The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Show Behind The Show, Stupid Radio Edition

Chris and Sean talk about why conspiracy theories don’t seem as farfetched as they used to. They also touch on the Ameirca-hating women’s soccer team losing. Chris also talks about balancing fun stories with substantive stories in media, and why it’s hard to find a balance.Chris and Sean talk about why conspiracy theories don’t seem as farfetched as they used to. They also touch on the Ameirca-hating women’s soccer team losing. Chris also talks about balancing fun stories with substantive stories in media, and why it’s hard to find a balance.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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Beijing Biden is out there saying he’s very proud of the women’s soccer team. As you all know, the women’s soccer team is very controversial. They’re not known for their great soccer player. They are known for hating the United States of America. That’s right, though. The USA women’s soccer team is best known for their hatred of the country they allegedly represent. So of course, Beijing right Biden is very proud of them. You may have heard that the women’s soccer team. They had the worst USA Women’s World Cup finish ever. They lost to Sweden humiliating loss to Sweden. Which again, I guess, is why Beijing Biden is so admiring of them. Now, this is probably the only time I’m going to be mentioning this. Because I really frankly don’t care. I’m Megan Rapinoe. Who is this? This vocal hater of the United States of America was the lead hater of that squad. She was seen crying after her story historic loss and her team’s historic loss to Sweden. To which most real Americans responded Yeah, don’t care. Don’t care. Just couldn’t give a rat’s rear end. Why? Because these these people hate America from Red State fans growing weary of US women’s soccer teams anti American antics. Weary is an understatement. I’m folks, I just could these people. Yeah, they’re not special. They’re they’re not unlike any other leftist in this country. I hate America was so freakin what you know what would be what would be something that’s meritorious or something would make you stand out is if you didn’t hate America. Everybody in sports with the very rare exception seems to hate America, whether it be the NBA the National Football League, everybody. racist country hate this place. You know, we’re making millions but we hate this place. You know, don’t let the door hit you, with a good lord split you. When it comes to sports. Americans are just as passionate, if not more so than any other people on Earth. We are passionate about our teams and our rivalries. We love and defend them when they are not playing so well. But we were we all draw the line is when our team decides to wade into the political arena, and think they’re going to make a statement that represents the rest of us as well. So this is this is I think at bottom, who’s writing this this is a pretty good pretty good story of Becky noble out of red state. I think this is this is pretty emblematic of why conservatives are just done with major sports. Entertainment, too. I mean, these athletes, the stars, they use their platforms music, too. It’s an it’s in the music world too. They use their platforms to push their left wing agenda. Now do you show up to the movies to be preached to about left wing anti Americanism? Do you show up to a soccer match? Do you show up to a football game? Do you show up? Are you do download music Hey, I wonder or go pay for a concert to hear somebody trashed the United States of America. It’s a commodity. Turn on him and SNPs and get it for free, turn on CNN and get it for free. I’m just so when I when I heard that women’s soccer had lost, I was like, yeah, so I couldn’t care less couldn’t happen to a more bitchy set of women. So in other words yet just didn’t really care. You know, go cry me a river. Now there are some things I was paying attention to over the weekend that I think maybe we should all be paying attention to. Do you guys know the chief beta male in the United States is the Secretary of State Antony Blinken. He is the number one beta male in the Biden regime. And he put out a tweet that has a lot of people going, huh, quote, The United States strongly condemns Russia’s conviction of opposition leader Alaskey Navalny and politically motivated on politically motivated charges, the Kremlin cannot silence the truth. Navalny should be released this coming from the regime that is now prosecuting and persecuting Donald J. Trump, their chief political opponent. They have the temerity, the Gall, the stunning lack of self awareness, to basically criticize Vladimir Putin’s Russia for for wanting to jail and knock out their chief political opponent. While Beijing Biden is doing the same thing in this country. Again, stunning lack of self awareness for these individuals. All right, well, it’s time for the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chastain is going to pay a visit coming up next on the Salcedo story podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. If you’re paying too much for your own health insurance, call American medical plans you deserve better. 