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The Texas House Leadership's Values Are NOT Texas Values

Brady Gray is a founding board member of Texas Family Project. He is passionate about fighting for Texas families and restoring the Christian conservative values on which our nation was founded.

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One might even go so far as a mediocre, I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he score podcast. It’s the parents of America, it’s the parents of Texas against gov Ed, for the souls in the minds of our children. And I think the the American people and the people of Texas have spoken loudly and clearly. We no longer trust government to educate our children. But government says but oh, we’ve got all control of all this money. We’ve got all this control of your lives. And we don’t give a crap about your kids. So no, that’s that’s precisely what 24 Republicans did. And the Texas State House, they said screw you. We don’t care what your parents say. We don’t give a damn about what you think ought to happen with your kids. That’s government’s job. And we’re gonna make sure we keep on lifting money out of your pocket to grease the skids and Pat our own pockets. So to heck with that, and 24 of these traitorous, backstabbing, anti freedom Republicans, stabbed every parent, every kid, every teacher, frankly in the back with this vote to deny the people of Texas parental school choice and education freedom. Now, where are the people of Texas on this? Well, you may not be surprised to know that an overwhelming majority of Texans support school choice in particular in the aftermath of what we learned about gov ID after the China virus. from The Daily Caller, more than 50% of Texans including a majority of Democrats support school choice programs. According to a Dallas Morning News and University of Texas Tyler poll, roughly 53% of Democrats strongly support or somewhat support, providing parents with state funding in order to send their child to a private school. According to the Dallas Morning News, and University of Texas Tyler poll, nearly 60% of voters are in favor of school choice with Republicans supporting the program most at 70%. Now, this was a rather old poll that was taken this is back in 2022. The support for school choice has only gotten stronger with the revelations of the critical race theory that’s still being taught in Texas schools with the development of the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda that’s being pushed in Texas schools and schools around the country. What about the demographic breakdown? What about you know among blacks? My understanding is overwhelming number of blacks went to rescue their kids at a failing gov Ed schools and the majority white 24 Republican said yep, screw you know, education freedom for you blacks. Now. What about us Latinos? Well, this was the Texas Public Policy Foundation. They conducted this poll, quote, like most Americans, Hispanic Texans, cared deeply about public safety and the quality of education of their kids and future generations. That was according to Rafah Bay, har TPPs, Director of Outreach. According to the survey, 73% of Hispanics now believe there’s a crisis at the Texas border who 51% Want more to be done. 51 more percent of Texas Hispanics want more to be done on the border. On the border, that gives you an idea of where the Latino community is. Now on the issue of school choice, most Hispanics in the state of Texas are just like your liberty loving Latino here. They support education freedom, they support kids, they support parents behind border security rights TPP F. And immigration education is the third most important issue. Fully 78% Say, parents should, quote, have the right to use the tax dollars that designated for their child’s education to send their child to whatever school public charter or private school that best serves their needs, and quote, 78% of Hispanics, a strong majority 89% have believed that parents should have access to everything that is being taught in their child’s classroom. And 65% believes school boards should listen to their concerns and treat them with respect, which is exactly what they’re not getting from gov Ed. They get called terrorists by those and governed by those in the Biden regime. And Hispanics reject that. So folks across the board, parental school choice and education freedom is a winner. It is a winner for any political party that wants to seize it. But guess what? Guess what? Every Democrat says, Oh, we don’t care what our voters say they vote, they vote us in to tell them what to do. And then there’s always those Democrats who pretend they’re Republicans who always side with socialists to knife, the rights of our people in the back. And all those 24 I don’t believe ought to be returned to Austin. We continue this conversation about those who support family values, and those like the infamous 24 Who don’t on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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We provide real news for real Texas. Go to Texas Today, folks, I want to talk to Brady gray founding board member of Texas family project he is passionate about fighting for Texas families and restoring Christian conservative values on which our nation was founded the Judeo Christian ethic the nuclear family, if you will, the cornerstone of Western civilization. Mr. Gray, welcome. Thank you, Chris. And thanks for having me on. Well, tell me what are the big issues? Let’s just start here. 30,000 feet up. What are the biggest threats to American family values as we, as we stated the foundation of Western civilization? Yeah, I think our biggest threats right now, more than anything else is the indoctrination that