On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Chris & Sean talk about the wide-world of sports, strange things you find on your roof and how we allowed the left to tee up the fall of the The West.

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How’s that multiculturalism treatment? That’s a theme on X formerly known as Twitter. It is videos of culture clashes that are happening inside of Western countries. As you all know, Western countries have been conditioned because of left wing nut jobs, to say well, you must bring in other cultures who hate you. You must bring into your country, other people who want to destroy your country. So you can prove you’re not racist, you must tee up your own destruction. So you can show you’re not prejudiced or racist against people. 

Of course, it’s absurd. There are several countries and regions in this world that are not compatible with Western civilization. They just aren’t and the idea that we’ve got to give them a sporting chance to rip us down to tear us down is stupid. It’s it is not smart at all to do that, but that’s exactly what the Democrats have been up to. And I think I think I am not speaking out of school, when I say that Americans have been shocked awake by the 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of people that have been taken to the streets, defacing property, vandalizing the White House, all in the name of hatred of Jews, and support of radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who decapitate babies who kill elderly people and the fall, and they support the fall of Western civilization. 

And anybody who’s their ally, whether it be communist China, or the number one state sponsor of terrorism, or Iran, whether it be Mother Russia, it doesn’t matter, anybody who can the left sees as an ally in the destruction of our western civilization, they’re going to reach out to and part of it. Part of it goes back to the debating of life that Democrats have been up to. Here’s John Kirby, Admiral John Kirby defending taxpayer money being used to abort children in the United States military listen to this. 

“Tuber bill. Do you continue to hold on military motion? Yeah, he says, quote, as long as the Pentagon keeps the unlawful elective abortion policy in place, my holds will remain and quote that said, will the Pentagon rescind that policy and move those nominations through? I don’t speak for the Pentagon anymore. I’m here now. So I’d refer you certainly to my my Pentagon colleagues that said, they have spoken to this many times. First of all, Senator is just wrong. It’s not an unlawful policy.”

Yes, it is. Yes, it is. It is something called the Hyde Amendment and money. Federal money is not to go to the support of abortion. It’s just not, you’re not supposed to do that. And the military is saying, Yeah, we’re gonna be sending military members to states where they can slaughter their babies with impunity. And again, it’s illegal. You’re not allowed to use government resources to send people in the military or their family members, to states on the on the federal dime, to slaughter children in the womb. You’re just not allowed to do that. So, Kirby continued. 

It’s perfectly legal perfectly in keeping with the law. No, it’s not. It doesn’t. They’ve done a legal scrub at this at the DOD. It’s just wrong. I’m not. While I won’t speak for the Pentagon. I’m certainly just not going to let a lie and falsehood live on it’s not a violation of the law.”

It’s not been adjudicated you. It’s not been adjudicated. It is by any definition. No federal taxpayer dollars are to be used in the support of abortion. You can’t do it. It’s illegal. 

As a legal policy. All that they’re doing is providing some travel ability. For female members of the military or their families, they’re stationed at a place where the laws are restricted, they can go get the reproductive care that they deserve, that they have every right to expect from the United States military.”

Its reproductive care. You mean slaughtering children in the womb. Admiral Kirby, that’s what you call reproductive care, reproductive care that necessitates the termination of a life. Is that what you call reproductive care? Admiral Kirby, so I’m sorry, Senator Tocqueville’s just wrong. No, he’s not. He’s 100%. Correct. And he’s going to hold up your woke nominees designed to compromise the United States military until you acquiesce. 

“Policy is not unlawful. Now, if he wants to take that up in Congress and pass new legislation, we’ll certainly that’s the writ of Congress, but nothing that the Department of Defense or Secretary Austin is doing his unlawful nothing. Security is truly at risk, as the administration says, that isn’t keeping that abortion policy in place, in effect, the superseding national security.”

That’s a great point. You know, they these nominations have to go through because our national security is at risk. But but it’s not so much at risk that we would stop this taxpayer funded abortion excursion for members of the military and their families. So it might. So folks, you would have to say that the threat the risk to our country’s national security is as great as the Democrats dedication to slaughtering children in the womb. 

