The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Traveling Ain't For Wussies

Chris and Sean talk about traveling on the ground and in the air. Plus, Sean weighs in on Hunter Biden photos shoing he was doing 172 MPH in his Porsche while smoking crack.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

You will fail. So what everybody does, but your gym, your watch your yoga pants, they pretend you won’t. So when you miss a day, eat the pancakes. Give up on a workout. You failed. Seriously, what the hell were body. We’ve been a part of that too. But not anymore. A body were rejecting perfection and embracing reality. Not in a pizza Monday kind of way. In a loving your whole life kind of way. In a, this workout is fun, and it’s okay if I take a week off kind of way. And then I’m eating healthy. And it’s okay, if I indulge kind of way. In a I like myself, no matter what kind of way. Yeah, you will fail. We all will. But we’re not going to let that be the end. You’ll see that we’re already making progress. So let’s keep going. We are body start your free That’s B You know the job was dangerous when you’re talking Fred. I have a question for me. One might even go so far as a mediocre I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he got a score podcast. Got to say I love it when the left eats its own. It’s it’s fun to watch. Did you guys hear what happened over in the UK? Just stop oil. climate activists set up a blockade during a pride parade in jolly old. This is delicious. Now, folks, just just take a minute. We had some victories of the Supreme Court this last week, so just take a minute to enjoy a little bit of this as well. London’s annual Pride March was disrupted on Saturday after climate activists blockaded the road in protest of the events reported acceptance of the sponsorship from what they call high polluting industries. The demonstration resulted in multiple arrests after protesters from the climate activist group just stopped oil obstructed erode in front of the Coca Cola truck the woke a cola drunk. Look, this is fun. I like it when the left eats their own. But that’s not to say they’re not doing tons of damage to those of us who are saying in this world. Let’s go to France. French rioters are now attempting to assassinate politicians. It’s bad over in in France, folks. This is from the national polls. More than 700 people arrested in 45,000 police officers deployed on Saturday evening, as writing continued in France for the fifth straight night following the death of a migrant background tiene na Hall at the hands of police. Migrant background what what does that mean? Somebody that either has a background and coming into the country? Well, I guess in in Europe, folks, they welcome illegal aliens with open arms. So it’s I don’t think it’s illegal there the way it is here. Around 45 police officers were injured while 74 buildings 26 police stations and 577 vehicles were set on fire 577 vehicles. This is what happens when you turn over your country to leftists. Folks, like you’re just gonna find this on on Twitter yourself. I saw a Twitter post of a man who was trying to stop these individuals from destroying his car and they cut off his hands. These left wing anarchists, a French priest in the meantime, Father, France, Francis Pell, was stripped, beaten, and left fighting for his life after an attempted lynching by Islamic race rioters last night in St. 18. The 80 year old priest was one of the many Catholics targeted as the country of France slips into complete anarchy. This is what happens when you turn over your country to socialists back here at home in the United States. A Biden administration report required by Congress outlines research options for a last ditch effort. I love this last ditch effort to slow the heating of the planet. But the White House says it’s not changing its climate strategy. Well, what is this plan? In the White House offered and measured support for the idea of studying how to block sunlight from hitting Earth’s surface as a way to limit global warming their religion of manmade global warming, last ditch effort, folks, you guys remember the nuclear holocaust and one of the byproducts of a nuclear holocaust would have been the debris being thrown up into the atmosphere, which would have blocked the sun, which would have led to a quote unquote, nuclear winter, which would have led to mass starvation, mass extinction on planet Earth, which seems to be what these fools are about the White House is entertaining. The idea of blocking the sun, the lifeblood of this planet, blocking it from getting here with the expressed I guess, view of battling so called manmade global warming. And also with the view of taking out you know, a couple of million couple of billion people on the planet. Could Greek these people are certifiable. They’re nuts. See what happens. When you turn over your country? To leftists? Mayor Pete budaj Edge was on where was where was he? He was on CNN, and he was talking to Danna bash about this Supreme Court ruling, an overwhelming Supreme Court ruling six to three, they basically said that you cannot force somebody, the government cannot force somebody to say something or print something or write something that is against their beliefs, it you can’t coerce somebody into saying something they don’t believe it’s against the constitution. It’s against the law. So mayor, Pete budaj edge, had this to say about a, a wedding website maker who happened to be a Christian. And he had this to say about the case that was decided by the Supreme Court, listen. And I think it’s very revealing that there’s no evidence that this web designer was ever even approached by anyone asking for a website for a same sex wedding metaphor. That’s just not true. According to the Associated Press, they they reached out to the man who was identified as the one who was reaching out to this website to to make the same sex wedding website. And this guy says, I have no idea I never did this. And it’s entirely