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The One Texas Republican I Hope Loses

Today we discuss the one Republican candidate whose loss would be good for Republican policy. Wayne Christian is also playing into liberals’ hands.


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Welcome to the Luke Macias Show, we are going to cover a couple things. This is the last episode we are coming to you with before election day, next week’s episode will be on election day. So I guess, technically, well, it is still the first one that’s coming to you before the last one that’s coming to you before election day. Right? And and then next weeks, we’ll be on election day. And then we’ll be doing a post election conversation. So that being said, there’s a couple of things I want to talk about today. I’m going to start by telling you one Republican state representative district, I would actually like Republicans to lose. And I’m going to tell you why. And I’m going to give you the punch line before, the reason I want this Republican to lose is because more Republican policy will actually come forward and pass. If she does, this is my hypothesis. And then I’ll give you some context to actually back it up. So the person I’m talking about is a state representative candidate in Collin County and a newly created district in Collin County named Jamie jolly. And Jamie jolly is running in a suburban district, which is a which voted for Joe Biden by a small margin. And so it is the type of district to that is likely to go Republican this time around. I’m going to compare this in just a little bit to CD 34, which is Myra Flores running down in South Texas and talk to you about the difference because Myra Flores even though she is in a more Democrat district is actually somebody who conservatives want to win in November. And then Jamie jolly is somebody who we don’t want to win. Now why is that the case? Okay, here’s how it works. There is something that Republican leadership says Does there is something they use to prevent conservative policy from coming forth to disincentivize Republicans from pushing conservative policy. And I call it the Morgan Meier effect. So often, conservative lawmakers, conservative activist organizations, they will be pushing Republican policy that the Republican Party has believed in for a very long time. And they will get told, and this happens in the Texas House far more than than in the Texas Senate. In fact, way I mean, significantly more. But they will say things like, Hey, I mean, I know we all agree on that policy. But Morgan Meyer would really struggle if he has to vote on that. And the insinuation is that and for those of you who don’t know who Morgan Meier is, Morgan Meier is a Republican state representative who represents Highland Park and park City’s, it is next to maybe one of the Houston districts, the second wealthiest district or the first wealthiest district in Texas. It is a very upper elite district in the suburbs that honestly voted for Joe Biden, and yet voted for Morgan Meyer. But what Republicans will do see Democrats when they take a state like that, they tried to pass their own policies, I talked about this, where they, they tried to push things like Obamacare. And they have to try to convince Democrats who represent states like Nebraska to vote for it, right. It’s like this guy to vote for our policy will be voting against the vast majority of the values in his state, and they will convince them to do it. Because they actually care and believe that their policy will make people better. Now we do too, but our party leadership, often prioritizes staying in power far more than advancing policy. And so what they will do, and this is my reason that I think Jamie, it would be better if Jamie jolly did not win is Jamie jolly is a very liberal Republican. And she’s gonna represent a district that is pro Joe Biden. And so what is going to happen is you’re going to give House leadership, another bullet in the chamber that they can fire up conservatives as an excuse to not bring forth Republican policies. Here is not how do I say this? I’m gonna explain to you the way it should work. The way it should work in Austin is that the more Republicans see eats we hold, the more aggressive we feel like we can be because we have even greater margin. That’s not the case. If you take one or two of these swing districts now, if we were close to getting a supermajority, I would actually have a different argument. Okay, so let me give you kind of a flip on this. Let’s say Jamie jolly had the potential to be like the 100th vote in the Texas House in redistricting, they opted against trying to expand their majority significantly, they opted to just kind of shore up all the incumbents make sure that we have a basic majority in the Texas House for the next 10 years guaranteed. But we’re not in any scenario gonna have close to enough to pass a constitutional amendment. If Jamie and some of these moderates were on the edge of being able to get us to where we needed to actually pass a constitutional amendment, I would be way more open to saying it’d be a good thing if they win, because then you could actually get enough Republicans to rewrite the Texas Constitution. But we’re not going to be there. She’s literally just another vote to get us closer to 90 or maybe 290 votes. But I’m telling you, the difference between having 88 or 89, or 89. And 90 Republicans in the Texas House is not better. If that other vote is a Jamie jolly because leadership will turn around and say, Well, guys, you don’t want to make Jamie vote on this issue. Just pull the amendment. We