Hava Armstrong is the Executive Director for Texans for Excellence in Education or TEE. It’s an organization that has been set up as an alternative to the left-wing dominated, Texas Association of School Boards.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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It is a failure for our society because it fails in its core mission. sure you’re all aware of this. This riot that took place it was a it was a brawl out there in Glendale California. Parents were outraged incensed that a school board out there implemented this agenda that they that that they’re pushing this this trans gay sexualization agenda of our kids agenda. Now, I actually hosted on the Chris Salcedo show, a man who was an uncle, he’s gay. And he says this over sexualization of our kids is unacceptable. And it’s wrong to the left. He says to pile me as a gay man in with people who wants to normalize homosexual sex with children, and he’s pushing back. See, folks, the bottom line is, is that it is not normal. It is not normal to be forcing sexualization onto kids. There’s a woman by the name of Patriot Barbie, her name is Lindsey Graham, actually, but the female Lindsey Graham, and she put up this this full screen on on Instagram, the entire month of June telling children how much I enjoy heterosexual sex. Now that would be weird and perverted. And yet, dot dot dot. That’s precisely what’s going on inside of Gay Pride Month, folks telling children about the exploits of gay or homosexual sex that has no place in children’s faces inside of inside of Gov Ed. In other words, Gov. Ed, it’s not your job to do this. Who the hell told you it was your job? It’s not, you don’t have the right to take our taxpayer dollars and do this. Now on the legal front. There’s another issue altogether. Instagram, those of you who know what Instagram is, it’s a social media platform. Yes, we happen to be on it. But a report by the Wall Street Journal, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. They they did this report that said that Mark Zuckerberg Instagram, and I’m reading from the New York Post’s account of this Instagrams recommendation algorithms linked and even promoted a vast pedophile network that advertise the sale of illicit child sex material on the platform. According to the findings of an alarming report that was released last Wednesday, Instagram allowed users to search by hashtags related to child sex abuse, including graphic terms such as pedo whore, pre teen sex pedo bait, and I’m not even sure what hashtag Mns F W stands for, but I’m sure I don’t want to know. Oh, well, sorry. The New York Post is going to tell me the ladder acronym meaning miners Not Safe For Work Good grief. Researchers at Stanford University in the University of Massachusetts Amherst gave this report to the Wall Street Journal that basically revealed the findings. Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg, meta says, Oh, well, we’re aware of the problem. And we’re, we’re taking steps to correct it. Wait a minute. You think those algorithms just wrote themselves? Is that what you think? Good grief. So this type of normalization is unacceptable in the private sector. It sure as heck is unacceptable and side, inside gov Ed. As you know, we haven’t even started talking about academics, which is the whole reason why gov Ed was supposed to be founded to begin with was for education and learning. Right? Well, that’s all lost in the equation. There are folks online. As you know, the special session is looming in the state of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott has promised that there will be school choice. And the leftists are all coming out because they know that as soon as parents can, as soon as parents can, they will tip the hell out of Gov Ed so fast because it’s it sucks. Gov Ed sucks not because of a lack of money, but because left wingers run it because the leftists perverts run it or racists run it, whether it’s the critical race theory or the LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism or this gender, this gender Bender, push inside of Gov Ed. None of it has anything to do with education. Let me give you an example of some people I engaged with on Twitter, Lindsey Thompson. And she has some sort of credential master’s in education I guess. She says, Hi, Governor Greg Abbott. ISDS are having a tough time filling positions. Public Ed has been left defenseless after being ridiculed, smeared, mocked and discredited. Any ideas on how to make public ed more appealing? I think money and support would help thoughts. That is again, Lindsey l. Y n s i e. Thompson, a Master’s in Education apparently. Now first off, public ed doesn’t exist. If public ed existed, then public ed would take direction from the public, but they don’t. They’re governed and run by a bunch of elitist left wing nut jobs. And they don’t listen to we the public. So that’s why we call it gov Ed. It is government education, the worst mistake this country ever made. Secondly, here’s my response. Money isn’t the issue. The US spends the most per capita on education than any other nation. Yet all that money yields disgraceful test scores. Gov Ed isn’t accountable to those who pay for it. It’s a failed system that must be abandoned. Parents will police gov Ed through school