So to the they would think that the loss of slaughtering children in the womb is a small it would be a greater price than the so called national security threat that Tommy Tuberville is putting us under with his with his holds. 

“How? I’m not sure I understand the nominations through right, you take back the poll. So you So the suggestion is that we should just turn our backs now I get it. I didn’t say it was yours. But the suggestion is, we should just turn our backs on one in five of every every person in United States military, let alone their family members, just so we can get these these officers confirmed. That’s the suggestion that I think you’re elucidating. And that just would be an egregious violation of the covenant that we make the military makes with the people that sign up and volunteer.”

Yes, folks, you know, you know, the mantra, be all you can be and slaughter your babies in the womb. That’s it is the commitment the United States military makes, you know, be an army of one and slaughter your children to the womb. It’s all it’s all there in the brochure. Right? You guys. 

“Remember that? Don’t you? Of course you do. Remember this? They’re volunteers. There’s not conscription, there’s no draft. People volunteer for this. And when they volunteer for that duty, they have every right to expect that they’re gonna get the health care they need.” 

And that’s not health care. Sorry. Sorry. The termination of a human life is not health care. And I really, really resent the hell out of Admiral Kirby trying. I mean, it’s one thing for these, these pro abortion is shrubs to be out there and saying, Yeah, childcare, childcare, childcare. No, it’s not. But to have somebody that wore the nation’s uniform take that disgraceful and disgusting stance is beyond the pale. 

“And when they volunteer for that duty, they have every right to expect that they’re going to get the health care they need. And let me tell you something else, a healthy forces are ready for us. So don’t talk to me about national security being impaired. The one impairing national security is Senator trouble, Bill.”

Yeah. Because it is so imperative to the mothers in the family’s health to slaughter babies in the womb. You know, it’s, it’s right there. The American Medical Association, I’m sure has a full chapter on how it is essential that you slaughter your children in the womb, so you can stay healthy, good grief. These people are sick and disgusting. My friends, it may be what’s leading to polling out there. That is showing young people giving Beijing Biden only a one point advantage over President Trump. It may be what’s leading to polling out there, folks, among Hispanics now that have Hispanic support for Democrats only in the single digits. It may be what’s behind 22% in the black community saying they support pro life. President Donald J. Trump over Beijing Biden could have something to do with that polling that is putting shockwaves in the Democrat left this weekend from the New York Times More to come on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks, it’s time for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chastain here to start off another week of fun and frivolity. Hey man. 

Hey, bud. How are you doing? 

Well, you know what, I bet you are in hog heaven this week. The Rangers winning in game five in grand fashion. What are your takeaways? Man? 

Yeah, I was, you know who I was really most happy for worthy, lifelong winter fans. Our old friend producer at the radio station I work, Jeff Williams. I was over at his house. It happened to be his birthday Wednesday night. And so for him who’s who was born and raised here in the Metroplex started to go into games in probably 74 with his dad and grandpa. And so you’re a couple years after the team came here. And he’s been waiting ever since he just turned 60. So yeah, just for those kinds of people that have been been with the team the whole time. I I’m not a huge sports fan. As you know, I grew up in Colorado where they didn’t even have baseball at the time. And so it was never a big deal to me. I never really watched it. But I have since moving down here and getting to go to games and stuff like you have getting to us to be able to watch them on TV. Really kind of got into them. And it’s it’s been a lot of fun watching them over the years. It’s been really frustrating these last two years because I can’t get Bally’s sports without buying, you know, some cable package or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. That’s been frustrating not to be able to watch him. But yeah, so just to see. To see him win like that. That was really incredible. It was funny because I left the party where the Justice Party wouldn’t. The game was going on. I left right after the sixth. And it was still a no hitter, you know, for for the Diamondbacks. And as soon as I got out to the truck turned on the radio and of course, bring your score and yeah, break it open right there. Yeah. So it was me. I’m pretty sure. It was you it was all you? Yeah. And but then we had the had the big parade on Friday. And that was pretty amazing. They estimated five to 700,000 people in Arlington around the sports complexes there to watch the parade. And it’s a sad thing to think that the first thing I thought about was a potential attack from some but some Oh, no. Well, yeah. And that just kind of spoiled it. I mean, I would have loved to be down there. I was working in Did we have people down there covering it? You know, that would have been fun. I say I would have loved to I liked the idea of going down there. I don’t think that’s really my scene anymore. The hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of people. No, I do. It’s never been never been mine. But to, you know, just to be part of a community like that is pretty cool. And from all counts, everybody got along great. And there was no troubles whatsoever. And, but that was one of the first things I thought it was like, dang, man, I don’t know if I was Jewish. If I’d be wearing my Texas Rangers gonna get down there. 

