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The Texas House Needs A HOUSE CLEANING!

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Brent Money is Texan to the core. He’s a sixth-generation resident of Hunt County, husband, father, attorney, businessman, and is running for House District 2.

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You probably heard that the price tag for the Ken Paxton impeachment has been released. And folks, I don’t think this is all of it. I think I think we might see more money being discovered that was paid out and where this money went. Is really ticking a lot of people off and justly so let me read from the Texas scorecard Brandon Waltons. In this first article, Paxton impeachment cost taxpayers over $4.3 million. 

By the way, one of the predicates used in this for this impeachment was that Ken Paxton had to settle with individuals that we’ve come to know as the CO conspirators they were called whistleblowers, but after their testimony that had changed their testimony from what they told the House impeachment officials for lack of a better term. They changed the story from what was put down as justification for the impeachment when they were under oath. And in front of the United States Senate, their testimony changed. 

So if they had gone with the testimony, when they were talking to the house to justify the impeachment. If they had said what they said in front of the Senate. There never would have been an impeachment, because far too many so called Republicans would have said there’s just no they’re there. They don’t have anything. So I’ll read from the article here and give you guys the gist. 

The impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton costs Texas taxpayers over $4.3 million, with some expenses still outstanding. That’s why I say it’s going to be much more expensive. This is according to a report from the Democrat Morning News who received records from the Texas House revealing a team of over 24 lawyers build the house more than 7800 hours of work related to the trial. 

How much do you want to bet the lion’s share of those lawyers were leftists Democrats, that Dade Phelan and his pro Democrat Republicans wanted to feed a whole bunch of Texas taxpayers money made up of a majority of Republican slash conservative taxpayers. So the house hired prominent Houston attorneys, Dick De Garyun and rusty Hardin, left wingers to lead the prosecution at a cost of $500 an hour to taxpayers, along with a group of other lawyers providing legal assistance. Now this isn’t, this isn’t the worst part of it. What about the expenses paid out to a PR firm? 

This is also from Brandon Waltons of the Texas scorecard put out on Friday, the 15th lawmakers demand answers after house paid PR firm impaction impeachment. The group noted that the majority of the services were provided while a gag order was issued on the House and Senate or after the trial. So wait a minute after the trial. You mean after he was acquitted? They still tried to use Texas taxpayer money to to basically poison the well to basically say it was a sham. 

You know you guys have been hearing about all these don’t nations that have been made before and after the impeachment. How much do you want to bet the Texas taxpayer money fueled that narrative over news. Lawmakers in the Texas House are questioning the use of public relations firms surrounding the house’s impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton earlier this year, newly released records reveal that the House general investigating committee gave $32,000 to New West communications, a group that specializes in media relations, crisis communications, strategy and audience identification and message development and deployment. 

The payments were made from June through October before and after the trial. Conservative representatives Brian Harris and Nate Schatzline Steve Toth and Tony Tinderholt asking for answers and a letter to Andrew mer who by the way is resigning? He is not resigning. He’s not going to be running for re election because he is now a pariah.

Because conservatives know that he is among these pro Democrat Republicans these Dade Phelan Republicans who have stabbed their voters in the back in service to socialists. The monthly budget during session for a members entire house office, including rent and all staff members is 19,250 bucks. Yet the GI committee appears to have forced taxpayers have spent almost twice that amount purely on public affairs to shape the narrative regarding the failed impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton. 

The letter partially reads, I folks, this stinks to high heaven. And that means to me that there needs to be a house cleaning in the Texas House starting with the failed speaker, the pro Democrat speaker was chosen by Democrats and all of his lieutenants who prize kissing his rear end over maintaining fidelity to their voters. Much more on this coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks, joined now by Brent money Texan to the core he says a sixth generation resident of hunt county husband and a father attorney businessman. He is running for House District Two Mister Money welcome. 

Thank you for having me on. 

Pleasure’s all mine. So let’s first off you’re running in house district two. I’m assuming you are running against one of Dade Phelan pro-Democratic Republican lieutenants. 

It seems so yes, we have a lady that her sign says conservative but her her campaign finance report says Dade Phelan and stooge. And so that’s what we’re up against. 

Well, that the last thing we want or need inside of the Texas State House is another Dade Phelan stooge. And so let’s let’s talk about this because I’m I am doing my best with some some conservative boll weevils inside of the Texas House to get rid rid of this dynamic that has been plaguing the Republican Party and plaguing Texas frankly, since something called the gang of 11 transpired back when Craddock was deposed, and Joe Straus was placed in, and here’s how it goes. The Democrats choose the Republican Speaker that they can live with. They get a list of demands. And every Democrat votes for that speaker and then all the speaker has to do is pick off a few weak kneed Republicans, and then everybody else is told to vote with the speaker or their bills don’t reach the floor. That’s the blackmail that’s been transpiring. You know, since back in the in the since, this gang of 11 boondoggle took place. So tell me what is your opinion of the way things are done right now? 

