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The debate and the Trump indictments loom large. Plus, Chris and Sean differ on the cop who shot Ashli Babbitt.

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How many of you are fans of George Carlin? Remember George Carlin he’s passed away now and George Carlin was a quintessential, a classical liberal. And he even though he was a former Catholic and ended up making a lot of his comedy routines off of attacking the Catholic Church. And in a funny way that even we Catholics kind of chuckled a little bit because of the way he represented things. But George Carlin was a guy who kind of like Bill Maher, these guys with incredibly sharp minds. 

But you know, left leaning, but they don’t want to they don’t want to undermine their ability to speak freely. And they have been doing this dance with the devil, in my opinion, the left wing for many, many moons. And but these guys also had a innate ability to try to speak truth to power in a comedic way. 

Bill Maher does it today. The power that is now in the hands of left wingers, the most dangerous in the hands of conservatives, power. I mean, unless they abandon their principles, which the Conservatives shouldn’t. But if they don’t abandon the principles that the principles of conservatives are freedom, liberty, prosperity.

Democrats have never advocated for those things in earnest policy wise. And so power for powers sake, I think is dangerous in any ideology, political persuasion, let me say that I think it’s more dangerous in the hands of left wingers. And I think that there’s been a reluctance of guys like Carlin guys like Bill Maher, and others who have been traditional liberals. And all of a sudden they look at the monster they created. 

And I think Maher is doing that a lot these days, going, oh my gosh, I can’t believe the pansies the left have has turned into and in so in doing so a bit of so willing to abandon their rights and their and their freedoms. And George Carlin, he nailed it several years ago about the elites. Now I’ve seen some of his early stuff. Some of the early comedic routines from George Carlin are pretty, pretty middle of the road, pretty benign. 

And I think it takes time in the saddle, as I have had now in my 50s. It takes time in the saddle, to recognize some of these patterns, to be able to recognize the BS when you hear it, and to see something and divine that something is real or genuine. So here’s Carlin. I think he nails it. I think he nails what America’s problem is today. And perhaps he was seeing this reading the tea leaves a few years ago. Perhaps he was seeing the stitches on the fastball a lot sooner than the rest of us have a listen. 

“Because that’s all you ever hear about in this country is our differences. That’s all the media and the politicians are ever talking about the things that separate us things that make us different from one another. That’s the way the ruling class operates in any society. They tried to divide the rest of the people they keep the lower in the middle classes fighting with each other so that they the rich can run off with all the money. Fairly simple thing happens to work.” 

Now, that’s not just a concept that deals with monetary compensation. That’s also a concept with, with power, self determination, the innate desire by some to rule over others. And those who seek the power of government often do want to exert that, that power over others. 

There used to be a certain segment of our, of our elected class that sought to maintain everybody’s freedoms, consistent with the Constitution, that universe is shrinking day by day by day, you know, anything different. 

“That’s what they’re going to talk about race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality, anything you can do keep us fighting with each other so that they can keep going to the bank. You know, I described the economic and social classes in this country, the upper class keeps all of the money pays none of the taxes, the middle class pays all of the taxes does all of the work. The poor are there just to scare the crap out of the middle class. Keep on showing up at those jobs.”

Keep them showing up at those jobs, the class warfare that we have been treated to in this country that has served to divide us dating back to the Civil War. And that war goes on today. And the people that are rolling it out constantly they have you the United States of America is the last thing they want to see. The show behind the show roars your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks type of show behind the show. And here he is Shawn Chasteen by the way programming note heading out on vacation, buddy. So next next Monday’s offering is probably going to be pre recorded. What they will be calling the business and evergreen. Oh, very nice. Yeah. I’m gonna be doing efficient doing doing little outdoors in with my brother and my pop. look cool. 

That’ll be awesome, man. Kind of a guys weekend. So what do you got this week? 

My man. Well, not much tried to do a little show prep. As far as watching the debate. Oh, and lasted about 10 minutes. Couldn’t do it. And then they Martha and Brett just lost total control. And it was ridiculous. It was unwatchable to me. And then, you know, to hear all the talking heads afterward about who did what and how great somebody was and how terrible other people were. And just I don’t know it was nonsense, because they were just all talking over each other the whole time and I couldn’t handle it. 

Well, I didn’t watch- 

Does that make me a bad American because, I mean, I shouldn’t be paying that kind of attention but- 

No, I think what it makes you is see this whole dynamic Oh, if I didn’t watch them and all of their sage bickering and arguing, like eight year olds, you know, is that make me a bad American no actually makes you just an American. And it means that they’ve they’ve got to up their game, you know, frankly, and, look, my my biggest concern going into this was that all of the attention will be paid to trashing Trump and, and that lost in this is the the amount of harm being done to our people, whether it be economically through the rule of law, the illegal immigration nonsense, that they’re all we’re all focused on this little drama in Washington, DC, and lost in the discussion is, is we the people? 