Well, I’ve got more on that. I’ve got a series of headlines. I’ll, I’ll let you weigh in on on that and that score. But before we leave the the Wide World of Sports, you know, last year it was the Houston Astros that won everything. And then this year is to protect Texas Rangers. I mean, it is starting to look like you know, two years in a row. It’s a kind of a Texas dynasty dominating baseball. I don’t know I do you think this is going to be? Why do we do it so much better here? Do you think? 

Well, I mean, Houston cheated. So that helped them out considerably. And well, I mean, it’s it’s a fact I don’t know. Well, I don’t know. Well, yes, I do know, I know. I know the headlines, but since the whole BLM stuff I’ve been I’ve not been following it very closely kind of like you. So I remember seeing the headline and I’m like, Oh, is this more like oh the the the New England Patriots style sheet or is this real cheating? 

So this was real cheating stop sign stealing and all that stuff anyway. Yeah. But oh, I don’t know I think it’s all cyclical as far as the the potential dynasties go you know, Houston has been there a bunch and, and cheating. You know, a lot of the way but the Rangers owner ownerships decided to spend a ton of money and it paid off. So dusty Baker, the head coach of the Houston Astros, just the managers it’s known in baseball. Yes, yes, the manager. He is hanging up his cleats. He’s he’s done. And he said that he that the Astros fans have become spoiled. And because that because they didn’t go all the way this year, they were really mean and nasty says, Yep, that drove me to retirement. What do you think about that? 

Yeah, I mean, I think their fan bases around the country that are just ugly sometimes. And I think Houston is develop that reputation. Obviously, Philadelphia, the Eagles that’s like the worst place to go, because you’re, you know, potentially get a battery to the forehead and beaten up in the stands just for supporting a different team than the Eagles. But yeah, you know, that’s a shame and I’ve never understood it, especially with baseball because it’s such a mellow activity. You know, with little bursts of action that I’ve never get ugly in the stands of the baseball game. It’s one of the most enjoyable things you could do is just sit there and relax and have a beer you know, have a hot dog. 

Yeah, well, you know, I just so happens you know, I I’m kind of I don’t want to say addicted because I only go through spurts on this. But it is Instagram. You start thumbing through all of these videos and just today when I was when we are with the day we’re recording this podcast, just today I was flipping through and there’s a younger John Madden and then there’s some some video of of raiders the Raiders doing some pretty you know, tackling by the jersey and some questionable moves and you hear John Madden narrating saying, Yeah, I know that they say the Raiders are dirty and you know what, we are dirty? You know, what are you going to do about it? And in typical Madden fashion, I’m like see, right, you know, yeah, yeah, we’re dirty. What are you gonna do about it? 

I’ve since changed so much to man, people don’t get away with stuff anymore. You know, I know I’m with you though. On the on the Instagram. I don’t do the Instagram. I do reels on Facebook, which is you know, most of them were cross platform anyway. But it’s the same same kind of thing. And that can get addictive real fast. I can see how our teenagers are just summing up the whole you know, some of their lives away because watching those those little screens and those videos, it can be interesting. There’s some really creative people out there certainly funny stuff and and a lot of people that have come to follow now because they’re, they’re just.