Yeah, this is you outlined it very well. And I’ve been aware of and somewhat involved in this fight since it happened. I was I was friends with Representative Dan Flynn back in the early 2000s, when he was elected. Tom Craddock was the speaker. And I remember when Joe Straus took over. And at that time, you know, Dan Flynn is the one that taught me exactly what you just explained to the audience that that the Democrats had chosen the speaker. And, and so, you know, at the state Republican convention that year, we fought that issue, we tried to you to get some rules passed. And what whatever we have done year after year, at the state convention, we’ve we’ve done secret ballot, we’ve done Hey, the Republican caucus has to vote in a block. We’ve tried a lot of different things, and, and none of it seems to work. And so I think that what is working right now, is that the voters are waking up to what’s going on. And they’re they’re looking back at 20 years of Republican rule and saying why do we not have our Republican legislative priorities passed? Why does it take two legislative sessions in order to stop castrating children? Why does it why do we not have property tax relief? Why is the border not secure? And and the grassroots are waking up to this problem? And saying, Okay, well, then we’re gonna vote out the people who are enabling this. 

Right? And you know what, Charlie, Garen is the last serving member of the House, who was part of this gang of 11. Everybody else, basically felt the sting of the voters. But I think by and large, because I don’t know if this is willful ignorance, or people who were in on the game who don’t want the game to stop, because I get a lot of these on social media. who claim Well, this this guy Dade Phelan he got 80 votes, he was The overwhelming favorite. Do you think these people who are online, really know the game and they’re just trying to muddy the waters? Or do you think they’re just that stupid? 

I think it’s a combination. I think there are people that just don’t understand how it works. I think there’s fewer of those people than there used to be. But I think there’s some of that and then the members of the House, who are a part of this charade are adding to the confusion intentionally and and even though Charlie Garen is the only one left. There’s been others that have taken that place, there’s always this gang of 11 or 12, or 13, or 10, or however many it is that they need to serve the will of the of the Republican voters, and really the voters of the state of Texas who continue to elect Republicans, and then the Democrats just take charge. 

Right. Right. And according to the Texas scorecard, they did an analysis of these people that you and I are talking about. And they came up with their their dirty Baker’s Dozen, because it includes the speaker because it’s 13 of them. And in their documentary, I don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s called The Great Texas high. Texas heist. Yes, yes. And so what did you think of that film? 

Oh, I think it was, I think it was fantastic. I think it’s one of the things that has, along with the Paxton impeachments that have awakened the grassroots even more and kind of read pilled more people because it’s right there. If your listeners haven’t watched it, it’s it’s only about 35 minutes. It’s an easy watch. It’s fascinating, but we it really outlines how this came to be and how and how they maintain that control. Brett and money as our guest right now folks, he’s running in House District Two in the great state of Texas to stop the advancement of Dade Phelan lieutenants and to enter reverse and I’ve I believe this Mister Money for a long time. Attacking date feeling straight on is is probably a moot point because I think his own district is going to deal with him if the polling coming out of there is is correct. It’s the system it’s it’s his it’s lieutenants of an individual who is chosen by Democrats that give him or her that power. Let me go over the Dirty Dozen, the dirty baker’s dozen from the Texas scorecard. Charlie Garin already mentioned him. Glenn Rodgers JC Jett, and Todd Hunter, Ken King, Jeff Leach, Craig Goldman, Dustin burrows, Justin Holland, Andrew mer, who is who is not even going to face his voters, he’s going to he, he knows he’ll lose. So he’s bowing out already. And Stephanie click and I don’t know if I got Lynn Stuckey in there, but I’m going to put it if I did, I’m going to get him in there twice. Because he deserves it. So you’ve got that list. And I say, a more comprehensive list for a voter guide would be every one of those Republicans who voted for a voted against parental school choice in education, freedom in alignment with socialists. If right, if I was going to say which list you would prefer, as a voter guide, which one would you like? 