choice. And that’s how I responded. Now, there were some other issues that are being brought up online. You guys know I we’ve, we’ve highlighted another one of these Marxists that are likely from out of state these pastors for children. They won’t tell us what, who the pastors are. They won’t tell us what denomination they are. They’re liars, they’re, they do their best work from the darkness, which again is not of God. It is of the other guy. And here’s what they’re saying. And Attorney General who is a crook, a lieutenant governor who’s a dictator, a governor, who is a king, all glib and God talk while they attacked teachers in schools. The Texas miracle is turning into a Texas nightmare. What a mess. I replied by saying says the anonymous tyrants who seek to deny parents school choice, says the folks who want to steal money given to children’s education and give it to their corrupt cronies, and gov ed. So there we ought to be in this fight. Every parent ought to be in this fight against the Republicans in the Texas State House, the the the leadership, all the socialists in the Texas State House, and then those inside of Gov Ed, who represent a minority in the state of Texas 70% of parents, people who count the beat, the only people who count 70% of parents inside of Texas believe parental school choice is needed and necessary and should be happening. And there are some other folks pushing back out there. Some of the folks I want you to hear from, there is an alternative now to the Texas Association of School Boards. Tasbeeh, as it’s called. That’s right. It’s brand spanking new. And they say we have a better way. We’re going to push back on all this left wing extremism that has been dished up and cultivated by the likes of Tasbeeh and leftists in gov. Ed, you’ll hear from one of the head honchos of tea coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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Today, folks, let’s have a conversation with our guests Hava Armstrong, Executive Director for Texans for excellence in education, or T. That’s T E. It’s an organization that has been set up as an alternative to the left wing dominated Texas Association of School Boards, Hava Welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. Thank you for having me. Well, first off, I think we’ve got to clear up some some conceptions or misconceptions the public might have. I know a lot of folks who might think that Tasbeeh, the Texas Association of School Boards has some sort of official government capacity, and they might be scratching their heads, they wait a minute, how can another organization te te be founded to be an alternative that can you tell folks what Tasbeeh does or what they’re supposed to do? Yes, that is a very common misconception. A lot of people think that that Tasbeeh is connected to the government agency, the TI a, they are not they are an independent organization, and association that school boards have an option to join or not join. However, for the last they’ve had a monopoly over the last 75 years. And up until recently 100% participation from all ISPs in Texas. Okay. So it is it is a voluntary association as as indicated his name. Absolutely, it is a private organization. So now, as I mentioned, these people are leftists, primarily some there are some good people, I don’t want to I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but Tasbeeh is made up it is a left wing political organization, is it not? They definitely have an agenda that leans that way there. They have, especially recently put out guidance to school boards, for instance, they’re advising them to lead boys into girls bathrooms. There, they promote different ideologies like that, rather than our view of keeping politics out of the classroom and focusing on the education. See, I love that because politics don’t belong in the classroom. But as you know, the left wing doesn’t allow that anymore. It’s it’s in our movies, it’s in our sports, it’s in our beer we drink, it’s, it’s in everything, they won’t allow it, because they will force us to accept whatever their their flavor of the month happens to be. And they’ll they’re also doing this in gov. Ed. I know you’ve probably recently seen the recent one. There’s no other way to call it anything other than a brawl this Brawl out in Glendale, California, where parents were just outraged that the school district implemented these this this pride agenda inside of inside of Gov ed against the wishes of, of the parents. And the parents were saying, Look, sex has no place inside of Gov Ed. And you even had members of the gay community saying you guys are taking this too far. You folks in gov ID that you shouldn’t be sexualizing kids in heterosexual or homosexual sex in gov Ed. And that’s the gay community coming out and saying that? Isn’t that why there needs to be an alternative to Tasbeeh? Yes, we need to focus back on education, we need our students to have the best opportunities for their future. And these types of conversations need to be happening at home in the privacy of their home with their parents, as their parents see fit. We are huge advocates of parental rights. We think parents have an absolute say and what their children are exposed to. Well, and that leads me of course to the natural question about school