I like the dogs. I like the dog videos. Like there’s one there’s this one guy and you can tell he’s he’s a black guy. And he does voiceover for the dogs. His name is Rockstar, Rockstar. Yeah. And they are the funniest damn things that are really funny. Yeah, it does a great job. He does. He does. And to the point to where there was one video with his dog is racing in and out of frame, right. And so he modulates his voice to kind of like, sound way back here. And then he comes up with the mind goes, Yeah, hey, man, as as he’s zooming past the mic, so that it’s that level of production that you know, that normal people probably wouldn’t notice. But guys like you and I in the industry do. Oh, yeah. 

Yeah, he’s really good. There’s several there’s one that I out of Canada that I really liked, called useless farms. And the it’s a, it’s a woman who has a bunch of like llamas or alpacas and E. Mus. And just animals that are really aren’t good for anything. And she’s, you know, they’ve all been rescued from somewhere. Llama are supposed to be good for something or llama? I thought well, yeah, I think yeah, yeah. And she does shave them, you know, and I’m sure they do something with the wool, but you know, I think you need probably a whole bunch of them to make it profitable. 

Well, you know, before we leave adorable animal talk, I’ve got to tell you something I did this weekend. I had a guy come over who who does roofs for a living. And I needed his help and putting up a Starlink satellite. Okay, so Starlink for those of you don’t know, near zero latency, high speed internet, up from satellite, and it’s just wicked, wicked wicked fast. So I put it I finally put it up at the house. And I he needs me up on the roof. So He beckons me to come up. And so so I do, and I get up there. And dude, I don’t know any other way to describe this, but there’s a couple of piles of crap on my roof that are huge. Piles of crap. And I any this guy was a Spanish speaker. So I say Kenny mouth and he goes, dog. I go on my roof. You know? But it was it was dog size, full size dog. Amount of excrement. And I’m wondering to myself, What the hell gets on my roof. And A is taking a dump on my roof. But taking a dump that big on my roof. 

Bobcat, mountain lion. Dude. Are you serious? Sure. Why not? 

How can you everywhere man? Well, I know they’re everywhere. But man alive. Getting getting up on my roof that size. And it was I mean, it must have been like a possum or a raccoon or something like that. Because you take a picture of it. Now I’m sure that there is a Facebook group that dude, I think I think it’s called scat only when it’s bare, right? Isn’t it only scat? No, I think it’s, well, it’s in the wild. Well, as well. Okay, because I I’ve heard it called deer poop and bear scat. So Well, I remember from eco week when I was in the sixth grade. Now we had a whole booklet full of animal scat from the forest. And we had to identify so.

Oh, man. Seriously? Yeah, I mean, it’s the pope you want. You know, it’s it’s mildly interesting when Mildley knows you can identify something but then it also might save your life. Yes. Awesome. Fresh bear poop. 

And yeah, yeah, I’ve been. I’ve been hiking in Colorado. Yeah, I’ve been hiking in Colorado and found a big mess. Going. I wonder how fresh that is? You know? Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, look, I’ve got a series of headlines going I’m going to read to you because and I’m going to start with a new before you do that. Yeah. Can I stop you down for one second? Sorry to get sidetracked but I know that this No worries. So you got to you got startling. Yeah. Which you paid for? I’m assuming? Well, that’s traditionally how it’s done. Yes. Right. 

Okay. Well, the only reason I bring that up is because I think there is a new proposed Texas Amendment to the Constitution that we’re voting on like right now. Yeah. About internet and the availability of internet in rural places, and how I don’t know if you know anything about that. And because I was going to ask, what is Why is government involved in getting people internet? I understand the argument. Some people say it’s a, it’s like utility now that it’s so necessary. 

That’s BS. I think so too. That’s just, it’s just BS.

 I think that if companies want to, you know, if they see a profit margin there, that’s acceptable, that they’ll put internet wherever people want internet. Right. And if they don’t, I guess you can give Starlink Right, right. Yeah, no, you know what I did vote, and I think wasn’t this last Friday, the last day for early voting? 