I think I mean, to me, school choice is my number one issue, and has been really going back more than a decade. I think it’s the issue. Putting parents back in charge of the education and discipleship of their children is paramount to us being the kind of country we need to be. But I think if you’re looking at a voter guide, you want to look at two votes in particular one is the school choice vote. One is the Paxton impeachment vote. And then and then if you want to, if you have a chance to talk with your representative, ask them directly. Do you? Do you support Dade Phelan a speaker of the house? Will you vote for him? And if they give you anything other than an unqualified? No, I will not vote for him, then that’s not your guy. The dirty 11 There are I’m sorry, the dirty baker’s dozen that you gave. Many of them have endorsed my opponent in this race. When she was asked about Democrat chairs in two different debates. She punted on the answer when she was asked about Dade Phelan immediately after I laid out all of the conservative priorities that had been awarded by him. And his lieutenants. Steve basically answered he, I’ve talked with lots of legislators and he seems like a nice guy, and he didn’t tell them how to vote. And that’s not the game. The game is not him telling him how to vote, except for on that impeachment. The gain is him venting them from voting on conservative priorities that would pass if it got to the House floor. That’s the game, right? It’s bogging things down in committees so that the house does not ever vote on border security school choice. 

You know, all of these issues that are so important to us as Republican voters denying foreign enemies the right to buy land in the state of Texas to spy on our people compromise our food supply, and spy on our military installations. These so called Republican was killed a bill like that. Now you brought up you brought up Democrat shares. So let’s talk about that with Brent money. He is running in house district two folks, he wants to to be a conservative not be a Dade Phelan Lieutenant. So let’s talk about Democrat chairs Dade Phelan claims, that it’s Texas tradition, that the the members of the majority party put in place into power positions to kill the opposite party’s legislation, the minority party. Now he’s lying when he says that because it’s only been done since the 1970s. And the justification that these fake Republicans use for it is that the Democrat dominated legislature at the time, put one Republican one Republican in charge of one committee, and that’s how these people justify it. Now, let me ask you about the Democrats Socialist Party as it is today. I think you and I would agree. It is the most anti American, the most left wing, the most extreme version of the Democrat Socialist Party this country has ever been cursed with, including It is home to the most virulent strain of anti semitism that exists. And this is not me saying it. This is Democrat longtime Democrat saying it yet Dade Phelan sees that extremism and says I’ve got to make that party, give them power and committee chairmanships. They didn’t earn at the ballot box. Isn’t that fundamentally wrong? 

It is fundamentally wrong. In one of our debates, I pointed out this farce of it A tradition and said, You know, it’s been a tradition in Texas, not to castrate our children. It’s a tradition in Texas not to provide aid and comfort to Hamas. But instead, we have Democrat chairs, we put them in charge, and then complain and all shuts when we can’t get our stuff done. Tradition. I’m not saying that there’s no place in this world for tradition, but that should not ever Trump good policymaking. The the the job of the Texas Legislature is to pass policies in accordance with the will of the voters of the state of Texas. And the voters of the state of Texas for two decades now have put Republicans in charge of government, and Republicans in the House have put Democrats in charge of deciding which legislation gets through the floor or doesn’t for a vote. That is, you can’t say anything other than it’s corrupt. 

Yeah, and a stab in the back and and those who are in the majority in the state of Texas. And frankly, when it comes to the school choice issue, the majority of Texas voters want that. But Dade Phelan has allowed Democrats and pro Democrat Republicans to govern against the will of the people of Texas, it’s a betrayal. And that’s what this type of corrupt governance is, and it must stop. So I’m sure you’ve been asking around Brent, about what what can the Republican caucus do to make sure that it is the Republican caucus and only the Republican majority that is choosing the next Speaker of the House? What do you think, is the most effective way to accomplish that? Is that just defeating every pro Democrat Republican in the primary? 

It absolutely starts there. We can blame Dade Phelan. And I don’t know the guy I’ve never met him. So it’s not about Dade Phelan because we’re now three speakers in to this system of betrayal and corruption like you talked about. And if all we do is, is get him out of office, then we’re going to have another guy that we may not really know his name right now or her name right now. But they’re going to be in the same system, we have to up into the system. And that is the fault of the legislators who vote on the speaker. But it’s also the fault of the voters who continue to vote for those legislators. And so we have to say to our legislators, hey, I know you’re pro life. Thank you. You know, I know that you voted to get porn out of schools. That’s great. But we need to know where you stand on electing a speaker of the house. Are you going to elect a conservative speaker of the house? Are you willing to stand up and publicly reject the Democrats choice? Even if it means it costs you your committee choice or your committee chairmanship? Are you willing to stand and the issue is we have so many cowards, who would rather put Democrats in charge than then have the risk of losing their little bit of power. And only way to scare those people is to say, if you’re afraid of losing a little bit of your power from the speaker, you’re gonna lose all of it from the voters. Amen. Voters are sending you there to get things done. We need voters to be engaged on this issue. 