Yeah, you’re right. I think we the people are waking up those who talks a little bit about it last week, with the Oliver Anthony smash hit with the Richmond north of Richmond and, and the fallout from that, and the reaction to Trump’s mugshot, how he’s just raking in the cash. So teachers with that on it. And I don’t know, man, I just get the sense that there’s about to be some huge movement. And I got the sense last time, you know, in the 22 elections, that there’s gonna be this huge tidal wave and, you know, everything’s gonna be bliss, because we’re gonna have control of the US Senate. didn’t quite happen that way. And I don’t know. So I’m trying not to get too pumped up about it. But I just get the sense that people are really tired. 

I think so too, by the way, 7.1 million since Thursday, President Trump has raised off of the mug shot that the left wing, I mean, and John Bolton was ticked off, he was angry that that Trump didn’t go slink away into a corner like he’s supposed to look, what you were just saying there, I got into a, an off air conversation with somebody about this very thing about what you’re feeling. And what you’re noticing. And this all centers around President Trump and why they’re going after him so hard. Do you know about this movement of States Secretary of State’s being pressured now to take him off the ballot? 

Oh, I’m sure they’re gonna try everything that came in. Yeah. But so that effort I was talking with somebody about that effort. And they said, man, they just aren’t bothering to hide it anymore, are they? They just, it’s all about making sure he never gets back into the Oval Office. Because he’s getting because the America first agenda gets in the way of permanent Washington’s agenda, whatever the hell that is. And I said to this person I was talking to and I’m actually glad you brought it up because I wanted to bring it up to you. Now, if they start throwing people at President Trump off the ballots in key states, you’re going to see what you’re alluding to take shape. And then the American people are left in a quandary. You know, what do we do? I know that those in government are just waiting. They’re just waiting for somebody to get squirrely so they can clamp down so they can just just bury our rights, bury everything and just overwhelming force. You know, all it takes is one act of violence from the government and everybody’s scared out of their minds. And Joe Biden’s been telegraphing this man saying, you know, what, what are you? What are you people going to do against F sixteens? Joe Biden has been saying that crap out loud. What are your thoughts on that? 

Well, I don’t know. I mean, I hope there’s no violence that comes out of it. But I think you’re gonna see a lot of very strong protests, if that does happen. And I think the reason I’m getting the sense that people are just fed up, is that it’s just so blatant, that they aren’t trying to hide it. They aren’t trying to skirt it, they aren’t trying to find loopholes and stuff. They’re just flat out against him against Trump against us. And in it with with the DOJ and the silliness that’s going on with the Biden crime family, and you know, it’s just so blatant that it’s really frustrating, and that’s why I think you’re gonna see at least one of the biggest turnouts at voting that we’ve ever seen. And hopefully, it doesn’t come to violence. You know, I hope if they do start postpones Trump’s name off the ballots that you’re gonna see some pretty serious marches, I would think.

Well, you would and again, And I don’t think it’ll be, it’ll be somebody you know, in the crowd that is probably a member of, of law enforcement, undercover law enforcement, who starts the melee, and then it all goes to pot because I, I can’t, I can’t shake this feeling that that the government wants this to happen, that they’re pushed. They’re just pushing in either way, if you look at it, we’re screwed. We can either let it all happen. And this is the police state resistance. You either let it happen and you lose, you lose your rights, you lose your ability to choose who you want to be president, or you fight back, and then then they clamp down on martial law, all this, and then it’s all gone anyway. So it’s a really fine line. You gotta walk. Yeah. 

Yeah, I don’t see it committed that I really don’t I just because, you know, I mean, the people who are in the people who would do that kind of stuff would take names off ballots and stuff, they’re also elected. And they, like every other one of those establishment types want to keep their power, you know, so, yeah, they start throwing that crap around, they’ll get voted out pretty, pretty darn quickly, you would hope but as you know, the skepticism of the, the integrity of the voting system around this country is, is also you know, it’s it’s out there. And a lot of people would cry BS just by, you know, the fact that some people weren’t following the rules, and you can’t beat them. So you just throw them off the ballot? And then, and then oh, yeah, but what we’re gonna vote you out. And these guys appear, you know, the Secretaries of State, other officials, they seem to know something we don’t. And because they’re brazenly acting, you know, I don’t care what the people say, I don’t care what they say. We’re gonna do this. And that has me concerned. 

Yeah, I don’t know. I haven’t been keeping up with that kind of stuff that much. So well, how about this? Ignorant I guess.

