The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
The Supreme Court Mask Mandate Ruling

This week’s episode is shorter because I’m updating you from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

There is just too much going on to come to you with a pre-recorded vacation episode, but I try to focus on two really important developments. We have very narrow action from CPS on sex changing of minors and a surpeme court ruling on local mask ordinances.

Both issues are discussed today and I appreciate you bearing with the audio quality since I couldn’t pack all of my equipment on this trip.

I look forward to coming to you next week in-studio.




Texas Runoff Preview

Texas Scorecard’s new documentary was just released. We talk about that and overview a bunch of the runoffs going on in Texas.

The Contract With Texas

Some House conservatives are setting the tone for next session early. Also, what questions should you ask candidates for RPT Chair?

Interview: Tom Oliverson for Speaker

Today we have a discussion with Tom Oliverson on why he’s running for speaker and the structural changes he believes should occur to reform the Texas House.

Charges Dropped Against Ken Paxton

A decade-long political witch hunt concluded this week and Ken Paxton won. Tom Oliverson announced his candidacy for the speaker, and Dade Phelan revealed his plan to indoctrinate all the incoming freshmen.