By now, by the way, Brett money as our guest, he is running in district two to stop the advancement of of pro Democrat Republicans to get rid of them to to expunge them from the alleged Conservative Party, and and make sure that conservative priorities are guiding the Republican Party from this point forward. So have you probably heard this from other individuals who have gone up to Austin, it’s called the talk. And various members of the pro Democrat Republicans give the talk and the talk goes something like this Mr. Money and I will play the part of just pick one of these shrubs, Dustin burrows, I’ll play the part of Dustin burrows, and he and let’s say you win, and he brings you up and he sits you down and there’s a couple of these other pro Democrat Republicans and then they say, You know what, Brett, congratulations on your election win. But I want you to forget all your promises you made to your constituents that stuff up here. No longer matters. You’re part of a fraternity now you’re not part of a legislature. This deciding the the lives of 29 million Texans? No, no, you’re part of a fraternity. So you can’t go on Chris Salcedo podcast or his shows anymore and talk down Democrats because they are with us. We are with them. We’re all part Under the same fraternity, now, Democrats will be able to call you not see and and every other name in the book, they can all day long and will enable Democrats to kill all of your legislation except for one or two. But you cannot fight back because you’re part of the fraternity now, what will your response be Brent money? 

Yeah. And I think that is I’ve had several legislators tell me about the talk. And what comes with that? And I think the answer is, my, my first fidelity is not to the my legislative members. In fact, not my second, my first fidelity is to God, and for what He has called me to do and to accomplish with whatever he gives me in this life and in this world. And so I have to, I have to live with that conscience, of doing what I think is right. Second, it’s to the voters of House District Two, and what they’ve elected me to do. Now, where I can comply with that is, I don’t think that we necessarily have to. And I think that we should be careful attacking the personalities or person or character of individuals. However, when you expose the facts, and shine them in the light of day, the facts will indict them themselves. And so I’m not going to allow someone to hold on, hold on to a bill that needs to pass because it’s a Texas, it’s a legislative priority in this of the Republican Party, or it’s just the right thing to do for my district or for the state of Texas, and go off, shucks, I can’t call out that, that Chairman for holding on to that bill. I can stand up and say this bill is not getting passed, because this chairman is not allowing it to pass. That’s not attacking that person’s that person personally, but it is letting the voters know where it’s stuck. And the voters have a right to know where it’s stuck. And if they want to tell me that that is not playing fair or not being in the fraternity then so be it. I’m not going down there to make friends. I’ve got tons of friends right here in house district two. And I’m going down there to represent them. And and and what I believe is right. 

Well, you know what, this is why you’re the statesman. And this is why you’re running for office because my answer would be screw you if I got that talk from from Dustin burrows. But see, this is why this is why you’re probably the superior choice there in that house district to a bread money as his name everybody. He has a text into the core sixth generation resident of hunt County, if folks want to support what you’re doing brand and your efforts to to read the Texas legislature of one, one more of these pro Democrat Republicans, where can they go to support you? 

So my website is Brent The runoff election is January 30. With early voting from January 22 to 26th. So I my election happens about one month before all of the primary elections across the state of Texas. It’s an important election for conservatives to win. I have run as the kind of guy that you’ve just heard right now. And she has run as a pro Dade Phelan moderate, we have to win this race and winning this race will send a message to all of the other incumbents to the lobby to the people in the Austin swamp that conservatives are fed up. This is the canary in the coal mine. We need to win. 

Amen to that bread money. It was great meeting you, man. I know you and I were introduced at a recent event with Texas scorecard and it was a pleasure meeting you then and great to have you here on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it and invite me back anytime. 

As I’ve often said, Folks, you’ve got to start investing in and a methodology for getting out there and voting. There are all kinds of ways to create a, a voting guide, if you will. There are a couple of measures I’ve been using and giving to demonstrate to my audience, these types of voter guides. If you think it’s wise for the United States of America to stand against our enemies, then you would really prize a bill that was authored by Lois Kolkhorst that denied the ability of America’s enemies to buy land in Texas. And that bill was defeated in the Texas House by David feelin Dustin burrows, and Todd Hunter. So there’s your voter guide. Now if you believe in promoting America’s enemies and giving them foothold in the United States to harm us, then you would vote in favor of those people. If you don’t favor that kind of thing, you would vote against them. The same thing with the Dirty Dozen the baker’s dozen identified with a Texas scorecard. The same thing for the 21 so called republicans who voted against parental school choice and education, freedom. Let that be your voter guide, whichever side of the ledger you happen to be on. That’s going to do it, everybody for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor to websites, Texas scorecard visit there, and that’s where you’re going to keep track of all of these races, the upcoming primaries which are going to be crucial to the future of Texas, all pro Democrat Republicans must be defeated. All of them also pay a visit to the Chris Salcedo shows presence on line and that’s Chris You can find all the information about the shows on morning talk radio en que se v and getter and rumble and Newsmax two and on television in the afternoon on Newsmax one, four o’clock until five Eastern Joy visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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