The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Show Behind The Show, 2024 Sucks So Far Edition

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Chris and Sean discuss Sean’s run of bad luck, thus far in 2024. The boys also discuss how Texas is standing for all of America against Joe Biden’s lawless regime and their push for uncontrolled illegal immigration.

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As you all know, the traitor is in treasonous situation down there at the border, created by Democrats, socialists and fully funded by equally traitorous and treasonous Republicans has reached a breaking point and after Texas took a stand, it seems the Biden regime has blinked at least for now. The border patrol is now saying they have no intention of cutting the razor wire that was laid down by the state of Texas. 

So at this point, it does appear that Governor Greg Abbott and 25 other states, their little push back on Joe Biden’s lawlessness is is having an impact. And the vast majority of Americans see Joe Biden and his political party as traitorous to this country with their promotion of illegal immigration. The United States has our people have endured over 9 million illegal aliens being thrust into our cities into our streets. And well, frankly, the American people have had enough. The State of Texas has had enough the state of Texas, doubling down on their proclamation No, we’re not going to get out of the way. 

The United States Constitution trumps everything, every law that these so called members of Congress, our so called leaders have put out and the US Constitution is quite clear. The states do not have to roll over and allow a federal government to implement policies that harm those states. And the state of Texas very eloquently by by Governor Greg Abbott has declared that right of defense and Governor Abbott and I think he laid it out quite clearly in his proclamation that he put out on the 24th of January. 

And here’s an excerpt from that. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and other visionaries who wrote the US Constitution for saw that states should not be left to the mercy of a lawless president, who does nothing to stop external threats, like cartels smuggling millions of illegal aliens across the border. That is why the framers included both article four section four, which promises that the federal government, quote, shall protect each state against invasion and quote, and article one section 10, clause three which acknowledges the state’s sovereign interest in protecting their borders. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who I said on Newsmax last week, much to the chagrin of left wingers over at media ight, who I said should be called now this point, we might as well call him, President Abbott, he continued the failure of the Biden regime to fulfill the duties imposed by Article four, section four has triggered article one section 10, clause three, which reserves to this state, the right of self defense. For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article One, Section 10, clause three to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself, that authority. 

Listen to this, this is key. That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary. Now, what is the governor saying there? Well, as you know, many of these socialist Democrats have been colluding with these Republicans in name only to pass laws that make legal illegal immigration as a matter of fact, they’re debating it right now. And the United States Senate to give Beijing Biden before a Trump presidency returns to the White House to give Beijing Biden carte blanche to bring in as many illegal aliens as possible. 

And even if President Trump does take over this, quote, new law would would stop him from stopping uncontrolled illegal immigration. One of the provisions being debated by so called Republicans and being pushed by so called Republicans is actually allowing 5000 illegal aliens to break into America every day. 5000 a day. Now, if it gets to 5001 Well, then, you know, title 42 gets triggered and other provisions get triggered. 

But can you imagine Republicans saying, Hey, we can we are going to impose 5000 illegal aliens a day on the people of the United States and call that a Republican? A Republican idea? A bipartisan idea? Yeah. The unit party you mean? 

So when Greg Abbott says that his authority is the supreme law of the land, and it supersedes anything Mitch McConnell or James Lankford or John Cornyn are going to come up with in the United States Senate, it will not preclude the state of Texas from using its constitutional authority to defend itself and our people against this lawlessness. Greg Abbott continued, The Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety and other Texas personnel are acting on that authority, the authority under the Constitution of the United States, as well as state law to secure the Texas border. And so they are so you and I should get suddenly behind the 25 states that are supporting Texas and the efforts by the state of Texas because they are the only lawful efforts being undertaken, as far as the border is concerned at this point more from the show behind the show coming your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks for the show behind the show and the one the only thank God Shawn Chastain is joining us anytime anybody cares what’s going on my man? 

Well, you know I detailed the the troubles I’ve been having lately with the busted water heater and totaled out old truck was sitting in front of my house Wednesday on the way to work, put a lot of crash and then was jerked around by getting rear ended. 

What? Yeah, didn’t know you and I were just sitting here last week hoping that 2024 would start treating you a little more kindly. But so let me get this straight. So you’ve had somebody total your old truck as it sat in your front yard you’ve had your hot water. Your tankless water heater, burst pipe had to replace it. And now in your well new to you truck, the one you drive, somebody rear ends you. 