choice. Now, I have been a longtime proponent of parental school choice, I believe the money ought to follow the child. I believe that these school systems however many they will be under a school choice set up will need to compete for for the tax dollars that are dedicated to each child and the parents to determine where that child goes. Where is the Texas Association of School Boards on school choice and whereas te We definitely believe there should be options for students. From what we can see from Tasbeeh. They believe that the public schools are the way to go. We believe there are many options parents should have a choice in what works best for their child education is not a one size fits all for every student and they all have different needs that need to be met and so definitely parents should should have the final say in What what school is appropriate for, for their students. As far as Te we are, we are focused on the school boards of the public schools, we definitely feel like those. Those need to be improved. There’s opportunities there for huge improvement. And that’s where we want to really put our support behind Hava Armstrong as our guest right now. She’s an executive director for Texans for excellence in education or tea. The Texas Association of School Boards did not disassociate themselves completely right away from the National Association of School Boards, which is the one that infamously said that parents who expressed concern over curriculum and over the the clearly left wing curriculums and site of Gov Ed called them terrorists called parents terrorists. Give me your impression of was that kind of a breaking point, the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of Texans that said, Oh, no, no, no, the if you’re not going to divorce from that, if you’re going to join the National Association of School Boards and call us terrorists, that’s where we got to draw the line. Correct it, it took them eight months to leave the NASB, which, which for many people was far too long, it was pretty, pretty cut and dry situation to decide on for a lot of parents. I think even after they disassociated with NASB, Tasbeeh is still putting out policies, and even just their structure that they advise school boards on has a real lack of transparency. At Te we believe there should be open communication with the community, especially with the parents. And it should not just be in Word, but it should be an action as well. And so we really our goal is to pull back that curtain and allow the parents to have access to what is going on in their children’s schools. Now, from what I understand the the school districts partner with these associations to get some of their collective work done, that that impacts every school district no matter whether it’s rural, or whether it’s metropolitan. So when you guys in tea, set yourself up as an alternative to the Texas Association of School Boards, are you fishing for those school districts and school boards that that believe as you do the believe that politics, whether it be right wing or left wing belongs out of the classroom, and you’re trying to provide a coalition for them to be a part of is that is that also part of your your goal? Yes, recently, a lot of our state reps came out with a joint letter calling on school districts to leave Tasbeeh. And definitely a lot of the school districts paid attention to that and started asking questions about how they could do that. And so we definitely want to step in for any school boards that are looking for alternatives, we We are a free market alternative. And of course, with the free market comes typically comes better products at better pricing. And we’re able to offer offer all of the main services that Tasbeeh offers without some of the strings that are attached to that right which is which are primarily pushing a left wing agenda if you’re gonna give a I don’t know a percentage of school districts in Texas that are that are looking that are saying Tasbeeh has gone bad guano crazy. The National Association of School Boards gone bad gone, oh, crazy. We don’t want to be associated with the political left, we want to be straight down the middle and teaching reading, writing, arithmetic in the sciences. And with no political consideration, zero none. Give me a percentage of school districts that you think are hungry in Texas, for such an alternative. You know, based on the reception that we’ve gotten so far, we announced last week, there’s definitely a desire for this. There’s a lot of school board’s asking questions on this. And this really comes down to not even a left wing or right wing issue a lot of school. A school boards are looking at focusing back on education, getting politically neutral classrooms and letting the teachers get back to teaching while keeping the children safe. I think that is a universal issue that we can all come on board with. And so we have seen quite a quite a bit of response to this and we expect a lot more as as the week’s go on. Our guest is Hava Armstrong. She is the executive director for Texans for excellence in education or tea. The curriculum. Let’s let’s let’s see what is what’s being taught. Currently, as you know, inside of Texas, school districts are bragging that they are teaching critical race theory which as you know, is a racist curriculum