can’t bring this bill to the floor. What’s Jamie going to do? How do you think we’re going to hold seats like that that are for Joe Biden, if this is going to happen? So I prefer Jamie to lose. Now my reform is is down in South Texas and she is a Republican that won a special election and a seat that was pretty pro Joe Biden, but she’s running for reelection in a redrawn district. That is 15 points. Joe Biden, okay. Donald Trump only got 39% of the vote in our district, and he got more votes than most other Republicans. Most of the other Republicans were in the mid 30s. And here’s the crazy thing. She’s winning, she’s a pointer to up Cook Political Report has it as a lean Republican district. If she wins, it is going to be an anomaly. And it’s going to be great. Now, why do I want her to win, but not Jamie jolly? Here’s why. When Mayra Flores one, she went to Congress and within 30 days had to vote on a gun bill that Republicans were pushing. They were stabbing us in the back. We’ve talked about that John Cornyn, Tony Gonzalez, all these people completely betrayed Republicans in our values and pushed a gun control policy at a federal level to give Democrats a win that they couldn’t pass if Republicans had the majority. And then she also was faced with a marriage bill to vote on that basically said, any marriage that is legal in California, or Rhode Island or the crazy leftist state you can find any marriage license that’s valid there is valid in Texas, and this would let California say that like a throuple is legal. And then those three people are married in Texas crazy. Tony Gonzalez. turncoat Republican from San Antonio to West Texas votes for it. Mara Flores votes against gun control Bill Maher Flores votes against here’s what I want you to understand. John Cornyn represents the state of Texas in its entirety. He represents a state that is very pro Trump, pro Republican governorship. They want Republicans in control, and he sided with the Democrats to pass this gun bill. Myra Flores represents a district that is 15 points plus Republican Democrat. She represents a district that didn’t even have 40% of the voters vote for Donald Trump. And she voted against the gun bill. See, that’s the type of attitude you need to have in your elected officials. That is the type of spirit and conviction to policy that you are looking for, and that you should encourage and promote. That’s what my floor is brings. Jamie jolly, not so much. Jamie is going to be a weapon use to stop Republican policy from coming to the House floor. So we want her to lose. Last. Lastly, I’m going to talk to you about a horrendous reaction and a good reminder to all of us of why Republicans need to stop responding to the liberal media. Okay. So some of you are familiar with the Texas Tribune and the Texas Tribune is a pretty far left of center publication. Okay. And some reporters there are like middle of the road and a lot of their reporters are straight up Marxists. Okay. But the Texas Tribune decided that Wayne Christians slogan that he has had since 1996 is all the sudden anti semitic his opponent decided. And then they decided to try to make an issue of it. And when Christian his campaign responded, and we’re going to use this as just a reminder to all of us on why Republicans should not engage on stupid stuff like this. So I’ve known Christian for a long time, he served in the Texas legislature with my dad, in 2007. That’s when I first met him when I was 17 years old. I have supported him in all of his bids for railroad commissioned in the past like this is, this is not a Republican that I have had any bone to pick with. Okay, so just I want to make sure it’s clear to y’all. I like wait, this is really sad, what has transpired and I think how he and his team have handled this. So his opponent is Jewish. And he decides to go and say, Wayne, Christian, literally since 1996, has had a slogan. And he says, Remember, I’m the only Christian on the ballot. Okay. He has said it when he’s running for Congress, when he’s running for state representative when he’s running for railroad Commissioner. He’s probably said it if he ran for precinct Chairman. Okay. I’m the only Christian on the ballot. And everybody laughs right. And he has said it. In all he has been in very contested races with tons of people running for the same congressional seat and he said, vote for Wayne Christian, the only Christian on the ballot. I’ve even been to Republican clubs where he gets up and says it and people say it with him because they all know his slogan, remember, and everyone goes the only Christian on the ballot. Okay, so now we’re in the year 2022. He’s literally coming up on two decades of using this, and his opponent says this is anti semitic. And his campaign put out a statement that said they will cease using this decade old slogan, what do we have a 16 year old slogan, where they will cease using this 16 year old slogan until November, since they just recently found out that their opponent is Jewish. I’ll read directly from the quote here, Travis McCormick who I know a respect. He said he’s a spokesperson for a Christian. He also works with them. The railroad commission probably did some work on his campaign too. He said we definitely would not have said it. He said in the interview with the Jewish Telegraph Agency. He said the slogan was nothing more than a joke to help voters remember Christians name quote, we definitely would not have said it. If we realized our opponent was Jewish McCormack said McCormack also said Christian will not use the tagline moving forward. So so the left has effectively canceled this tagline