So a hurt loud bang and then you know, my truck hit. And luckily I was back far enough from the guy in front of me that I didn’t hit him. So it was a three car accident. And the guy in the middle who hit me, he had to be carted off by ambulance. Oh my gosh, the car that initiated the wreck. Of course driven by a 20 year old Mexican with no insurance rates has anything to do with it. 

Was he illegal? I don’t know. Okay, get out of Texas driver’s license. Oh, well, then. Okay. But no insurance. So that’s fun. And unlike progressive who is handling the old truck, I have had exactly two texts and one call from them. And the only reason I got the last text was because I just begged for some communication. And they have not been good about that at all. I cannot get a hold of anybody. I can’t get text back. I can’t get calls back. So yeah, not real pleased about that. 

Out of curiosity, you’ve got to go through your insurance because of the uninsured driver. Right. So that’s that’s a whole separate issue. 

Right. My insurance is USAA. And the accident happened Wednesday morning. Thursday morning, I started when I had a little time I started the claims process online, you know, just to get things going. And Friday morning, they called me at 830 on the way into work. And had it all worked out by the time I got to work so great. That was that was tremendous. And yeah, and luckily, I did have the Uninsured Motorist insurance on my policy. So most people get insurance. Isn’t that isn’t that kind of standard issue? I don’t know. 

I mean, like on my old truck, I’ve just got the very basic cheapest thing you can get just to cover the state of Texas. That’s all I have. And just because I don’t drive it off and dry now exactly. But now I’m not going to be driving it at all. Now, how bad was that? How much was it? How bad was the damage to the new to you truck? 

The rear bumper is going to need to be replaced. It got into the tailgate a little bit. I mean with with cars these days, you know that could be a $2,000 deal. So I don’t know but I haven’t gotten to have an estimated yet. But anyway, usAA is is fantastic as compared to progressive so well. 

And then the next question is, I think everybody listening to the podcast wants to know, so the the individual who had a Texas driver’s license, who was driving uninsured, young 20 Something know nothing. What’s going to happen to him? 

Well, the guy in the middle car is gonna have some serious medical bills, right? At least you know, an ambulance ride or an overnight stay in the hospital. I don’t know what, you know what happened to him. But he got whipped around pretty good. And I got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. And I’ve got a little crick in my neck that started shortly after the accident. So you have that checked out. Did you ask? Yeah. What happens to this guy? 

Yeah, they Yeah, the officer great Fort Worth Police Department. Thank you, Officer Garcia for being so kind and helpful. He, he said the kid admitted he was at fault and he admitted that he didn’t have insurance and that he would be ticketed. I don’t know what they ticket him for. I’m guessing, you know, obviously no insurance and probably speeding or, you know, reckless driving or whatever. I don’t know what they particularly for. Yeah, but he said, you know, you just have to work it out with your insurance company, how this goes. And my insurance company if they you know, once they do find out that he was in fact uninsured. They’ll sue him basically for whatever the repair costs are. And you know where that’s gonna go? 

Right? Because he has nothing he could have afforded it, he would have bought insurance and yeah, yeah. And and so anyway, if if they are able to collect anything they’ll refund by deductible 250 bucks and then get whatever they can out of it for to cover the cost of the repairs but wondering if they can garnish wages? Can you garnish wages for something like this? I don’t know, I don’t know what the Texas laws are. But I uninsured drivers, man, why? Well cost you 35 bucks a month to get insurance? And then, you know, I don’t even think I mean, it had nothing happened. Had he just been pulled over for speeding or something with no insurance? They would have written up a ticket for no insurance and let them go. And you know, 10 yards down the road, you know, nails didn’t back me. 

So I don’t know. It seems to me that if your car is not able to be driven, because there’s no insurance on it, that you’re sitting there happy ass on the side of the road and watch it get towed off. If you get pulled over for no insurance? That’s the way it seems like it shouldn’t be to me. And I’m gonna tell you that’s gonna solve a lot of this. No insurance driver bullshit real quick. 

Well, yeah, but then again, what what league league legal? Right? Does the state have to somebody’s personal property, their car, which they paid for? I think you run into some problems when you start saying that the state can confiscate a car. Now, you know, they might tow it at your expense to your home and put a boot on it saying you can’t you know, you can’t use here’s your car, you can’t use it. Because you can’t drive around Texas roadways without insurance. And as soon as you get insurance, yeah, soon as you get insurance, you can, the booth comes off. But that’s that’s the contingency plan, you have possession of your car, congratulations. You just can’t take it out on to take us roadways. 