Yeah, yeah. I may have missed voting because I don’t know if I voted. Was it yesterday that we voted? All I know is Friday was the last day for early voting. That’s all I know. It might have been. It might have been yesterday, and I just flat out missed it. Yeah, I think Tuesday is I don’t don’t quote yet. Well, I think that’s the that’s the vote. Okay. Yeah. Let’s see, hold on a minute. It takes a scorecard did a whole breakdown on this. And we did a show on this a couple of our podcast a couple of weeks ago on this. And I’m trying to find which one was the internet? It’s one of the first I think the top 5. 

5, 6 Or seven, because, yeah, it’s one of those and it was a no need to stop you down. No, it’s alright. But yeah, I am. I just don’t I don’t understand why people think government should be involved in that. Well, I don’t think it should, but everybody wants something for nothing. Right? 

Yeah, I guess well, but it’s not enough. And it cost me tax money. I pay for my own internet. I know. But no, that’s the whole thing. It’s a redistributionist scheme. In my opinion. It’s actually it’s Proposition one protecting the right now not engaged in farming. No, that’s not it. Broad broadband, Proposition eight, creating the broadband infrastructure fund to expand high speed broadband access and assist in the financing of connectivity projects. Sorry, it’s, you know, what, when the telephone was built, guess who built all that? at&t? 

Exactly, yeah, they build the infrastructure. And now granted, they had a monopoly and they and they had to be broken up in the future. But you know, it was it was their invention. They do it. So the broadband companies ought to be out there. If they want to come together band together to for broadband, and they want to, they want to make sure that everybody’s connected. See that? I think I shared the story with you. About a year ago, an AT and T guy was telling me because I was I was getting some upgraded service at the time. And he says to me, I go, you know, I can’t get I can’t get the fiber. Internet here in my in my established neighborhood. He goes on, you won’t, because it’s their only expanding it into new neighborhoods. And if it does go into established neighborhoods, they will only do as much as government subsidizes them for the creation of it. Wow. Yeah. And so the reason why it’s not expanding anymore into your neighborhood, is because the Obama money ran out. I’m like, what? He goes, Yeah, Obama carved out a whole bunch of giveaways to at&t. You wonder why they now support left wingers? Well, there it is. It’s rededication of taxpayer money to these already wealthy communications companies. And yeah, it costs us the money and they get all the profit. That’s socializing, the expense, and then privatizing profit. Which sucks, sorry, it just does. 

Well, if I didn’t miss the vote, then I will absolutely vote. Yeah. Anyway, I didn’t mean to stop you down on that. It just, it was just something I had thought of. And I know you’re always sort of generally up on that stuff. In fact, I’ve had several people call asking if there was going to be a show similar to the one used to do when, when you would go over all of the proposed amendments? Yes. And I did that on the radio show that I currently do. And we also brought it here to the podcast. But sadly, sadly, you know, things that make a tinker’s damn, but a difference in people’s lives are not the priority of certain broadcasters in Texas. By the way, election day is Tuesday, November 7. Okay, that is the election day so did not miss it. 

Yeah. All right. So now, let me give you some headlines here. First off, I’m gonna go to a poll New York Times. Voters under 30. Favor Beijing Biden by only a single percentage point. By a single percentage point, his lead among Hispanic voters is down out of single digits. And his advantage in urban areas is half of President Trump’s edge in rural regions. And while women still favor Biden men are preferring Mr. Trump by twice as large a margin margin, reversing the gender advantage that it feels so many Democrat gains in recent years. Black voters long a bulwark for Democrats and for Beijing Biden are now registering 22% support in the States for President Trump a level unseen and presidential politics for a Republican in modern times. This is causing a meltdown inside of Democrat land because everybody sees how much of a colossal effort Biden is and how much of a colossal f up the Democrat Party is. Right? And here’s part of the reason and here’s where I want you to comment not so much the politics, but what’s going on in our world. And here comes several headlines. 