we’re seeing in our schools across the board. It’s been long understood that our universities, our indoctrination camps, and we’re seeing that advanced we’re seeing more and more of that just this week, there was a story in the Texas scorecard that talked about Texas Tech and their rating with a pro LGBT group. They have a five star rating with this group, UC Berkeley has a four and a half star rating. And so that kind of stuff is absolutely absurd. It’s things that I don’t think Texans would really even believe, when they read them. But it’s not just the universities. We’ve known about that for a long time. It’s our public schools, it’s our elementary schools, our junior high or high schools. The amount of books that we have uncovered, that that have just pure pornography in them that are in our elementary schools is shocking and appalling. The stories that are posted every single day of teachers in the schools that are abusing children that are that are sharing pornography, these types of things. This is an affront on Texas families. And it is an attack on everything that we stand for. I want to get you some of those headlines of a butcher making reference to some of the most recent headlines, they seem to be cropping up two or three of them every week. But I want to just philosophically I want to see where you are because as as noted, the the basis for our freedoms, our liberties, the Judeo Christian ethic, if you will, are what built America, the ideas of free speech, the ideas of propriety, they’re all being they’re all being attacked, we have the rule of law being attacked by the Biden regime, we have our culture under attack by what I call the cultural Marxist agenda, whether it be divisive pneus on race, the the critical race theory, which is that is being taught to teach white children to be ashamed of their skin color and teaching black and brown children to hate white people, whether it’s the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda, which is they’re basically attacking the underpinnings of what of our success in an effort to to dismantle the West dismantle America, whether it be on the rule of law front, or whether it be on the cultural front, do you think that’s accurate? Yeah, I think that’s absolutely true. And I think that we see it more and more every day. We’ve been really fortunate here in Texas in this last legislative session, to see some really good laws passed to protect the family to protect us from some of these these evil and sinister attacks. And what we’ve seen in responses, we’ve seen more aggression by those groups, we’ve seen more of that of that stuff. And in the calling out of people, if you don’t think that it’s okay to take your kid to a drag show and have them groomed by a man wearing a dress, then you’re a bigot. If you’re if you’re not okay, with millions of people pouring across our southern border, well, then you actually hate people. And these sorts of narratives are destructive, they’re untrue. And we’ve got to find it, find a point where we can get past that stuff and where we can truly like you say, enforce the rule of law, and uphold the morals and the values on which this country was founded. Right. And I do believe the target is the destruction of this country, the foundational principles that we were built upon Western civilization I hate I hate to keep going back to it. But the alternative to Western civilization is what dominates China what dominated the Soviet Union what dominates the People’s Republic of Iran, this is where I believe our for lack of a better term, because Joe Biden called us his enemies. So I think I can use that term, our enemies here in the United States who want to see this country fall. And it goes from the ability to voice your opinion, I think everything you just articulated, has to do with the American ideal of free speech. I know they want to take it away. Because if you disagree with them, like I said, taking your child to, to a so called family friendly drag show was there’s no such thing. If you don’t full throated support that well, then you deserve to have your right of free speech taken away. That’s exactly what these people are about. They call you a Nazi. So thus, they have the ability to take away your rights to beat you up to loot your store to burn your house or what have you. And this is this is what collapses of society look like, correct? Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. It is and, and that’s part I believe, of, I believe that’s why the schools are so important to them is you win a you can win a nation if you can win a generation. And that’s what the goal is, if you can indoctrinate an entire generation to believe that America is racist and hateful country and that we were founded on racist and hatred and you’ll hate people principles, then you can teach a generation to hate what we are and convince them that other things are more important and things that that even me at 37 years old things that when I was a kid seemed absolutely insane. are now commonplace every day. And that’s that’s a scary place to be sure is Brady gray as our guest right now folks, he is the passionate about fighting protects his families. As a board member of the founding board member I have a Texas family project. So those headlines I was making reference to earlier let me just give you the headlines in a couple of stanzas from each from the Texas scorecard sting leads to second arrest second arrest of Texas teacher who admitted sharing infant porn. Former Judson ISD. band teacher, Mark Mallow, ma ll O. was charged last year with promoting child pornography via Snapchat, but was out on bond he’s been rearrested. And now East Texas teacher arrested for possession of child pornography, the elementary school teacher