That’s fine, whatever they need to do. But it doesn’t seem to me to be fair to those of us who actually play by the rules, right? To watch somebody drive off with that insurance, you know, in paying a $45 ticket for it, or whatever it is. 

Well, what a transition to what the big story in Texas and around the country has been the state of Texas doubling down saying, Yeah, we’re gonna continue to put up razor wire. And the Supreme Court says you can tear it down if you get access, but we’re not going to give you access. So go right ahead federal government, and not only to Texas double down 25 other states, with one exception governors with Republican governors. With one exception, Vermont, said we’re back in Texas. What do you think about all this? Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s good to see them. I’m proud of the leadership here in Texas, if they’re not backing down. I never thought it would go to some civil war. 

I mean, Biden painted himself into a corner on this deal. There’s just no winning there. He either, you know, has the optics of, of his of the army pointing guns at National Guardsmen. And to allow them into that park, you know, was Shelby park or whatever it’s called. So, you know, they can either do that, or they can try to nationalize the National Guard or federalize the National Guard. That ain’t gonna happen, because I think it’s unconstitutional. Well, he can technically my understanding is, he can, but how many of the guard will stand with Texas? 

Why? Because I mean, the whole the whole oath is, you know, you have to you abide by the Constitution and you’re there to protect the border. And enemies, you know, within and without whatever the however the oath goes, and anyway, yeah, that’s an unlawful order. So because if you’re ordered to stand down and watch illegals, come into the country illegally, then that’s an unlawful order, and you can deny that order so well, yeah. 

And I think the optics Yeah, it is a big mess. The optics of Joe Biden trying to utilize quote, unquote, his power would would reveal just how grossly unpacked Popular these, these Marxist the socialists who run his regime and he is, so he can’t give an ultimatum knowing that it’s going to lead to an ultimate embarrassment and a complete undermining of the federal government’s power over the United States. So that’s that that’s what’s going to happen. Now, you mentioned the term civil war. And the left wing is saying this is because Texas won’t surrender, you know, if you’re occupied, the Oval Office says that your state must be irrevocably harmed, then it’s your duty to turn over your citizens to be harmed by a lawless invasion of millions upon millions of illegal aliens. 

And that’s the Constitution is not a suicide pact. And when the federal government violates its own laws, then it is up to the states that are being victimized by that to stand and protect their citizens in the absence of the federal government. And that’s what we’re seeing right now. So the Democrats trying to blame us in the state of Texas or conservatives around the country, for for, quote, unquote, resisting it is they who did this it is they who broke America, not us. True. Yep. Yep, absolutely, man. I mean, all they have to do is enforce the laws that they’ve already passed. If they did that, you know, we wouldn’t we wouldn’t be having this issue. We wouldn’t be having this. Millions and millions of people coming across the border, every month or every every year and, you know, hundreds of 1000s every month. 

Yeah. It’s just, it’s just all they have to do. It’s unfortunate. And I still, I still can’t figure out the end game. For the Democrats. I just don’t understand how anybody could look at the border and say, yep, that’s a good idea. Well, it’s for the vote, that the Republicans want it for the cheap labor to pay somebody who looks like me and has a Latino sounding surname, or those from 168 other countries around the globe, to pay them less money. And then the Democrats wanted to rigged the vote, to cancel out American votes, which they’re already given foreign nationals, the vote in so called local elections, and they they’re not too eager to tell us, Sean, exactly. 

How do you prevent someone who’s voted in a local election from voting in a national one? How do you do that? And they don’t want to tell us good luck. Yeah, I don’t mean. So that’s the game. That’s the reason why that’s that’s your end game. All I know is that Christina was down at the border, and I nearly just finished work just to go see her. Wow. Yeah, big fanboy you are of Christine. Dell, and what’s not? What’s not to like? I seriously. But so now, there’s something going on in the United States Senate, you’re probably aware of to where Republicans are, are debating a border piece of legislation. It’s a piece of crap really is what it is. And this some of the provisions that are leaking out on this, these are Republicans now saying we will accept 5000 illegal aliens a day. But if you get 5001, well, then we got to talk, you know, then all of a sudden, some things get triggered. We’re going to, we’re going to propose green cards for all these illegal aliens, Joe Biden just let in. 

We’re going to propose taxpayer funded attorneys for all the illegal aliens, Joe Biden just let in. And we’re going to promote jobs programs for all the illegal aliens, who Joe Biden just lit it, not to mention the ones, the millions, the 20 plus million who are already here. So that’s the Republican offering in the United States Senate and that has led the Republican Party of Oklahoma, to censure James Lankford to say that he had no longer has the support of the Republican Party of Oklahoma, so long as he continues to push. What which for all intents and purposes is an amnesty bill. What do you make of this? 