This one is from WLTR. Or the I’m sorry, it’s a wall report against pro Palestine ma there’s no such thing as Palestine pro Palestine mob attempts to scale and break down White House fence. None will be charged. Barbarians at the gate shocking video emergence of pro Hamas protesters smearing fake blood on the White House, none will be charged. Time Lapse video shows just how massive Washington DC 300,000 Pro Hamas crowd was DC statues and monuments desecrated by pro Hamas Muslim mob and Barack Hussein Obama calls for an end to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territory. None of this stuff happening in a vacuum. Your thoughts? 

I don’t get any of it. I don’t understand. Well, obviously, it’s clear that all of those people doing the stuff to the Capitol should be charged just since the January 6 People were although many of them should have been charged at all. But you know what I’m saying? If they got charged sociate anybody else doing the same kind of stuff? And for them not to be just it makes this FBI just joke and sickening and scary. But the main thing I don’t get is this pro Hamas pro Palestine deal. I just don’t give it or don’t understand. What makes people think that that’s okay. 

Do you want me to join it to tell you what’s going on here? Let me tell you what’s going on. I can tell you what’s going on here because I’ve talked about it. It how it you see this example across Twitter and x, these these individuals saying, Hey, how’s your multiculturalism going? And it’s videos from Europe with radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists kicking the crap out of unarmed constables, right that that the latest I posted, what’s going on here, Sean is the left wing and Western civilization has said under the rubric of multiculturalism, you’ve got to welcome in people who want to destroy your countries. So you can prove you’re not racist. So you can prove you. You’re You’re tolerant of other cultures, you must welcome in individuals who are incompatible with liberty, freedom, justice, and Western civilization. And that’s what you’re seeing. That’s what you’re seeing. 

But how many people how can they support it? I mean, it’s a third of what was reported was true, and you know, the videos are out there. It’s all true of what happened in Israel, how can anybody be okay with that? I just don’t get it. And how can anybody be okay with 911? How can anybody okay with that, but remember the member the political divide that erupted? We were unified for what, for about four or five months before the Democrats said, Okay, well, we can’t win elections, you know, having all this Kumbaya and being together and everything. So they started dividing us again, and who do they side with the radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists? Because if if you think about it, Sean, these individuals, they find allies to help advance their agenda, and I’m sorry, the Constitution and your rights and your liberty, and your freedom isn’t their agenda, and that’s where they are these people. 

It’s it’s just, it’s just disgusting. And I’ll never understand. I don’t know And yeah, anyway? Well, I was gonna say I was gonna say I am glad to see some of it coming back on them as far as donors to colleges saying, Nope, no more people getting cut from jobs and people not getting hired because of their activity and stuff like that. So I’m glad to see at least some of that’s happening. At least we have some patriots in America that see that kind of nonsense and I are gonna get rid of the people causing the nonsense. 

Yeah, and, you know, look, I, we don’t like getting very political on the show behind the show. But I will, I will say this, that I think the majority of Americans who were like, You know what, I just want to watch the World Series. Don’t bother me with politics until I get, you know, a month before the election, you know, those kinds of folks who just want to live their life and don’t really care about what’s going on, you know, the people I’m talking about. So, these people were shocked to say, there are hundreds of 1000s of people in my own country supporting the slaughter and the decapitation of babies. And, and the kidnapping of, of elderly people in the slaughter of elderly people, the raping of young girls, while their friends lay dead next to them. It’s it’s a, I think a lot of Americans who were like tuning in, going What the hell is this? And they didn’t realize just how asleep at the switch they’ve been. And I think that’s what you’re I think that’s what you’re feeling, man that people are shocked away going. 

Ruby? Oh, my gosh, look at those hundreds of 1000s of people that have been protesting. Is that what they want to hear? Does it at this point doesn’t matter what we want? I’m honest, I’m asking that because the vast majority of our society sat idly by while Joe Biden and his Democrats with Republican funding Thank you, John Cornyn, brought in millions of illegal aliens from all over the all over the world. There’s your multiculturalism shot, all over the world from 168 countries. They brought him in here, some compatible with Western civilization. others not so much. They didn’t vet them. They just released them knowing hey, if these people go bat guano crazy and decide to unleash on us, they meaning John Cornyn, and his family will be protected by men and women with guns. You and me not so much. Not so much. 