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And as I go down to the fourth floor to do the national show, are engineers there and he’s looking out the window and he goes take a look at this. And I see this semi backing into a parking garage in downtown Dallas. Okay, not not an unusual sight bands are there all the time they do you know, it’s all the time. But this one had what appeared to be a military tank on what? Yeah. And I like why are they putting a tank in an underground parking garage in downtown Dallas? Is there some martial law plan that I don’t know about? The So it was just a little weird, you know? Well, they typically don’t announce, hey, we’re gonna declare martial law, but you do know, but I’m sure that if they were going to put a tank in downtown Dallas for purposes to use against people, they’d probably do it on a Sunday morning. Like they were doing. Yeah. I mean, that’s Saturday morning. Anyway, so one of our reporters was in the building, and I said, Hey, dude, go over there and ask what that’s about, because it’s kind of freaking me out a little bit. And apparently, it was a prop for a MMA fight that was going off the American Airlines. It was settled down a little well, it was just bizarre to see, you know that. Why? Why is there a tank, going in a garage in Dallas, they made questionnaires out of us, you know, that depth? And that’s the thing. That’s what I was thinking like, us four years ago, I wouldn’t have thought a thing about that. No, I would have thought it’s probably a prompt for a band or a fight or something. And now I’m thinking, God is the government gun so far that they’re placing weapons to use against us? Dude, I often I often say that the reputation that the government has today is earned. They earned that they earned this suspicion, this idea that it’s Oh, that it’s our people’s fault, that that we suspected of doing some shady stuff is it’s not sorry, it’s not it’s your fault, because you’ve been less than transparent with us from the China virus to elections. And don’t get me started all that but you know, it’s, yeah, it is. But isn’t that just kind of sad? That’s where my mind went. No bit of what it was. I think it’s sad. Yeah. But I think I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you for your mind going that way. And you know, me, I’m not one of these bunker buddy conspiracy type that sees black helicopters, and I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat to bed or anything. So, you know, but that’s yeah, that’s where my mind went and weird. I don’t think it’s weird. I think it’s justified. And I think that you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t be the only one out there. You know, I’m gonna I’m gonna ask you about something I want you to give me your response. And then I’m also because you know me very, very well, we’re, we’re going on what decade now? Being being friends here. And so I’m going to ask you to evaluate it. And then I’m going to basically ask you to put yourself in my head and how I would react to it. Because it because I did react to it on social media. What the thing is, I can tell you what I can tell you how you react already. I’m gonna give the example. Okay, here’s the exam. So Democrats fall No, not not even that. No, that’s not where I’m going. So, here it does here it is that there’s a guy by the name of Ed krassin. Steen he’s on He’s on Twitter. And he’s a big he’s a big left wing lunatic, right. So he’s out there saying, Elon Musk. And what’s what’s the pasty white guy who runs meta? Facebook Zuckerberg Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg and musk have agreed to have a like a cage, a cage match a cage broke for for charity, and all the proceeds will go to charity. So he’s talking about all this and who Who do you think’s gonna win? And they go through all the stats who knows jujitsu and who knows what taekwondo their weight, their size, their age. So let me ask you to react to that. And then I’ll and then I’m going to ask you to handicap how I reacted to it, then I’ll tell you what I actually did. So you first when you see that if you were if you were on Twitter, I know you don’t trust yourself with Twitter. But if you were and you saw that, what would your reaction be? Well, my first see, it’s hard to say because I wouldn’t react on social media to that just because that’s silly. But I mean, you know, it’s it’s all a pub grab and I think it’s more Elon Musk trolling Mark Zuckerberg than anything. But if billionaires want to get in a ring to slap each other silly, then you know, I don’t really care. I don’t think it’ll ever happen and if I were to handicap if they were to actually fight I think Zuckerberg would be all over. Elon Musk, Elon Musk and Adobe and, and weird, and well, not that Zuckerberg is not weird, but at least he’s in pretty decent shape. And I think he actually has some, some skills. Okay, all right. So so now, I’m