Well, I hate to ask, and I really don’t know. Please join me Cornyn hasn’t signed on for this. Well know what Mitch McConnell is trying to do. Mitch McConnell is trying to secure 20 yes votes for this sellout for this amnesty bill. Before it’s unveiled to the public, he wants to secure the yes votes before we the people have a chance to actually look at it. So it’s kind of the Nancy Pelosi thing. I you have to pass it so you can find out what’s in it, that kind of thing. So John Cornyn has not taken an official position yet, because technically, nothing has been revealed. But I suspect that John Cornyn is already a yes vote because of his past votes on the omnibus and all that kind of crap. So that’s I don’t know that much. But the answer the honest answer, Shawn is I don’t know. I don’t know. Any Republican that even thinks about saying yes to this needs to be voted out of office as soon as possible. And I don’t think all hands up this time, right. It’s cruises at this time. Yeah, Cruise is up this time and corn is up and 26. 

And I’ve said, if, if he doesn’t get a challenger like, Chip Roy or somebody, I’m running against the guy, because I think there’s just there’s just no way that Texas can can handle having this. Well, he’s thrown his purposes Democrat. He’s a Democrat. In the United States Senate. It just, it’s just not going to be possible going forward. What is Mitch McConnell? How is he in power? You don’t I don’t get it. Man. i Well, I do get it. And it goes back to watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Yep. It’s been the same since 1939. And Angular change. So I understand why Mitch McConnell was in power. Well, glitch glitch. McConnell is in power big. And by the way, Ted Cruz noted that glitch McConnell, which I just love that nickname glitch McConnell. Yeah, he he had 1516 senators in the Republican Party, vote against him in this last leadership vote, which is more than it’s ever been lodged against him. And it’s because everybody sees the game Mitch McConnell prioritizes giving reach around to Democrats over fidelity to Republican voters and conservative voters. And it’s abundantly clear to everybody that he’s transactional. And it’s it’s all about protecting the elite elected class rather than protecting our people and more and they can’t hide it anymore. So the whole Mr. Smith Goes to Washington thing was was high double so long as overt stuff was not being done to us in this country by the FBI that the political class the elected class, but now that it is now that they’re doing it to us, Shawn, and they can’t hide it then guys like Mitch McConnell have fewer and fewer places to hide. Yeah, that’s good. 

And you know, the so called right wing media I think has a lot to do with that there’s a lot of good people out there exposing all this stuff so glad that’s happening, including you and your shows and well, so I well, I you know what, I’m glad you brought that up because, you know, the left wing media site called Media eight, they’re the ones who watch they say they watch all media, but they really watch us and conservative media. Apparently, I pissed some of them off because they wrote an article, Newsmax host. 

And here’s what I said. I said that we might as well call him president Abbott because he’s frankly he’s the only one working to actually protect our people. Well, while the rest of them Mitch McConnell glitch McConnell included are working to put us all at great risk with this illegal immigration gambit of theirs so I so apparently when you get the the attention of the left wingers when When did you say something like that? We might as well call him president Abbott. They don’t really appreciate it very much, but I just wanted to get your I wanted to get your reaction to that was I that was kind of funny in one way, but it was also nothing to laugh about and another right, I haven’t enjoyed seeing the on Facebook and stuff, the consolidate flag, except sort of a candidate’s expanded role of barbed wire and razor wire. You just come and take the lump sum and cut it. Yeah, come and cut it. That’s the I love that too. 

Now, speaking of the flag, I last bit of controversy I wanted you to address our good friend AF Bronco, who is one of the greatest political cartoonists that we have in this country is one of the two top big guys. Ramirez, Michael Ramirez is the other. But Bronco has a a political cartoon out that pictures of NFL guys want the ones in blue standing and looking very, very ticked off. The ones in red kneeling says they’re holding a sign that says there is only one national anthem as the black national anthem plays in the background. The Super Bowl that we’re being told will play the black national anthem, your thoughts? 

Yeah, I mean, if you If I want American black guy that loves America, I’m probably not real happy about that. Why can’t we all just be Americans? I don’t get it. But whatever man, you know, they want to sing their little song that I’m not going to be paying attention to anyway, I’ll be making snacks or watching YouTube or something before the game starts. So probably not going to be paying a whole lot of attention to it anyway. But yeah, just another, another form of division that everybody says, Oh, we all gotta get together. But barbecued crap like, this just divides us all. So exactly. 