plausible that the, the website maker was being trolled by left wing nut jobs. But by the way, folks, what’s not disputed is that the form request was received. And according to Colorado, stupid laws, this woman would have been forced to provide this against her first amendment rights. So Mayor Pete is is completely wrong on this fact, it appears this web designer only went into the wedding business for the purpose of provoking a case like this. And now that see that that’s not there is no evidence of that. That’s a complete misstatement And shame on Pete Buda judge for alleging this, the exact opposite is true. Even the cake maker, the proverbial cake maker for the wedding cakes, a Christian cake maker, that gay couples show up on purpose, knowing that he’s a Christian and won’t make it for them, even though there were 25 people down the street, who will make a gay wedding cake. But this guy doesn’t want to so they want to make they want to punish him make his life miserable. This is what happened here with this website designer. And in that sense, I think there’s something in common between this Supreme Court ruling and what we’re seeing happening in state legislatures across the country, which is kind of a solution looking for a problem. Sure. And then there is this out of the city of Boston. Controversial defund the police Boston City Councilor crashed her car into a house injuring herself and her seven year old son she was driving without a license Kendra Laura H 33. In an unregistered car without insurance and an expired inspection sticker and her son. There was not in a booster seat at the time of the crash. That’s a son apparently, according to the police report. You see what happens when you turn your country or in this case? The city of Boston over the left wing crazy people they will destroy your town they will destroy your state they will destroy your country. Sean Chastain makes his return to the show behind the show up next and the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance, call American medical plans, you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you, not the government. 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I think Tucker Carlson is discovering that to head to patriot Make the switch today use my promo code storm get free activation and stop funding the woke crowd call 972 Patriot or go to patriot a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment is Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. The establishment media is out of touch with the real things real Texans care about real news for real Texans. That’s what Texas scorecard does every day. Learn more and subscribe for free. Texas. most time for the show behind the show. He is back Sean Chasteen from vacation, you know, I gotta let you tell them you called me or I called you from the road and you said you were gonna really do your best to get back and and do last week’s Salcedo storm podcast. But as soon as we as soon as we get off the phone what happened? So outside of Amarillo, between what’s past Amarillo, between DeHart and Amarillo somewhere. I mean, there is nothing on highway 287 is literally nothing, no little towns to pop off and no gas stations everywhere. If you’re not paying attention and doubt heart and get to look at your gas gauge, you might be in trouble. Yeah. But anyway, cruising along just fine. And all of a sudden, it’s stopped both lanes just dead stops. And it was like that for two hours. It was 105 degrees. Just had to you know, shut the truck off. So went over eaten and sit there and windows down and suffered out for a couple hours. And apparently, I guess what I gathered when I finally got up on the scene was an oversized load had come off of a county road and turned on to highway 287. And it must have tipped a little bit. It’s because there was a huge gouge in the road. And then that oversize load made its way mostly off the road to the right hand side. But obviously not good enough. And so they had it shut down while they took care of that. well on our way back from Colorado. We and you and I, you and I took the same route. I think you Yeah. Yeah. You went to 87 up to 87. Up through ringtone and then up on 25 Yeah, Santa Rosa and all that. Going through there and then yeah, so on our way back this was this must have been still New Mexico before we hit Texas. And so we’re up we’re coming down New Mexico and this highway 40 in New Mexico. And oh you took a different route than okay yeah, we’re a little I think a little a little further south than you so on on on 40 doing, you know book in about 7075 And then all of a sudden things start coming to a halt. And then it’s lucky I’m gonna say we were lucky because we were but because we just were able to inch around and there was an overturned truck. I mean, it was kind of windy that day when we were coming back. So this truck had overturned blew over and it was before any police got there. So we were able to get by before everything started shutting down and of course coming back the other way about three or four miles down the road. We saw the emergency crews coming back toward that accident so we got kind of lucky to stop and render aid there. Oh no everybody else was stopped I mean everybody everyone we could have done much. Yeah, we couldn’t have done much and the these guys and I feel bad for these truckers and but it man every single time we come back. It’s like these truckers are racing themselves. You know, I’m saying racing their fellow truckers, oh, I can do. I could do a half mile an hour more than that guy. So they’re gonna take up both lanes as this guy takes about two years to pass the semi in front of him. It’s just, I 40 is so because you know, obviously going that way to Albuquerque and stuff, just just, man. It’s just loaded with trucks. And that right lane is terrible because there’s huge potholes in it. Yes. And I think when I was coming back from Vegas one time, I stayed in Santa Rosa, that’s a great little town. By the way. It