How about this? Biden’s alcohols are says the US may follow Canada, and limiting the number of beers you can drink in a week to slow down. She ready Canadians. So I’m not that worried about I mean, it is pretty silly. That, you know, they put? 

I mean, I guess for medical reasons, I don’t know, I would imagine they could come out and say there was no amount of alcohol that is good for you. So don’t drink any. But they’re not going to prohibit you from from drinking, you know, these are these are, quote unquote, recommendations. Yeah. Guidelines. I mean, you have to I, I guess you don’t have to, but you kinda have to have guidelines. If you’re, you know, you’re the government and, and making recommendations and holding new Senate hearings and crap like that they all want to do. Yeah, it’s just, it’s, you know, it’s a guideline. So, you know, I can see, here’s the hard part or not well.

Here was my, my take was that we’re actually paying somebody, there’s actually an alcohols are seriously, we’re actually spending time on this, trying to suggest to Americans, what, what the the amount of beers they should have every week? Are you serious? 

Yeah, that’s the biggest picture. I mean, the guidelines, I don’t care because I can I can take heat or I can make more than well, and I think that’s what most Americans will do. But no, your point is, is the best one on the recommendation front. 

That’s how they got by during the the China virus. And you saw how they, how they use that? Oh, no, we’re not telling you. We’re just recommending and then all these employers started coming out and forcing the job, right. So if, if you’re on the job and your employer’s insurance as well, the federal government recommends you only have two beers. So if it’s determined, you’re having more than two beers, you know, per week, we may increase your insurance costs. It’s I mean, you’re gonna have to be pitch tested every day. I don’t know if there’s enough labs for that. 

Don’t put it don’t put a pass them do don’t put a pass. 

I think that’s a little far fetched. But you know what, I never thought they’d be policing, you know, the food you eat. And you saw what they’re doing with these physical requirements every single year on the insurance policies. It just gets more and more and more intrusive, right. 

It does. And then the thing that bothered me more than the suggestion that I don’t have more than two beers a week are things that they’re doing with the appliances, the ceiling fans now at the latest on.

I didn’t hear about this Ceiling fans. What are that? Yeah, there’s there’s I don’t know, there’s some new ceiling fan deal. I didn’t really get into it. I just saw that. That was. 

That was another thing they’re coming after is the ceiling fan. And so let me say this stoves, water heaters, air conditioning units, the light bulb. I mean, seriously, gas powered. 

You know, gas powered homes like mine is Yeah. It’s all gas. So my dryers even gas. So that’s so smart. Awesome, because I know they drive fantastic. And it’s yeah, it’s much more efficient. Yeah. And you know, just that, that stuff concerns me more, because they’re unelected people that are making those regulations and boom, it just happens, you know, and all of a sudden, your air conditioner unit goes out, and then you gotta spend 15k on a new one, you know, for a 900 square foot house like I live in. And that’s ridiculous. And they don’t care. That’s the whole thing. 

No, no, and they don’t, they don’t care. 

And they all you know, just so green movement, they think, oh, yeah, it’s all you know, we’re gonna save the planet. And it just infuriates me that unelected people have that much power. And you know what the problem is? 

It’s our elected people who turned it all over to them. The administrative state, and. 

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. The establishment man. I tell you, I’m just so fed up. And I’ve said this so many times before that. I don’t even care if I vote anymore, because it doesn’t seem to matter. Of course it does. And, and I need to and everybody needs to, because that’s the only voice we really have. So like, it sure is, it sure is frustrating knowing these establishment types. Don’t care enough to stop those unelected people from enforcing all these regulations? Yep. 

It’s all on automatic pilot, everybody gets an automatic raise every single year, every government agency gets more money every single year. And these so called representatives and these so called senators, they go up there and it just like an automatic pilot, automatic pilot, that you know what, that we should be at zero line budgeting every year, meaning every single year, every agency has to resubmit a new budget to justify what they got the first year to justify it. And then if they want more than that, but see, then that wouldn’t entail that our elected representatives stop doing all of their electioneering, you know, every, every six or two years, and actually do some work. Right. And our government is so big, these people, the 535 folks up there have no prayer of properly administering it. No prayer, and the cautionary tale there is make your government smaller. 

Yeah, and I don’t know how that happens. Realistically, I mean, because it must be so intoxicating there in DC, but once you you know, go there with the the highest of hopes to make government smaller and change things that men get a little bit of power, and it just overwhelms your sensibilities and you know, Mr. Smith comes home from Washington, then. 