was arrested at a conference in Plano. So man alive this, and these are just two of the most recent avalanche of, of the lowering of standards of what I call gov Ed. The worst mistake I believe this country ever made. And maybe Mr. Gray you agree or disagree was allowing the government to educate our children. What do you think it absolutely was it? Absolutely, it absolutely was, and it is. And the stories are, the thing that’s so sad about this is is that we I believe we’re becoming so desensitized to this, that we see the stories like you said, a couple of them popping up seemed like every day that you read another one, and you begin to get lost in what these are. But I’m struck by the first headline that you read that a teacher arrested for sharing infant porn. How are those two words even in the same sentence? That is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. And yeah, it goes different with these government, education facilities. This is a disaster that we have, that we have let happen. We’ve let it grow out of control. And we’re in desperate need in this state of school choice we’re in desperate need. Parents are have the ability to get their kids out of these government education camps, and put them into facilities and into institutions that can teach them a biblical worldview, a Christian worldview where they can understand to value life, they can understand to value who they are, in how they were made, and the image of God, and that they can learn what is the truth of this country that we were founded as a free society to liberate people and give people the freedoms that God bestowed upon us. The left is attacking Mr. Gray, a new film called Sound of freedom, which by the way, just recently eclipsed the 100 million dollar mark Americans, it’s resonating with them, the left wing hates it. The Justice Department in the meantime, has quietly pared down the amount of information available on their anti child sex trafficking page. And people are, are going crazy over this and they should they have taken off international sex trafficking of minors section, the domestic sex trafficking minor section and child victims of prostitution section. This is the federal government under left wing Marxist Democrats who are saying we don’t think the American people need to know about all the the exploitation sexual exploitation of children. What is your reaction to what’s happening on the federal level? It just makes me wonder, what is the goal? What’s what’s the end goal on for them? What are they trying to promote? What are they trying to achieve? There? I was, I was told yesterday, there are around 80,000 Children missing in the state of Texas right now. Two and a half weeks ago, there were 30 Children rescued in a container in the Midland Odessa area. We’ve got children being trafficked across our southern border by the hundreds. They’re coming across that southern border. And so what would what could possibly be the initiative? What could possibly be the end goal for a federal for a federal government that wants to diminish this? Why would we not be together, there’s anything that we could ever all stand together on? It is the exploitation of our children, you would hope. But now it’s become a partisan issue. Now Democrats say, I actually this is a story that you feel free to share with one of my team members was in a group. And everybody was asking, Hey, what are you going to do with your weekend? Well, one of my team members said, I’m going to go see sound of freedom. And the response was, I didn’t know you’re a Republican. Well, so that’s the that’s the perception among our people that only Republicans or conservatives care about protecting the innocence of children. Democrats not so much. Isn’t that a sad testament to the left in this country? It’s an incredibly sad testament. But but at the same time, I am glad to know that conservatives are being being represented in that way. You know, if there’s something we’re going to be known for, I’d like it to be known for We’re the party that tries to protect children. Right. And as somebody who’s who doesn’t support many Democrats, I would like to say that I’m exceedingly happy that the Democrat Party is being Known as the pedophile party I just it not, not not us saying it. They’re the ones out there carrying that banner. So to speak up, Brady, I wanted to ask you about this, this Harris County transgender trustee that’s been making some news in some circles. I don’t think as a conservative, we got to be in the business of saying, Hey, man, you or or woman, no matter what your personal proclivities are, you shouldn’t be allowed the work, you shouldn’t be allowed to be making public policy. But the fact that that Harris County made such a big deal out of hiring a transgender trustee, what is your read on this? Well, I think that the fact that make a big deal about it again, that’s another one of those things, that it’s become commonplace, it’s not enough for for these folks to live in society, and to just live normal lives, like you say, have a job. That’s not enough, that has to be celebrated. And we have to have this stuff inundated upon us at a return. That’s become the normal standard for this stuff. I think, for me, the thing that’s most shocking and maybe appalling out of this and and I believe I put a put a statement out there to scorecard in an article on this was that we now have a member of the governing board for a major Healthcare Institute, that is admittedly has, self admittedly has has a mental condition. And that seems bizarre. To me, it seems wild that that’s something that we’re celebrating, it’s wild that we’re celebrating it all but to celebrate it as a part of a governing body of this of this institute, it’s supposed to be upholding, you