is a very cool little town. But I stayed in one of the classic route 66 motels. And this one had all the neon still and it was really cool. And one of the cleanest hotels I’ve ever been in. And it was 70 bucks at night. It was it was awesome. Yeah. Pretty good bargain there in Santa Rosa. Yeah. But just the just to see that glimpse of what used to be was was really neat. And I was kind of excited to stay there. You know, what I wanted to talk about last week is filling up in Texas, the gas tank because we you know, we had we had a tow, we took a took a side by side to have a little fun. So the filling up the tank. Because you’re when you’re towing it’s even worse. But Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. It’s night and day. And it’s bad in Texas. I mean, seriously, it’s up to what 330 Now, and it’s down to 305. Today I saw a little bit yeah, I haven’t built recently. So that yeah, and then I knew this would happen. You know, when it’s when it was four or $5 a gallon? Everybody would when it got back to three or so that everybody would go oh, man, those gas prices really coming down? Oh, yeah, they were $1.79 Today left, Trump left off. No, I know. I know. And that, you know, so don’t don’t fall into that trap. And the only reason why it’s not worse is because demand is down. You know, you’ve got the Fed out there raising interest rates and the economy is coming to a screeching halt. And everybody’s predicting recession. It’s like, oh, freaking great. They’re planning a recession to cool off the economy because all the free money my money they were giving away your money they were giving away out there. It’s just it’s just complete. Dumb. Asri as far as I’m concerned, but yeah, I mean, filling up the tank. It’s it was still terrible cuz it was $4 it was $4 a gallon in New Mexico. Yeah, I think I paid 381 or 389. And Colorado. Yes. was shocked. Yeah, it just and it hurts man at her and especially when you’re towing. And you need the muscle. And there’s no other way you can do it. If you want to go up and have a little fun on your vacation. You’re gonna pay through the nose. And it’s just, it’s man, I can’t stand having to make those decisions. You know, I’m saying, Yeah, I was I was gonna take my bike up. Or tow my bike up to Colorado, because there was a few of us up there. That ride and but I’m glad I didn’t because yeah, it wouldn’t just cost me a fortune. And on the way up, my transmission got a little hot. Oh, no. So Well, why didn’t you just take the bike by itself? It was it’s summer. I mean, because it’s 105 degrees. Chris. I don’t know if you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle and 105 degrees. I am not a hardcore 1% biker. It is not fun. It’s a cool, dude. It’s Eric. You’ll be cool. Yeah, yeah. Go try that. Well, most anyway. Most of the time. It’s gonna be Colorado anyway. And it would have been a lot nicer. You know? Well, yeah. But no. Yeah, but no, that is the worst between Amarillo and Dow heart. The worst stretch of road in America. I’m convinced because it’s so boring. Yeah, I can’t imagine sitting there on that motorcycle for two hours stopped. I would have been awful. Anyway. So my friends that my friends we should go a little worn gone up. So I wanted to change the transmission fluid to call the local shop. To do a pan surface was just where they drop the pan and clean it out, change the filter, put the pan back up, right? Because it’s an older truck. I didn’t want to have the transmission flush. Bad things happen when that happens. Sure. I thought that I thought this was supposed to do well, that’s what most places do most. Most places don’t even do pen services anymore. But with older vehicles, they’re kind of their transmissions are kind of set in their ways. You know? Yeah, and when you go put it a lot of high pressure, fluid in there, things get jostled around, and pretty soon you’re gonna blow a seal. And then your transmission is gonna go bad. Yeah. There’s, there’s a oh, there, hey, oh, that there is a joke that Shawn and I, you know, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna tell this this story and I’m gonna tell another story because I was just talking about you. When was it? It must have been like, actually was last night I was, I had some friends over for a barbecue here for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. And I was telling them about another story about you, but the folks there. This is not the first time that Shawn and I have talked about blowing a seal. And, well, we’re just gonna leave it there. And that leads to all manner of juvenile shuffling. Everybody knows everybody knows the old joke. But anyway, get out of Colorado. Yes. And why don’t you just want transmission fluid. And so rather than take a couple hours to do it myself, I figured, well, I’ll just call shops with the charge. They wanted to charge me $340 Good grief. And I just am so thankful that I’ve got some skills. Yeah. Right. Because it was about 90 bucks for the first 100 bucks for the filter and the fluid to do that. And, man, I’m so glad I did it myself. Because growing up I guess poor. I mean, I never really wanted for anything, but there wasn’t, you know, cop with four kids in the 70s wasn’t making a whole lot of money. Yeah, and. And so you know, I mean, we always say we always had a roof over our head and had some fun toys. But you know, if you look at it, big picture, we were probably close to poor. But so I had to learn how to do car stuff on my own. Just to get to school, or to work or whatever, you know, if the car was broken, or if the car needed breaks, I just had to learn how to do that myself. So that was it. But it was so fun. And I know that’s kind of an odd concept. But it was so fun to be renting with my high school buddy again, just like we did in the old days. You know, laying in the gravel and, and truck jacked up and just cutting up and goofing around. And it was it was great. I know that’s we should remind the folks you’re up there for a high school