saying if you’re going to react, I think I think you already said it. You just think it’s silly. You wouldn’t react, right? No. Why? No. Why? No, I don’t react to anything. So I don’t care. Yeah. Okay, no, see, I react. It’s in my head or, you know, to close friends or something? Well, no, I think I think that actually, oddly enough, you and I were right on the same page with with how we react because my first instinct was, oh, this is stupid. This this is this is bat guano crazy. But I. But let me just tell you, how did I. So I’m going to ask you now, how do you think aside from that, that’s silly. What do you think I responded or how I responded? I’m sure it had something to do with liberals. I’m not by name. No. No, you Chris, it’s all you think in its to there’s only one of two ways that it can be thought of in your world. And that’s either liberal or conservative. There’s no other middle ground there. So it had to do with one of them. All right. Well, here’s here’s what I posted. Because that’s that’s pretty You’re right. The post was silly. It’s it’s frivolous. It’s, it’s BS. So I said, Who cares? Question mark. Left wing weakness is putting all of our lives at risk. And I linked to a hold on, hold on. I linked to a story about China and Russia’s doing a joint naval exercise off the coast of Alaska. 11, warships. 11 warships. Okay. China and Russia together? No. All right, no. So now, you know, you might say that, that that was all exclusively geared toward granted. I think China is the ultimate expression of a left winger. I think Russia is the ultimate expression of a dictator. So I mean, if, but I’m saying it’s like, how can you be my broader point was, how can you be focused on crap like this? When real and substantive threats to our, our lives? Our security are happening right now? I’ll tell you how, Chris, go ahead. And this is something I’ve been trying to tell you for 10 years, here we go. To broaden yourself, like I told you that one of the very first radio stations I ever worked, it had a sign in it in the pro in the program director’s office that said show prep his life in life, his wife, show prep, I get it. Right. I get it. And you cannot. You’re just incapable. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s not incapable I did I talk to you think the way you do. Yeah. And that you sit, but the rest of the world? I mean, literally the rest of the world. Can’t see that way all the time. Because it’s, it’s exhausting. No, I agree with you that not it’s not all the so but it’s like, it’s like, well, wait a minute. No, look, I have taken your advice over the years. But when it’s but when it’s real and substantive and unprecedented. It’s something that that I think demands attention and proper perspective, don’t you think? Well, I mean, there’s room to have a little fun if you wanted to with the stupid. Zuckerberg must fight. You can. You can say something witty, you can joke, you can ignore it. But there’s only one way you go. i Well, you could do both things you can think about the world and how scary and terrible it is. And all you can do, you know, have some fun, or you can you know, I mean, you can just ignore it, which a lot of people do. And I think that’s why we’re in some of the position that we are because of apathy and just write it gets it gets overwhelming. So I’m just not going to think about any of that kind of stuff. I mean, there’s got to be a middle ground and I think I live in that middle ground pretty well. So because I’m I’m not thinking I’m not obsessing about it like you do. And I’m able to see other things around me that would, would broaden my perspective. I thought about this the other day, I’ve I remember growing up, you know, like, for example, when Clinton won. When Carter one when when Democrats have won, and were ruling things in Washington, there was always a mindset in the United States. Well, you know what, we’ll get by, you know, we’re not going to stop being the United States. We’re not going to stop. We’re not going to, there’s always a chance that somebody with a good idea is going to come in and is going to end and we’re going to be able to make more money down the erode we’re gonna get government off our back down there. There was always there was always a hopeful future that change could happen. All right and and even even for me when when President Trump took victory after the the eight year brutality and anti Americanism of Obama, I was like, You know what, we got a shot to come back. Right. And we were we were about to, but then there’s, there seems to be something different this time around. And I know that you’re probably not going to, but I think it’s it. It circles back to where you went, when you saw that tank. There’s something that’s there’s an undercurrent happening in this country right now. That something’s not right. It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like all we’re just going to be able to go back to being America. You know, once once we get the right people in power. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. So what again, I would, I gotta be honest with you, too. I would the news cycle lately, I would jump jonesing to talk about something else. Besides, you know, threats, looking around every corner to our rights or liberties, our existence, but you’re incapable. I don’t know that. It’s I don’t there’s not much of that out there. Right now. Lots of it out there. You think so? Lots of it out there. But you consider it you consider a lot of it to be dumb talk. Yeah. I consider it to be fun. Yeah, it’s an and you agree, though, because you just Well, that is silly, because there’s things you can talk about dude, there’s gonna be your you know, there’s going to be talk radio, where some dumb ass is going to do to frickin hours or three frickin hours on the the cage match between the two social media tight for you know, that’s going to happen. And to me, that’s dumb radio, that’s dumb shit radio. But there’s lots of stuff out there that you can talk about that really has nothing to do with politics. And that is smart radio. It’s not dumb radio, it’s radio that people can relate to and something that, you know, I don’t know how your calls are doing. But if if calls are lacking, or you’re getting the same serial callers repeating the same points, yeah. It’s just because man, it’s it’s so heavy, that it’s really hard to think about and really hard to focus on. And you know, what you have been, every once in a while you need to just play this is to your credit, this is some this is to your credit, I have been I have been an actually not it not just because of when I think of you when I’m doing this, but it’s for my own psychological well being because frankly, man, when you immerse in this kind of stuff, it takes its toll. I mean, I know you’ve told me that in the past, that, hey, you know what, you’re going to have a heart attack before you’re you know, before you’re 60. So I’ve taken that into I’ve taken that into account. So like I’ve got I’ve got tons of stories that that impact culture, that impact, you know, just what’s going on in movie and cinema. I mean, I’ve been talking all day long about what’s going on the phenomenon that is that is sound of freedom. I can’t just astonishing the the way they’re, they’re doing stuff at the box office. But here’s another one I plan on talking about on talk radio this week. Women’s soccer, women’s soccer, they get eliminated, they get eliminated the earliest possible you know what, I couldn’t give a crap less. I don’t care. And you know why? Well, and it’s really sad, because that’s, that should be something that Americans should look up to and be proud of. But the second you get them not crossing their heart or not holding your hand over the heart or nailing the national anthem. Yeah. You get Megan rapide no kneeling. She is a fake activist. She is a hypocrite when it comes to gay rights. And I have no use for her. Yes, zero. Yeah. And I could not care less what the US women’s team does. And that too is sad. Because that should be a point of national pride. Thank you. And that’s exactly my take on it’s like, you know, I saw this I was like Boo Boo freakin hoo. I don’t care. You know, go go. Go kneel for some of the country’s national anthem. You You see America ceased caring about you, when you bat when you bash this country? And I think that and this is here’s here’s something else I’m planning on getting into this week. There was a guest on Bill Maher show. It’s this it’s this dude. He wrote a book Hold on a second. I’ve got it. I got the title. It His name is Constantinos. kisi and he’s the author of book called in immigrants love letter to the Last, and he’s saying, You know what, in other countries, they don’t teach their children to hate their own country. That’s, that’s unique to the west slash America. And I think that’s a big freakin problem. Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s, it’s kind of weird that, that we have that right to do that. And I’m glad we do, obviously. But it’s it’s also weird that so many people take the opportunity to bash the greatest country in the world. And I don’t know, I don’t get it. I mean, I let them, let them do it and suffer the consequences. And I think we’re seeing some of those consequences all across the country and big ways in little ways, you know, people who just are fed up. Yeah. And this goes back to bring it back to the USA women’s team. Yeah. Be interesting to see how their merch is doing. That’s a pretty good indicator, if people care true. No, I think that’s great. I think it’s a it’s a fantastic point. But and then going back to this feeling that I have that something’s different this time around the underpinnings of what made America great is that we had we had what regardless of your politics, there was always what’s best for America, you know? Well, let me let me back you off the ledge a little bit. All right. You’re the reason you’re feeling this way. Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s different. It’s not good. We’ve got the highest interest rates we’ve ever had. We’ve got gas skyrocketing. We got food skyrocketing. We got drought, we got heat. I mean, it’s it’s that no doubt, but dude, we had a civil war in this country. So don’t don’t come crying to me this is as bad as it’s ever got. Because it’s not and the reason you’re you’re so overwhelmed with it right now or feeling this way is that you you are you’re immersed in it all the time. And I get it because it’s your job and you work your ass off. Yeah, and well, you know into and you do take the show prep is life part of that sign seriously. You prep like a mofo I just don’t think you take the other part of that. The life your life equation. Yeah. And you know what? I was, I was driving with my youngest, you know, she’s getting her permit is driving my youngest son. And I looked over at her. And I just please tell me you spend an hour talking about that on your show, and took calls on it? Because that is what life is teaching my daughter how to drive. Yes, that is a that is a communal experience. Every one of us has gone through that. Either from the student side or the parental side, every single one of us well, here’s an hour worth of talk, easy peasy. Take an hour worth of talk radio talking about teaching my daughter to drive. Well, she’s actually a better driver than me. I gotta say, she really is. I mean, I go baby, you know, if you’ve got you’re going five miles an hour below the speed limit, because I, I like to at least to the speed limit, if not a little bit more. She goes I know, but she’ll be happy when I don’t get any tickets. Yeah, but you won’t be so happy when a F three 50.0 transactor exactly what I tried to tell her I go you’ve also got to recognize the flow of traffic. But anyway, I look over at her. And then something washes over me Allah and I think this is something maybe every parent can also relate to. When when you see things going to hell in a handbasket. Past generations have been able to look at their kids and say, You know what, I’m going to hand off an America that is at least as good as the one that I had. But I don’t I don’t think my generation is going to be able to say that. See, I mean, I just I understand if you’re being honest, if you’re being honest, too. Yeah. But I just I just don’t want to go there. I mean, we all you know, every generation said, Oh, my God, this is the worst it’s ever been. And that goes worldwide. Well, you know, there was a black play where most of the people died. I think we’re probably worse than that. They see that’s that’s one thing. You know, when it’s a natural disaster, when it’s something that’s natural, it’s one thing, but when it’s manmade and avoidable because we’ve dumbed down our society. And that’s, I think it’s this huge problem we have in this society. We have dumbed we have we have turned over our children to people that don’t have the best interest this country at heart, they just don’t well, and I see that’s where I see the positives in that. So many are standing up for it. Yeah. And so many are speaking out about it and so many are realizing Wow, we are kind of screwing this up. So let’s, you know, let’s do something about it now. I mean, you see that with school board meetings, you see that with the number of people that are homeschooling now and and private schooling so, you know, I don’t know, it’s just it’s I know how easy it is, especially for a guy like you that thinks nothing but politics. It’s not true. It’s not true, but you know, okay. defeatist about it. Well, it’s, you know what, frankly, Dude, I gotta be honest with you. My my focus has been the preservation of our rights and our liberties and that constitution. That’s been my primary focus. But you know, and I think this all goes to, to what your what you and I are talking about, about this display? That happened late last week in New York City. Did you see Did you see the photos Did you see the the video of what happened out of the mob the massive riot? Yes. Yeah, because was he 2019 or 20 year old social medias superstars, some Twitch guy says he’s gonna be giving away PS fives and Union Station or? Yeah, I think it was Union Station. And you know, 10,000 kids show up trying to get a PS five. And of course, the police have to come and break everything up and there’s fights and there’s tear gas and there’s rioting and there’s horseback riding. There’s kids jumping on vehicles doing doing breakdancing on top of vehicles and kicking in Windows. You know what, so so, you know, when when we start talking about the virtues of you know, things have been pretty, I don’t know, man, I just saw 10s of 1000s of kids show up and do to a lawless left wing city and start dancing on the roofs of cars and kicking in their windows. And because hey, this is this is this is what the Democrats say we can do. It’s pro criminal. What about this? What about this? I mean, the takeaway from me from that story Yeah. Was I’m really surprised that da what’s his name? Alvin Bragg actually arrested the rest of the guy I mean, I guess he’s gonna prosecute him I have no idea maybe not. Maybe not. But what about arrested for inciting a riot? Yeah, and what about all the