I don’t know, man. It’s terrifying. 

It is. It is. And you know what, we’ve been hammering it on the Newsmax show. And I think a lot of folks are going, you gotta be you gotta be kidding me. This is what we’ve done to ourselves. And frankly, yes, this is what we’ve done to ourselves. So, take it, take it for what it’s worth, man. It’s just I hate to end the show behind the show on such a downer note, but take it to the bank. It’s not a matter of if we’re going to be attacked. It’s a matter of when from within. Yeah, I’m not telling that I just, I just can’t believe how many people are in support of animals, you know? Yeah, just just don’t get it won’t get it. We brought him in and granted, comparatively speaking to the 300 million of us or 340 million of us that are here, you know, the hundreds of 1000s of people that are sick and ahead like that. I mean, seriously, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to our overall population. However, when you see the massive throngs wondering man, if these people are in support of the jihad, what what could they do if they ever decided to, you know, got arm up and go storming through our cities, right? Yep. Yep. It’s gonna it could be a problem. All right, buddy. Well, you have a good week ahead and we’ll talk to you next week. 

I’m Yeah, I will. And I’m watching my Roomba. So that was one of the things I took from my mom’s house and now they move Yeah, yeah. And so I’ve never had one of those things before it’s it’s pretty fascinating. Do you have one? 

I do not. And robot vacuum you know, some people have theorized and I again I we may maybe I didn’t know you wanted to do rumba talk a Roomba, whatever the hell they call. I may have tried to end the podcast early, but there is a video if you haven’t seen it. That shows AI when you asked AI, how it would take over the world. Even if man started fighting back and taking it offline, the Roomba. They said that the Internet would would lay out a plan to enter We’re faced with a Roomba to use its internet connectivity to upload itself. And teta take over the world. 

Well, we spent four hours a week when the nuclear chaos starts, okay, so So you’re fascinated by your Roomba. It was learning it’s learning the house and it does a pretty good job. It’s not actually a vacuum. It’s kind of like a scoop. It doesn’t have any vacuum power to it. It’s just it’s got these rubber rollers on the bottom that picks everything up and throws it into the been but yeah, I’ve just did it is able to learn and it gets really tight up against chair rails and tables and those under the bed and you know, it’s it’s pretty, pretty amazing. 

Have you seen the lawnmower version of that? 

Yeah. I mean, we’ve had that for a long time, but I don’t I think it works pretty well. I don’t know. I would love to have one but it’s not worth the cost. Dude. Dude. One of my neighbors was out. And I drove by his house and his his lawn mower is out there mowing the lawn by itself. Yeah, and I’m looking at I can definitely see the appeal. I could definitely see it until, you know, drive by and steal it. 

Yeah. Well, I mean, he was milling around the front yard, you know? So yeah, but I mean, you could you could because they’re electric so and making noise you can, you could set the alarm, you know, set up to do it. Whatever you wanted it to middle of the night. So there you go. Anyway, all right, sir. No sidetrack by seeing my room I go across the floor. 

Sorry, folks. You know what, you never know what you’re gonna hear on the show behind the show. And this is why this whole podcast was created because it’s like, Man, I’m watching my rumba go on the floor right now. And how, how cool is that? It’s random thoughts with Shawn Chastain talk to you next week, buddy. Alright, peace out there puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a big favor. Check out a couple of websites Texas scorecard.com and Chris salcedo.com Find Texas scorecard. That’s big news in Texas. And they follow it like nobody’s business. actual real news is covered there and Texas scorecard on Chris saucedo.com You’ll find the Chris Salcedo shows on KSC V simulcast with Newsmax too and get her and, and rumble also find Chris Salcedo show on Monday through Friday, four o’clock till five in the afternoon on Newsmax one. By the way. While you’re there at Chris salcedo.com checkout all of our social media hookups, they are listed, and you can join whichever one or many as you want. So until we visit again, remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there, my friends. 

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