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To See Ourselves As Others See Us

George Christensen served 11 years as a Member of the Australian House of Representatives. He has also been a local government councilor, a newspaper publisher, a press officer and a journalist. He runs a news aggregation website at and hosts a radio show on TNT radio!

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You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say, he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did. He had guts, he still struggles for podcasts. The Scottish lyricist Robert Burns, had a saying that has been adopted by many American politician, including Ronald Reagan. Oh, the gift that God could give us to see ourselves as others see us wouldn’t it is a gift to be able to see how you are perceived because you don’t frankly, we are literally into ourselves. We it is sometimes, and I’m guilty of this myself, to have that ability of self awareness to know how what you say and how you say it is being perceived by others. Sometimes it’s obvious. Other times, you know, some people, and you probably have these people in your life, too. They step in it, they don’t even realize they’ve stepped in it. Oh, the gift that God could give us to see ourselves as others see us. I wonder how our allies, those those around the world who have come to rely upon the stability of the United States, the pro Western Civilization, part of the United States that are part of that as a leadership role as they watched the United States crumble before their very eyes. I wonder what they must be thinking? Is it is it a matter of because, contrary to what the left tells us, the United States of America is only reviled by leftists around the globe. We are admired by so many because of our freedoms, because of our prosperity, because of our righteousness, our Judeo Christian ethic, we are admired. But now Now as we see our culture under attack, our government attacking those who are of faith, Christians, Catholics, as we see the government shredding the Constitution. The people around the globe must be going oh my goodness, it finally, America finally caught the communism bug, the totalitarian bug, and doesn’t look it looks like it’s fatal. Judging by what’s happening in this country, it looks like it’s fatal. Let me talk about something that is on the legal persuasion, then I’ll get into the culture. This is from PJ media. A leaked video shows that at least one Washington DC cop and likely more acted on January 6, as a parent agent provoca tours, dressing as protesters outside the capitol building and urging those protesters toward the iconic building. And they show this video Congressman Barry Loudermilk Republican from Georgia says the authenticated GoPro video raises the question of why police who were identified as intelligence officers, were working to stir up the crowd of protesters, instead of working to stop an assault on the US Capitol. It was a setup. It was a setup designed all of you Trump supporters, you can’t be allowed to support Trump anymore. You can’t be allowed to support America first. So we’re going to entrap you. We’re going to encourage you to do these things. And now nothing said that they had to riot. It wasn’t by the way, folks. The the narrative over news about January 6, was it was an insurrection, insurrections that are unarmed are not insurrections, sorry. They’re just they’re just not. And this was a riot, plain and simple, still very, very wrong. And the fact though, that your government was working to facilitate was working to encourage this does not speak well of your government. And it shows they wanted to make sure that the narrative after the election, was that anybody who supports Donald Trump, you’re not allowed to it’s they’re going to criminalize it. So that’s the that’s the law and order going by the wayside. That’s the betrayal of the Constitution and our faith and trust in government. Now, what about this out of San Francisco? It’s Women’s History Month, march 27 2023. We all remember this. And we are celebrating at K Ron for that’s a cron, K R O N for this month. The Bay Area crowned its new Miss San Francisco, she they say is also the first transgender woman to earn the title in the organization’s 99 year history. So it’s a man, this person is a man. And they crowned a man as Miss San Francisco, keeping up the tradition of the Democrat Socialist Party that the best woman for the job is a man. Folks, I don’t believe that, that women need to be replaced by men. As a lover of women. I just don’t believe that’s the case. And I don’t believe that men can do women better than actual women. That’s just me. But can you imagine what countries around the globe think about what’s happening here in the United States? And is the same thing happening to them? We go across the pond to one of our oldest allies, coming up on the Saucedo storm podcast. 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We bring you real news for real Texas with no paywalls ever go to Texas Today, what prompted this podcast my friends was I was talking to our pals over at TNT radio. And we were discussing how things that were happening over in that country mirror a lot about what’s happening in this country. And then I saw James Lindsay and interviewed James Lindsay. I saw his his speech before European Parliament I’m going man this is this is all a coordinated effort among those who are trying to bring down the one thing that has gotten in the way of totalitarians time and memorial, and that is the west the idea of the West. And for those of you don’t know what the West is the West is a coalition of people who have similar Judeo Christian beliefs, and basic individual rights and human freedom. And we have enemies to that in the United States. We call them Democrats, but the enemies across the world are in a coordinated attack against all of civilization. So I wanted to reach out to some folks over in Australia. Let me bring on George Christian since he served 11 years as a member of the Australian House of Representatives. He has also been a local government counselor, a newspaper publisher and a press officer and a journalist. He runs a news aggregation website at WWW dot Eureka free And he also hosts a radio show on TNT radio. George, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. Oh, good. I Chris, thanks very much for having me on your show. pleasures all mine, sir. So let’s talk about the woke left. And their attack on my belief. And James Lindsay’s belief is on on Western Civilization, Australia’s feeling it too. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, are we really going through a seismic shift in Australian culture right now. And it’s not just something that’s happened by accident. See, it’s definitely been the long march of the left that have captured all of the institutions, all of the things that you guys are going through, you know, ordinarily, there used to be a saying in Australia, Australia was 10 years behind America, I think the gaps now close to about a couple of years. So we’re currently experiencing the whole gender confusion agenda that’s been thrust onto our kids, you know, with drag queens, storytimes. And all the rest of it. I mean, that’s pervading schools and public libraries. But more so I think that actually were a little bit down the road in some respects than the USA because you’ve still got your constitution and the amendments and all the rights that are contained there in in Australia. We don’t have that. So you know, we went through the pandemic, and we were just trampled on I mean, literally trampled on and protesters peaceful protesters in the streets trampled on when they weren’t armed. They are being fired upon by police. But you know, Chris, it just goes on and on. There’s so much I can tell you CBDCs, the central bank, digital currencies that I know that you’re fighting against in the USA, and there’s a plan to bring him in, in Australia government just announced earlier this year in Australia, that they’re going to bring in a compulsory digital identity agenda. So all of these things that you hear about in the US they’re not isolated, and in fact, you know, People in Australia that think that all this is just our problem. But you look right across the Western world and even beyond. This is happening in every country. And you wonder, like, how is it that all these disparate governments, from different political ideologies suddenly just dream up the same agenda? I mean, it’s nonsense, they, it’s coordinated. It’s coming out of institutions like the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations. We’re talking about the great reset agenda. We’re talking about agenda 2030. But it’s at play, and it’s affecting my country. Big time. It’s affecting your country. Big time. It’s affecting all countries big time. Yeah, I can I concur. And it is, folks, what you need to know is it’s it’s coordinated. And all of the folks that I was mentioning earlier, is what is what Khrushchev would call useful idiots is what the former Soviet Union would call useful idiots. These are members of the Democrat Party, vote Democrat, who don’t know their don’t know their rear end from a hole in the ground, who say, I’ve just, I’ve just left the wing, I’ve left wing and they’ll go on with this BS, and they’ll vote for this BS thinking that. And this is a concept to Mr. Christiansen that I think that that a lot of fake people don’t understand on the on the left, is that you can voluntarily give up your rights. But but there is no peaceful way to get those rights back once they’re gone. And once government takes those rights, then there’s only one way to get them back. And it’s going to be through it’s going to be through conflict. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, you want to talk about giving away rights. I mean, we had a shooting in Australia back in 1996. That unfortunately, 26 I think 26 people were killed. As a result of that the then Conservative government, the one that we still sort of hold up as a standard bearer for modern conservatism, decided that they were going to repeal will ban a whole heap of firearms. And so now in Australia, you can’t own a firearm, if the reason for having that firearm is protection within your own home. We are never going back the right to have guns to protect ourselves. And you know, it’s very funny because the government has guns, they have guns, with their police forces and the military and also, as much as I have been a lover of the police in general. The fact is, we’ve now got militarized police forces that are being turned against some of the population. And so they’ve got all the guns, the people who are higher up, you know, the celebrity politicians, they’ve got the bodyguards with guns, they can be protected, but the little people can’t so you’re right. Once you give up a right and we gave it up willingly in this country, we just went marched straight down that hallway, they told us to march down and people just handed over their guns to be crushed by machines into bins. And we’re never going to get that back. We’re never going to get it back Chris Good grief. Well, the criminals are well armed the government’s will arm and and the people are disarmed George Christensen, our guest he served in the Australian House of Representatives, their parliament there for 1111 years. So you mentioned the China virus, and and its impact, and we definitely felt it over here as Democrats over here. We’re openly using that to like, for example, one of our most populous states, California, the People’s Republic of California. Gavin Newsom, with a straight face said you can’t gather in a church. You can’t you can’t go worship God. But you can have a similar meeting the same amount of people in a secular setting. So he was upfront and open about that. Your country. It got real weird, real fast and real violent, real fast. Was that a wake up call for Australians? Do you think the way your government handled the China virus pandemic? Look, I’ll be honest with you, Chris, it was a wake up call for some. I think that there are still people that are waking up and there’s a look who was still asleep about it all. The fact is, you’re right, it went from zero to 100 in Australia, with governmental response to the Wuhan flu. We even though this was a virus that the world’s best epidemiologists said had a 0.27% infection fatality rate that meant that over 99 Point What’s that 99.73% of people survived it or something like that. The The fact is, there was just complete overreaction from governments. We had mask mandates of course, even though masks didn’t work. We had locked down so even though lock downs didn’t work, and they cause much more grief, mental