that has been used for 16 years. Because they found some publications they wanted to write about. Christian told the Texas Tribune, he has quote nothing but love and support for the Jewish community and strongly condemns anti semitism of any kind. Okay, stop accepting the left’s framing of issues, guys, stop it. Nobody thought Wayne Christian was an anti Semite. Nobody thought Wayne Christian was an anti Semite, except for his liberal opponent, who honestly probably also doesn’t think he’s an anti Semite. He was just using this as one bullet to fire wow, I didn’t realize I was going to kill a slogan. So now when can never say it. Now, here’s another thing to honestly realize. If we’re serious about what this slogan, let’s say we’re going to take this slogan seriously. Here’s what it means. It is more offensive to win Christians, Christian opponents than Jewish opponents. Okay, this statement, Wayne has used this for 16 years, and it should have offended Christian opponents more than Jewish opponents. Okay. So if you’re one of the Christian Republicans running against weighing Christian for railroad commission, for Congress, first state representative, and he says, I’m the only Christian on the ballot, you have more room to be offended. If you’re a Christian, you would say, Hey, I believe in Jesus. I am saved through faith in Christ Jesus as my Lord. And when Christians implying that he’s the only one up here, who’s a Christian. He’s lying to you. Now, that could be the position of somebody who is a Christian who wing is running against, okay, if you are Jewish, and you’re running against Wayne, Christian, and he says, Hey, I’m the only Christian on the ballot. That is a true statement. There’s nothing controversial About this ad. So you’re taking a slogan that has been used as a joke for 16 years, Wayne Christian is going to get reelected, he could literally not ever talk to the media again, and he would be reelected to the railroad commission. There’s no need to even react, hear his opponent bring something forth. And not only do they apologize, not only do they say we’re not going to talk about this in any way, which accepts the premise that this is somehow anti semitic, they then renounce anti semitism, which has nothing to do with their slogan. And then they say, We’re never going to use this slogan. Again. It is so sad to see and very frustrating for conservatives in Texas, who are just asking for some basic things out of our statewide elected Republican officials. So Wayne, I appreciate you the work you’ve done on the railroad commission, the work you’ve done in the Texas House before you’ve been a conservative champion on a lot of issues in the past. But this action is giving in to a crazy leftist Marxist media and a Democrat narrative that should have never been engaged in. And a wish he didn’t do it. And if you’re a conservative and Texan, Texas, you should wish that your elected officials don’t act this way. Don’t give them that power. Just a reminder, I appreciate all of y’all how much you’ve been following sharing. We have gotten a ton of feedback over the last several weeks over the last several shows that we’ve released. And I really do appreciate that. emails back messages through the website that we’ve been able to reply to I am catching up, I’ve been getting quite a few messages to the website. So if you have messaged me on the website, I have not replied to you personally, please know that I tried to do that for every one of them. So I will try to catch up with that here. between now and Election Day. I guess, you know, most of my life slows down as we’re coming close to the election. So hopefully I’ll we’ll be able to do that. I appreciate you finding more and more Texans because we here I had a really encouraging word from a friend in San Antonio, who was standing outside of a poll, just greeting different voters and this new couple from shavano Park, which is in a little suburb in San Antonio, we’re walking into the poll, and they started just talking and they said, Yeah, we’ve just recently moved here from the California area and are getting built into the community and meeting different people, we’ve really decided to start getting more involved in the political process. And so that’s great. Well, what do you do have? Have you followed? Have you reached out to the party? And they said, No, but we have found this thing called the Luke Misia show, and we haven’t listened to it. And we’re getting more engaged with that information. And so if you are that couple from shavano Park, thank you for, you know, listening to the show, and thank you for telling this Republican leader about that because she called and had a great encouraging conversation with me. And these are the type of things that show that we’re building a community here we’re building a group of people that are motivated to do something. And so I appreciate that I appreciate you. May God bless you and may God bless the great state of Texas. Thank you for listening to the loop Misia show this program is brought to you by scorecard media, check out Texas to read up on all things Texas scorecard media has other podcasts as well. Yeah, they’re not as good as this one, but you should still check them out. Honestly, though, visit Texas To see all the content they’re producing on a daily basis. If you’d like our podcast to grow, please consider subscribing to the show on whatever platform you’re listening and leave a review that helps others find the content we’re producing. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless Texas.



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