kids kicking in the windows? What about what about up in where the hell was this? This was yeah Chicago the mayor up there saying he he wagged his finger at a reporter for saying for calling these for calling up the equivalent up in Chicago a mob Don’t Don’t you dare call our precious little criminals a mob don’t you do that? And then this this guy out in, in California in Stockton, you get this this this guy shows up he starts ripping off a store and the Sikh owner with his turban on he gets he grabs a broomstick. And he he gives equity a spanking on his ass and he starts wailing I mean this is what you get when you start stealing from other people. And now we’re hearing guess what the DEA may prosecute the store owners for abusing the criminal and then you So you tell me that hey, that’s about as pop culture and everyday as you tell me where the rosy side of all this is no I have told you many times in the past Yeah, that the You’re the son of a cop for crying the two elections you have to pay most attention to yeah get the president forget your senator forget all that stuff. Is that local DEA and your school board those two elections are have way more impact on your life than just about anything else Damn straight as a day to day function, you know and so again you know you get the you get the government you deserve the people of Los Angeles apparently want a guy who’s going to prosecute some poor Sikh stoner store owner for beaten up a robber. You know, the people in New York didn’t even Did you see the video didn’t even really beat him up. He they turned him over. And they spanked his his his criminal ass with with with a broomstick? Yeah, I spanked him equity got a spanking and the left wingers didn’t like it. Sorry. That’s just you know, I mean, the good thing about that is if if they do press charges against that store owner. Somebody will set up a legal defense, GoFundMe and the guy will make a million dollars. Very from your lips to God’s ears. Hey, man, stay cool out there. And I guess we’re gonna get a break. In Texas, probably in about a week, week and a half. We get a break. You know, we always kind of goofed on people like in Seattle or something with their seasonal affective disorder. You know, I would just like to back up you know stupid liberal it’s It’s raining, it’s raining. But man, I’m beginning to think that may be real. This he, even though I’m not out and I’m not working in it, it’s just defeating and then to look on the weather app on the iPhone, and I know see no end in sight is caught. Dang it. Have you gotten your first electric ban? Have you gotten your first electric bill? Or Yeah doubled from the month before? Yeah, mine doubled from the same month last year nearly doubled. So So you know, when? When everybody says, oh, yeah, it really doesn’t matter who you elect her. Does he? Yeah, bull crap. Yeah, we got natural gas oozing out of every pore in Texas. Thank you last week, thank you. And we haven’t built a new natural gas electric plant and ages. It’s ridiculous. The other thing that I’m very very concerned about with this heat is had a rancher call up the other day and said in I think he said in April hay was $40 around bale. It’s now $160 And it’s tough to find they are they said that for when they could grow you know 400 bales on their plot of land they’re only growing about 60 bales of hay now because of the drought there’s just no grass growing. And consequently, he’s having to sell off its herd at a loss and that’s going to affect food prices incredibly so this whole thing is just it’s not good I hope it breaks Yeah, it’s a beat down and you know what in you know, you’ve been around Texas long enough to know they won’t we have a rough summer. Oh, look out for winter. I mean there there is always that backlash until it starts to even out praise God next year, but why? I’m actually not looking forward to a rough winter that’s coming so we’ll see man. Hey, Sean Shasta in the show behind the show. Always appreciate the visit my man All right, buddy. Go have a great day. Go look at something fun. Yeah, I just want to do that. I might go check out that Megan Rapinoe failure the penalty shoot out kick that she that’s that’ll make you happy yeah, that boy that’s called karma. My friends that that is karma right there. Don’t let don’t let the dogma get hit by your karma. Everybody. That’s gonna do it for this Saucedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, visit a couple of websites if you will. First one is Texas. that’s big news in Texas. And they got it all right there a Texas Also check out Chris That’s where you can find our social media hookups and praise God one day, we’re gonna get the new look on on Chris So we can be bragging about that. Also check out where you can track down the Chris Salcedo shows on que se v and on Newsmax TV. Joey visit again, my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power stolen by government. It’s rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, you stay safe out there, my friends

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