Yeah, well, what a perfect segue into this last story. The Capitol Hill police officer who shot Ashley Babbitt. And for the record, folks, Ashley Babbitt was an Air Force veteran, female, unarmed. And by the video that I’ve seen, she was crawling through a window. Yeah. And I’ve been doing it. She finished it. Yes. And let’s state for the record. You should not have been doing that. However, with a police officer seeing she was unarmed, she wasn’t raising an arm to the police officer to gun her down. A lot of people thought that was excessive. Of course, if Ashley Babbitt were black, that’s all we’d be talking about right now. But because she was white and an Air Force veteran and an alleged Trump supporter, nobody in government or the media cares. Now the Capitol officer who shot her and killed her an unarmed Air Force veteran. That was not threatening him. The man who shot her is now being promoted What do you think? 

You know, my background my dad was a cop. Yep. And so I’m gonna say it with the police 99% of the time because 99% of the time they’re in the right and I’m with you know, I so I don’t know the exact situation. I’ve seen the same video review that you have. Didn’t see it from his body cam didn’t see anything else. Other than her. You know, somebody smashing the wind though, and she climbing through it. And so I’m not going to pass judgment on that cop just yet, because I don’t know the whole story and nobody else does either. Now, what we do know is that yeah, you got a dead, unarmed female air force fed. But who was who was breaking the law who was doing something bad? Yeah. Now whether that cop saw some other threat somewhere else, you know, maybe she had a cell phone in her hand, the black cell phone that looked like some kind of weapon, I don’t know. And, you know, in that split second, when he pulls the trigger, there was a reason for it. And so until I have proof that he was just up to gun people down who were who were coming in the capitol willy nilly, you know, I’m not gonna pass too harsh judgment on. Now, as far as promotion goes. It’s probably all time on the job. So if, you know if that’s what’s warranted, because of his time on the job, he passed certain tests or whatever he had to do to get promoted. Well, then didn’t he must have achieved all those things. And he gets promoted. 

Yeah. Well, man, I, if, like I said, if this this were a different situation, a police officer? Well, yeah, but it’s not. So that’s, well, the only thing you asked me what I thought about is promotion. And that’s what I’m telling you. No, no. Yeah, we can all we can all speculate that. If it was a black guy coming in through the window, yeah. Killed by some white tarp, you know, of course, if he was out of a job. And why do we know that? Because they are, because they are. And that’s when and the circumstances, by the way, that I understand what you’re saying what he saw in that moment, we cannot really know. But there there was no evidence, video wise, nor evidence from his even his own testimony, that he believed that she was armed. He he never even considered she was armed. But she, but she posed a quote unquote, threat. Now he’s never he’s never had to explain exactly what threat was she posing, that required you to shoot her? Well, again, you don’t know that? Because you aren’t in the internal investigations that they all go through and stuff like that. So I don’t know. I mean, I’m just talking to, and maybe it is bias on my part, because of my dad being a cop. But just until, until you’re in on every single meeting, every single trial, every single interview, you just don’t know until you see the body cam footage from him. And any other available footage, you know, you don’t know when did he fire? accidentally did he fire when he should not be? Was the threat not the threat that he thought it was? We don’t know. 

Right? And you know what, the one thing I have not seen from this officer is a statement of remorse in case he if he did fire in an error, it’s not come out. And if he did, you would expect the police officer to say, you know, I feel terribly about it never has. So I will. Again, it’s not his job to do that. So I mean, he may, you don’t know, Chris, he may be up every single night crying himself to tears, you know, are crying themselves to sleep? Yeah. Because he has such remorse. We just don’t know. And it’s, I don’t think it’s, I don’t think it’s his duty to come out and tell the world but he does that. We know that stress the cops are under every day. They see stuff that they can’t even talk about, without, you know, therapy sessions. And most of them don’t get the therapy sessions and that’s why they ended up killing themselves. We just saw this here in the Metroplex the other day. A veteran officer 18 years I think he had on the force has to shoot a suspect. A guy that needed shooting to take the food there was doing really bad stuff shooting at him, and might have even injured the cop I forget the whole details. But anyway, the cop that shot his shot, the guy ended up shooting himself the next day. So you know, you don’t, you don’t understand the stress these cops are under every single day, the stuff they see. And the stuff they can’t talk about for the rest of their lives. And no, because I’ve witnessed it firsthand with my dad. And so I’m not I’m just not going to pass a whole lot of harsh judgment on any job. 

I’m in. Hey, it’s we have the week off next week. You and me the show behind the show. Take a one week hiatus when I’m on vacation, and then I’ll talk to you in No two weeks time I met. Alright, dude, go enjoy it. I think I shall I think I’ll be I’ll be thinking of all of you when I am out there casting the pole and trying to bring in that three, four or five pound trout. That’s gonna wrap up this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast visit to websites, Texas and Chris That’s how you keep up to date with the big news in Texas and the big news with me, and we’ve got something changing, change and when we get back from vacation, make sure you listen to the radio show for those changes. Till we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for we the people. Stay safe out there my friends. 

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