which teaches the hatred of whites, which teaches black and brown kids to hate white people which teaches white people Will White kids to hate their skin color and hate their heritage. You also have the the gender, the gender craziness that is going on that is being pushed inside of gov ID. And then of course the LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism is what I call it. In my view, none of those have any place inside of government education, none of them. Where is it that you believe that that educators got the idea, these six figure school administrators got the idea that they could introduce this garbage into into into schools, without any ramifications or of any consultation, I think there are some people who truly believe that the government is in charge of raising our children, we would think that it we are the complete opposite. We believe in parental rights, and that parents have the ultimate authority over their children. But this has been an opportunity in our education system for a while for these indoctrinations to come in this idea, this radical ideology to infiltrate our schools. And I think a lot of people go along with the flow. One, one problem atashi is they don’t inform a school board trustees, I believe it’s on purpose, so that they are not well informed to know any better they trust Tasbeeh they trust their administrations that they know better. We’re seeking to empower the school board trustees through knowledge through information. So they know not only what is actually going on in the schools, but they understand their full authority to govern their districts, and not only their authority, but also they are held accountable for the governance of their districts. And so we want to really give them that knowledge for them to understand what’s really happening in these schools. Now, is my experience that leftists don’t like competition, they don’t like it at all. They wouldn’t they wouldn’t be capitalists, they wouldn’t be leftist, if they if they liked competition. So have you heard through the grapevine, since you announced the creation of tea, how Tasbeeh is reacting to having another player in the field which is going to try to supplant them as the only option out there? Yes, we have seen presentations done at some school board meetings, not necessarily by Tasbeeh. But through their their districts of just enormous amounts of money, millions of dollars that it would cost if they leave if they left has been which is untrue. We’ve also heard things like the their entire policy for their district would go away if they left has the when, in fact, once it’s adopted, it belongs to that district. So lots of different, different pushback there mainly around financial issues. We are very, very respectful of the of the taxpayers money, we do not want to provide any type of financial hardship for a district. Any districts who want to leave have been moved to t, it would be a very smooth process and not a not an an extra burden on the taxpayer. Well, so let me ask to ask you to give all the information. Some school districts some parents might be hearing this podcast might be wanting their school boards to investigate what Te is all about and to get the information for themselves. Before they they start taking some conservative left wing propaganda from Texas Association of School Boards, taking their word for it. If folks need the resources to get the truth, where can they go? They can go to our website Texans for excellence.org. And we also have a Facebook page Texans for excellence in education. And our contact info is there as well. And they can also email info at Texans for excellence.org. Has have any of the the big Politico’s in Texas endorsed what you guys are doing you guys have any anybody to crow about saying this is the way we need to go? Any major figures? Well, we’ve had like I mentioned, we have had a lot of reps saying that school board should leave Tasbeeh we are excited for the next coming weeks. We should have some exciting announcements on on the support in the next steps for us as well. Well we think this is this is definitely part of the puzzle, trying to get control back of our child our children’s education. And I think that your efforts to push back on these dinosaur legacy left wing unaccountable factions inside of Gov Ed and Tasbeeh is definitely one of them. Is is laudable and while you work to do your your side of the business, we’re going to continue to push for parental school choice in the state of Texas and hopefully we can save the future of Texas kids, Hava Armstrong. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much for having me that my friend is going to do it for this edition of The Salcedo store podcast. Do me a favor visit a couple of webs sides want you, Texas scorecard.com That’s Texas scorecard.com Big, enterprising journalism, big stories that impact Texas and beyond. Also go to Chris salcedo.com Chris salcedo.com. While you’re there, check out the social media hookups for the Chris Salcedo shows, and the Salcedo store and podcast. And check out where the Salcedo shows are on AM 700k SCV talk radio simulcast with TNT radio worldwide. Also Monday through Friday on Newsmax TV, four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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