You play the American National Anthem, it unites us all. You play the black national anthem, and you are sending an unequivocal sign of division. And that’s exactly what the organizers of the National Football League are sending out a complete sign of division. That’s why, as you know, I have stopped I have stopped watching. I don’t I don’t support that division. What’s a week ahead? What do you look into? What are you looking for? You want to see where this whole border thing goes? Something else on your radar screen? No, I’m really fascinated with the border, because like I said, Your Biden did paint himself into such a corner that I don’t know how he gets out of it. He’s going to have to rest, you know, Governor Abbott, which that’s going to be a good optic for him. Or, you know, federalize the National Guard and then watch those guys say, No, we’re not going to follow an unlawful order. 

So I mean, it could get really dicey now, I did read on Fox News that he’s kind of backing off the cutting of the wire and all that stuff. So I don’t know if he’s just hoping that it’ll go away or he’s gonna do something sneaky in the middle of the night or wait till you know, maybe wait till Superbowl weekend where people’s attention is kind of on that and then go do something stupid. So yeah, I don’t know, man. It’s it’s really fascinating and, and proud of Texas for doing what to do. And I did see that the there’s a trucker convoy on its way down. Walk the border, like they do in Canada. So yeah, yeah. Excited about that. That’s, that’s a fantastic optic for our side. And, you know, just anything to bring attention to it. I think. I was critical guy, but when he started bussing, I just thought it was a waste of taxpayer money on diesel fuel. And But nope, it sure has opened some eyes. So you know, I got a, I got a call on that saying that Abbott should have acted on this should have done what he’s doing now, a long time ago. And yeah, that is the that is the complaint about Abbott is, dude, you’ve been governor for a while now. How can you haven’t been doing something before this? 

Well, let me give you the I’ll give you the explanation I gave to him, and then see what you think about it. Because if Governor Abbott had had triggered this, let’s say, a year into Joe Biden’s catastrophic record breaking illegal immigration push, right. And the folks in New York, the folks in Illinois, the folks in, in other parts of the country were like, illegal immigration crisis, what immigrant illegal immigration crisis, but after a year of shipping illegal aliens, to every corner of the United States now every because you’ve got 9 million plus illegal aliens, and that’s a conservative number being distributed all over this country. And everybody’s feeling it that now that Texas acts and now you’ve got 25 states in Texas is corner. I don’t think you would have had that. Had the rest of the states not gotten an up close and personal. Slap upside the head by Democrat Joe Biden, Barack Obama policies? Yeah. Yeah. But I guess, you know, the second Biden came in and said, Man, another foot of wall will be built. You know, that’s when the abbot could have started moving in the the trailers and in putting up the barbed wire, you know, so I don’t know. 

That’s that’s the only knock I have against the governor’s that. Maybe you waited a little too long. But I think that’s what’s out. And at least it’s it’s going well, I think that’s a legitimate debate as to you know, a lot of people rationalize two years ago or a year ago, you probably could have pulled this trigger because back a year ago, it was no mystery that Joe Biden was and the Democrat Party were trying to fundamentally transform America by welcoming in foreign nationals from 168 of the country. He’s illegally. But now that he’s actually pulled that trigger in an election year, where now the vast majority of Americans want nothing to do with Biden in his lawless party or his lawless regime. I think it’s I think he’s doing the right thing. And I think it’s debatable as to whether or not he could have pulled it pulled that trigger sooner. But that’s just, that’s just just a way of looking at the there’s a political maneuvering here, and there’s a legal maneuvering here. And sadly, you got to you got to dot the i’s and cross the T’s for both Sean chest. Hey, buddy. 

I hope you have a good day because we’re recording this on a Sunday. Good day of watching some football out there. And we’ll see in the new week. Let’s just hope it gets better. I hope we were ended by some other ethnic group this year. I don’t know. Dude, I’ve quit saying. I mean, I just that I just hope we get through a week without any major drama seriously. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all I need, rather than a hug. I really need just a hug. Well, we’ll try to get a hold of Chris, you know, and for you. Okay. Yeah, please do. Alright. See, it fell for you. That does it for this Salcedo short podcast show behind the show. Folks, do me a favor visit two websites, Texas and Chris Keep in touch with what’s happening in Texas, how it impacts the other states and keep in touch with me. Until we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay vigilant out there my friends. 

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