know, health care decisions for people is even more insane. Well, that leads us to the decision in the in the last legislative session, not a lot of conservative priorities got done courtesy of the Texas House, but some did. And one of them was a prohibition on this, what many of us would classify as child abuse, which is the genital mutilation of children, by by unethical doctors, and by I’m sorry, woke parents, who seem to think well, if little Susie picks up a GI Joe, she’s got to turn into a boy. And if little little Joey picks up a Barbie that he has to transition to a to a girl. And the state of Texas said, No, I think we got to put a stop to all of this. And of course, the American Civil Liberties Union is suing for the right of children that can’t vote, they can’t make up a decision whether or not it’s safe to cross a street on their own. They want to give them the power to make these life altering life changing decisions, that, frankly, psychologically, I’ve been shown to lead to some mental instability, not to mention suicide. What is your take on the ACLU, wading into these waters in Texas? It’s unsurprising, but to your point. transgendered youth as you’re putting you hear these kids that they are convincing is, frankly, that they’re transgendered. That’s what’s happening is they’re being convinced of this, they are three times more likely to commit suicide than your abs should, that should be terrifying for anybody. And it should be enough of a concern for us to say, we’ve got to do something about this. And so yeah, here in Texas, we didn’t pass SB 14 a law that would stop that. And the answer to that is for the ACLU to come out and say that this law was an attack that it was that it was an attack on these people, that it was somehow harmful to them, when the truth is, is that this lawsuit is harmful. It’s harmful, obviously, to these to these children that they’re trying to mutilate. But it’s harmful to parents, it’s harmful to families. Whenever you have a group like the ACLU that, ironically, is filing a lawsuit to take away the rights of parents, and to put the state in charge and say no, if your child says this, then that should be able to happen. And the state should be able to say that no, this is what’s going to happen. And that that’s terrifying. And again, just just absolutely ironic that the American Civil Liberties Union is the group that is bringing this lawsuit trying to destroy the rights of parents. There it is. Civil liberties. I guess parent parenting isn’t included among those civil liberties according to the so called ACLU, a Brady gray as our guest, he’s the founding board member of Texas family project, he is fighting for the rights of parents and families. That helps me circle back around to to what happened in this last legislative session. But more importantly, what didn’t happen, which was parental school choice, and school education, freedom. Now, there were 23 air quotes, Republicans 24 Actually 20 for the likes of led by the likes of Charlie Garin in North Texas, who said not only not only do we are we going to not support school choice, we’re going to pass As a budgetary amendment with the help of socialists to prohibit any taxpayer money from ever going to parental school choice, or education freedom, we’re going to prevent Texas from joining the ranks of the civilized states, the 27 civilized states who have parental school choice. My question to you is, what should those involve the Texas family project, the conservative movement, those who believe that parents are the ultimate deciders and what’s best for the children? How should we regard those so called Republicans, those 24 Republicans, we should be ready to vote in that office. 88% of Republican primary voters said they wanted school choice. They said it unequivocally. Our governor came out two days ago and he said that school choice was was absolutely imperative and that we needed school choice for quote every family in Texas not for a select group, not a limited program that just has a limited amount of money. If you get in you get in if you don’t, we need it for every family in Texas. Our governor’s call for 88% of Republican primary voters have have have said that that’s what they want. And then just like you just said 24 Republicans in the House said no, that’s not what we’re gonna do. We don’t really care what you think and I, I feel young that your deal with Charlie Garen, they’re my representative is Glenn Rogers out here in HD six to go and Glenn was one of the very first Republicans to sign on to that room. And that would put in that that that amendment that would kill it in the budget. And so this kind of stuff is is it’s it’s a just a slap in the face to Republicans in the state of Texas. And every one of the Republican primary voters in this state should be reaching out to their representatives and telling them, we expect you to pass a real school choice bill, we expect you to pass what the governor has asked for we expect you to pass what Dan Patrick in the Senate have asked for. And that is a broad school choice bill for every family in Texas. And if they don’t, then you need to get somebody in there to run against someone you need to vote about Office. Yeah, do this. Two things strikes me first off, the Democrat Morning News did a poll where they showed the vast majority of Texans regardless of their political party or affiliation, support parental school choice, 53 53% of Democrats said they want parental school choice. I think it was in the 60s 60% range of independence. And of course, as you mentioned, an overwhelming number of Republicans. And also if you break it down demographically the Latino community overwhelmingly supports school choice, as does, as does the the African American