all together and done his best to bring us together as a nation, instead of foment as we continue to see the formation of hatred and entitlement and they are beating the drum of that everything from composition, to music, to literature, to science, it’s all white supremacist. Yep. I never thought it I never the word. When I grew up. I never talked about the white supremacist, the white supremacist guys with white sheets over their head, that we’re doing stuff but they never thought culture was considered and, and, and what’s considered the white supremacy or the Constitution or the Constitution, but it’s insane. It’s absolutely insane. What we’re looking at. It’s mind boggling. Well, I think if the 60s laid the foundation, it was Barack Obama’s occupation of the Oval Office. This solidified us running us down this road and I met if I talk to an author on Newsmax here recently, who talked about he wrote a book about Obama’s actual legacy. And I think you hit on hit it on the on the head, the nail on the head, when, before Obama’s administration, this country was embracing and almost turned the corner, saying, You know what, skin color doesn’t matter. And after an after Barack Obama’s occupation of the Oval Office, the left wing went nuts, forgetting that he was ever elected twice. And now everything we focus on is on race, which is exactly antithetical to to what Dr. King said that we should be focused on Content of Character, not color of skin, but they won’t let us do that anymore because it doesn’t serve their purposes. They want to split it apart. It was E Pluribus Unum through many one. Yep, that’s now gone through that’s thrown out. And it’s did start as you said, in the 60s, you had build errors in the Weather Underground. Now, the interesting about thing about builders in the Weather Underground, is that their constitution back in the 60s and 70s, when they were calling cops, pigs, blowing up the Pentagon, blowing up police precincts, and doing their whatever they were doing. Their revolutionary aspect of them, and all these 1960s flowers grew into that soil, and their constitution said to take a white fighting force, most likely liberal and combine that with the black liberation movement. At the time, it was called the black liberation movement or BLM and to bring down American colonialism, imperialism, And Institute world communism that was on their website that’s historically accurate. That’s what Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground wanted to do. And now we have today, those white liberals and a white fighting force, whether it’s splintered off from different frustrated groups that have been called to feel frustration, and the BLM the black liberation, now the Black Lives Matter instead of black liberation movement, right? So it’s the same same attack on our nation, instead of saying, let’s bring it together. Well, don’t forget, it was BLM ‘s website where they admitted that they they were a Marxist organization that co founder admits she’s a trained Marxist and that they were seeking to undermine the basis of Western civilization the nuclear family and they they all but admit it and it was probably a little our fault for not for not taking them seriously. You know, the majority of Americans Robert Davi, a veteran of Hollywood folks, and the name of the film is my son Hunter now for free now the number one question I got an emails after your Newsmax appearance was okay, how do we take advantage of the free offer? Where do they need to go? They go to my son Hunter Just put in an email and it’s theirs. There you go. My downloaded on my son Hunter Robert Davi You’re a good man and alerted man and I all I am, I am better for having known you. And and thank you so much for sharing your time and your talent. Well, thank you, Chris, for what you’re doing. And you have a multitude of fans out there that I’m honored to be on your show and honored to have a friendship with you and do this podcast. So Godspeed, and continue on, please. And we shall. We shall. Thank you, sir. That’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Visit a couple of websites for me if you will, folks first Chris You go to Chris You can drop me an email dropped me a voicemail. You can check out all of our social media hookups on the Salcedo shows and the podcasts, and also track down the Chris Salcedo shows on morning talk radio on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast with TNT Radio Network worldwide and on rumble and on getter also tracked down the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax TV four o’clock Eastern until five Monday through Friday, also pay a visit to Texas That’s Texas That’s where you get the big news in Texas, and enterprising journalism that only impacts the Lone Star State, but in practice the states that surround us and actually since we’re ground zero for illegal immigration kids, the Democrats push for illegal immigration. What happens here impacts everybody in these ones United States until we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. We measure a society’s worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there, my friends

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