harm, economic pain than any good that they caused. And I don’t know any good that cause quite frankly We also had, believe it or not, curfews in place in certain suburbs. So if you are outside of your home at a certain time of day, you could be arrested. They literally had boundaries. Like if you were outside of your home area, this was in Melbourne, which is our equivalent to, to California, I guess. It’s the we call it the People’s Republic of Victoria down there, Melbourne being that capital city, and Chairman Dan Andrews, who’s probably is the premier, or alternative governor of a state is got more in common with the CCP than probably some people in China do. Anyway. You couldn’t walk up more than a kilometer from your own home during the height of the pandemic, or you would be arrested, you had to have a list of reasons as to why you are a kilometer away from your own home. So they really went over the top. And then I haven’t even got into the point where these I hope I don’t get you in trouble here, Chris. But were these gene therapy injections that were masquerading as vaccines when they come onto the market. Of course, governments just went full swing and behind that and demanded that people get jabbed or they couldn’t go to a sporting event. You got to get jabbed or you couldn’t go to a restaurant or a cafe. You got to get jabbed or you couldn’t go to a movie theater jabbed or you couldn’t go to your kids school award ceremony or, you know, school recital here it was you if you didn’t get jabbed, some company said you couldn’t have your job. Exactly in America, you couldn’t provide. I know of a company, several of them but one massively huge company, people that worked for that company for 30 years, walked away from their careers, because the company stupidly said, You know what, you either get jabbed or you don’t have a job. And that’s how bad it got here. And it was the same in Australia. In fact, government departments imposed it in Australia as well. They were in the state of Victoria, again, the People’s Republic of Victoria, pretty much like your California. They had either a legislated or a regulated list of industries where if you wanted to work in an industry, you had to be jacked. And so, you know, this was government imposed in some areas and people lost their livelihoods. People were just absolutely, and utterly devastated. And you know, it’s funny how the, the wheel turns because just did our parliament in the last week, week and a half, the chief medical officer who was around at the time when all this was going on, he was asked point blank by one of our senators, Matt Canavan, asked him, Is there any justification for any lingering vaccine mandates? And he said, No, that there wasn’t there was no justification whatsoever for it. Well, my question to the Chief Medical Officer and anyone else who would say the same thing, of course, I agree. There’s no justification for him now, but there was never a justification from in the first place. Well, you’ve got because you’ve got his ama transmission. They didn’t stop. Now, we’ve got that from the Pfizer executives. Yes. No, but we got Dr. Fauci, we call him His Eminence over here, because he shall not he shall not be questioned his Eminence Dr. Fauci wandering around this country saying, Oh, I never wanted to shut down schools. I never wanted to do any of that. It’s absolutely revisionist history. These these leftists are running for the hills because the American people like us shoveled crap down our throats for two years, you know, two weeks to stop the spread that turned into two years. And you know, folks are just angry, and they have every right to be lost generation of education, lost jobs, lost careers, economic devastation that we still haven’t recovered from and may never recover from. So by the way, folks, George Christiansen is our guest, he served 11 years in the Australian Parliament in the House of Representatives there. Let me ask you, because Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest presidents said, Oh, to see ourselves as others see us. How do you folks in Australia perceive the fall of the United States of America? What when you look over here, and you see just left wing debauchery and the erosion of rights and the slave state being implemented? The corruption being implemented? What goes through an Australians mind when you see that in America? Yeah, look, I think on one hand, there’s still the idea of America that is held up by many Australians. I mean, the land of the free the home of the brave. We still sort of celebrate that ideal and there’s a great affinity between Australians and Americans, but I hear what you’re saying Chris? I mean, we watch the mainstream media. And unfortunately, it’s even worse in Australia because it goes through obviously all the news goes through a left wing filter in your country. And then it goes through another left wing filter when it comes into our country. So we get double work, we get double work news made. So anyway, we are what we sift out of that we shake our heads over, because, you know, when you see things, and I know this is going back a few years ago now, but the Black Lives Matters, riots and some pinhead journalists standing there telling us that it’s mostly peaceful protests. I mean, we shake our head of that, and we wonder what the hell has become of the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? And it made me like, I don’t know what to say because I’m an outsider, obviously. But boy, boy, boy, you red hot, freedom loving conservatives need to take back your country because if America goes woke if America goes to hell in a handbasket, we are older and, and that, folks, that’s why we are that’s why I believe that we are the focus of the worldwide left this coordinated effort that Mr. Christiansen and I have been outlaying about this assault, it wasn’t enough just for it to attack us with with economic Marxism, cultural Marxism that they knew they couldn’t get it done with just one front. So it’s several fronts now. And that leads me to my next question, Mr. Christiansen, Australians in general, it sounds like you guys have gone down the rabbit hole in a lot of areas. But what is the one issue that you hear from a lot of Australians, they look over in America and go, What the hell are they doing? What is the issue that baffles you the most that we’re dealing with over