community, the black community. So it is a win win for any politician now. Absolutely. In politics, you always expect a Democrat to knife their voters in the back because when you vote for a Democrat and you’re a Democrat voter, you you elect somebody to go up there and run your life for you. That’s what you do when you’re a Democrat. When you’re a Republican, however, you’re a conservative, you hire somebody that’s going to follow your instructions and your values and take them up to whatever governing body it is. Whether it be in Austin, whether it be to the to the house of the Senate, on the federal level. So that’s why I think you can’t expect much movement from the Democrat side because their side doesn’t elect individuals to do their will they? They they do they do elections for different reasons. I think you’re I think your point is well taken, that it’s a different story when it comes to Republicans relationship with their conservative base. And what what is the Texas family project going to do? If you can articulate that I’m not sure if you are governed by 501 C three rules or not. But if you can, what would you do to support accountability for the infamous 24? Yeah, so we are a 501 C three, we’re also a 501. C four we have we have a couple of different entities there. And so we’re able to do quite a bit right now. We just launched a radio ad that is running in speaker feelings district down there in Beaumont Orange County area. It’ll run for the next two weeks where we are calling on the speaker to pass a school choice bill. We have asked the speaker to do a lot this this session, a lot of stuff that he didn’t do, we had to put a lot of pressure on him to do some of the stuff he did. And what we saw in return was that his approval rating plummeted in his own district. He went from a very, very comfortable approval rating to the last time we pulled him he was somewhere around 21%. And so we’re going to continue to hammer that we’re not just often with the speaker, we’re going to handle that and every single district of people who have gone against the wheel of Republican voters in this state and like you said 70% of African American community 59% of the Hispanic community 55% of white voters across across the spec term Democrat and Republican, all support school choice. And so we’re gonna continue to hammer these guys on this and we’re gonna we’re gonna demand they pass a bill. That is that is a real school choice bill because what you’re going to wind up with is just like we got with a property tax bill where they come out with a property tax deal about a $13 billion big deal. They tell you it’s 18 billion because they’re using some fuzzy math with some old numbers taken carrying some stuff over and they tell you, it’s the largest one in history, what’s not the largest one in history. And they know that they’re going to do the same thing with school choice, but they’re going to try to do is they’re going to try to give us some watered down Beal that’s got all sorts of stipulations in it. I heard had a representative actually tell me just earlier today, that pull one of the amendments they tried to put into the school choice Bill was that it would only apply to students in F rated districts, if you do a little bit of study. And what you’ll learn is that there’s no such thing as an F rated district in the state of Texas, because they take him down to a D and anybody who’s below a D, they just don’t rate him, they put him no rating. And so there’s no such thing. And this is the kind of things they’re going to try to do the kind of games they’re going to try to play. And so we’ve got to hold them accountable. And we’re going to be watching them Texas family project is going to be watching it every step of the way. We’re going to be reporting to our folks exactly what it is that your legislators that your representatives out there in Austin are doing well, I can hardly wait. You know, first off, I think you would have to be on some sort of substance you’d have, you’d have to be drunk to legislate against the will of your own constituents. That’s just my opinion. I think that you would have to be that. But but you know what, I hope you can come back, Brady, and keep us posted here on the Salcedo storm podcast. And maybe we’ll get you on radio to also talk to you talk about this kind of stuff because it’s important that the people of Texas no one understand the cheap and underhanded tricks employed by Democrats, whether they, whether they call themselves Republicans or actual Democrats, I think it’s very important to know that Brady, great founding board member of Texas family project, he is passionate about fighting for Texas families and restoring Christian conservative values to our state and our nation. I appreciated getting to know you and come back anytime. Thank you so much, Chris, that there’s a great resource that there is an engaged Texan that there is an engaged American making sure the government represents we the people out there own special interests. That’s going to wrap up this edition of The Salcedo strong podcast visit a couple of websites my friends Chris and Texas For all the latest and greatest involving the show and also big news in Texas. Until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people stay safe out there my friends. What could be more perfect than the perfect ratio of sizzling sausage to freshly cracked egg to melty cheese sandwich together in a perfectly toasted McDonald’s much muffin. If we added jalapeno to spice things up, introducing the new cheesy jalapeno sausage McMuffin with egg perriers today with a refreshing medium iced coffee now even bolder at participating McDonald’s compared to prior iced coffee Wow.

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