here in the United States? Well, not to be too unkind about it. But your President, I think what everyone’s like, Oh, what the hell were they doing? I mean, it’s really it’s become elder abuse. It’s very, very sad. And, and, and, you know, all jokes aside, it is something that is emblematic of what the world is seeing is like a decline of the United States. I mean, here you have this geriatric man who, obviously, he loses the plot, more often the than he actually understands what the plot is. And, you know, to think that, oh, boy, this is the leader of the free world now. And then you have people like Putin, and you have people like using bait, and this is what we’re confronting. So, I mean, that’s a pretty big one. But you asked me, Is there something that Australians shake their head at? I think they shake their head at the fact that you’ve got this guy as your as your head of state. You’ve got a as the President of the United States of America. Yeah. And you know, what’s, what’s worse this man this, this, this octogenarian, as you as you point out, tripping all over himself falling down everywhere, getting lost, and basically seems to be the last guy in the room that know what’s going on. He played the Republican Party, like a fiddle in the last debt ceiling negotiations. So yeah, we really have really no party representing we the people left in the United States. Speaking of Beijing, Biden, I’m going to play a soundbite for you. I think you should be able to hear this because I’m sharing on Skype. I think this is this is Beijing, Biden. Making some commentary about those of us who believe that there should be one legal vote to one legal eligible voter, and this was his response. Listen to this. I know right, Stan, I will not yield I will not flinch. I will defend the right to vote our democracy against all enemies, foreign and yes. Domestic. So he called us his enemies. Because what because it this is the guy who sits in the Oval Office he’s supposed to be the commander in chief he’s supposed to be he’s supposed to be the president but he’s he’s really not. So when. So I imagine there are voices like that over in your country as well. So the overarching question I would ask is How can both of our peoples push back together against this cultural Marxism left wing extremist enemy their words not mine coming at us? Well, it’s very sad that we’ve now got people in positions of authority like that who you know instead of disagreeing and being involved in a civic discussion are immediately turning to the language of your the enemy and it gets quite dangerous because you know, when they start using terms like domestic terrorist, and that and in Australia, that’s come up that has come up there were there was a very unfortunate accident in that will not Accident Incident in the home state that I was Sir, involved in where there was a shootout between police and people who probably had some fringe views, right? We’ll put it that way. And suddenly, this broad brush was just cast over a holy people in the Australian population who, you know, loved liberty, who were skeptical of big government and authority, as if you know, these people are potential terrorists in waiting, or potential cop killers in waiting. And I think it’s very dangerous when we get into that sort of state of mind, particularly from the authorities. So you asked the question, What can we do about it? And that is really the million dollar question at the moment. I think, though, the answer as far as I can see, Chris, is that first, we need people to get educated. I mean, you can’t just switch off the television, switch off the computer, switch off the radio, and think that you’re going to make a change. If you do that, if you switch off. Basically, you are consigning your country to the dustbin. So that’s number one, you can sign in not just your country, you can sign in freedom, and that is going to affect you at some point. And that is going to affect your children and your grandchildren at some point. So that’s number one, get informed number two, I think there needs to be the rebuilding of community and coalition’s you know, we might disagree with people on issues of real, really secondary and tertiary importance, second, and third importance. But if we agree on the issue of freedom and liberty, we have got to get together and we have got to start communicating with each other and building community. There’s a great movement, I guess, that spawned from the from the traditional Christians. And that is called the Benedict option. I don’t know whether you’ve heard about it. Some people have likened it to heading for the hills, but it’s nothing of the sort what it’s about is people getting together to build How can I put it, alternative systems, but at the same time, it’s not removing yourself from society. It’s saying, hey, while society is going crazy, let’s build something that actually could replace that was saying, you know, the craziness in society? Yeah, that’s something saying that could replace the bar, maybe maybe something that pivots back to what we lost, you know, in the United States would be the Constitution. And I’ll add an amendment to that an axiom. This is how Saito show axiom that we have adopted. They can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money. Yeah, they can’t hurt us if they don’t have our money. George Christiansen served 11 years as a member of the Australian House of Representatives serve as a pleasure to make your acquaintance and thanks for your time much. Thank you, Chris Douglas. Oh, to see ourselves as others see us that’s going to do it, everybody for the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor and visit a couple of websites Chris That’s where you find my email hookups. You can drop me a voicemail if you wish to communicate with me that way. Also, check out the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast with TNT radio worldwide, also the Chris Saucedo show on Newsmax TV, four o’clock in the afternoon till five Monday through Friday. Also check out Texas Texas enterprising journalism and impacts Texas and beyond. Until we visit again, my friends remember this a society’s worth meaning its value. It’s not measured by how much power is stolen by government. Its measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there, my friends

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