reunion. Yeah, it was your fifth one your your fifth your was your fifth fifth tenure reenter your fourth. It was my 40 or 40. Okay. 40 If you have for 10 you see when you say 40 It just sounds like dang, that’s just really freakin old. So tell me Yeah, man, so my class had 36 kids in it. Yeah, there were 22 of us that showed and for five that really wanted to be there, but just circumstances prevented this. So it would have been close to 30 out of 36 after 40 years. That’s pretty good. That’s not bad. You know what, by the way, we had, we had the best time it was just so good to reminisce. So good to see people that I haven’t seen a few of them in 40 years. And spouses of people all too said that you guys are unlike anything I’ve ever seen class wise before class reunion, because man, we just all got along just incredibly well. And it was so much fun. And and like my sisters who graduated from the same school, one year, two years and five years later, they’ve never had a reunion. Yeah. I never been to one either. And so it was a blast. I think what you’re articulating, it’s what’s what’s kind of astonishing to me too is it’s your experience is not normal. Most people go back to their reunions, they hate it. Because of you know, of all the people that you know, the phony or the phony of high school comes back, but it’s but you know what it sounds like you did? You did pretty well. And by the way, coming up on the Newsmax show this week and talking about you working with your hands and such. There is a push in this country now to get out of the four year degree and get back into the trades because we need them. You know, in fact, one of my classmates was is a teacher was a teacher she just retired which is a completely foreign concept. To me, but she just retired and we got to talk about the emphasis. Because when I was in high school, low tech was a huge thing. Yeah, you could go for everything from nursing to cosmetology to mechanics to body shops to radio on TV stuff even had in that was a huge, that was a huge thing. And it went away for the longest time. But now she said that it’s really it’s really starting to come back. And that there are whole schools and I know there are schools here in Texas to for for cooking for chefs and food prep and culinary Yes, culinary arts, so I couldn’t think of the word Yeah. Culinary Arts, and, you know, so there’s, there’s so much of that stuff going on now. And I’m really happy to see that because cars keep getting more and more complicated. You know, plumbers are making six figures. They see guys making six figures and, and it’s all stuff that needs to be done. Right. So I’m glad to see that kids aren’t going into $100,000 debt to get $40,000 A year and a job. Well, that that brings me to some of the big stuff that happened last week, the Supreme Court rulings which, you know, we can’t say this much these days, but three big conservative victories you had the student loan, which we’ll get back to here in a second you had affirmative action, the racist affirmative action program being declared racist and illegal, you can’t do that. And then there was oh, yeah, the the, the internet, Christian internet person who said that she couldn’t be forced to, to publish something and create something with which she didn’t agree she couldn’t be forced to to write something that she didn’t agree with, which is, of course, the same sex marriage concept. And all in the favor of conservatism and freedom in the honoring of the First Amendment or, or limited constitutional government. So about, about the student loan forgiveness stuff. I mean, the idea that Joe Biden wanted to, by the way, illegally wanted to force us all to pay for somebody else who racked up all this debt as adults. It just seemed the complete slap in the face. Yeah. Well, the whole thing is just really frustrating to me of colleges. What colleges do I mean, there is close to a trillion dollars in God dang, man, I’m going all Joe Biden all of a sudden student student loan debt. Is that what you’re talking about? No endowment? Oh, endowments. For every college, every university has some kind of endowment. Now, I don’t know what the heck those are for. But I know the University of Texas in Austin has $31 billion in endowment funds. Wow, all of that is tax free. And that’s just one university. Harvard’s the leader with $39 billion. And I don’t know, it just seems to me that, that they’ve got to the best of both worlds. They don’t have to pay taxes, and they can charge whatever they want. And that just doesn’t seem right doesn’t. I guess you know, you don’t have to pay you don’t have to go to school. But well, you don’t have to get into a contract as an adult and say, I’m going to get into debt. I’m going to I know I’m going to get into debt. And then when you’re tired of paying for it, shove it off on the people who didn’t go to college. It’s like, why am I paying for some? Some, you know, underwater basket weaving study or some liberal studies person who got $100,000 in debt for a worthless degree. I didn’t make that decision. Why am I on the hook for it? Right? Well, one, government should not be involved in loaning money. Thank you. Yes, thanks. Once again, loan money to kids who have no kind of credit, no kind of equity, nothing like that, you know, nothing to show for their own then. That’s on the banks. And if they go belly up, they should not be bailed out by the government. So that’s the biggest thing to government should not be handing out money for kids to go to school. Yep. Secondly, I do think that there’s some predatory loans going on where they are just flat taking advantage of kids, because you don’t have to have anything and you can get 100 grand to go to college. I know. I mean, and it’s cash. I don’t and what does that do to The cost of education when you know your backstopped, all they do is like, well, since they’re since they’re gonna get monies, monies hand over fist courtesy of the federal government backstop of the federal government, I’m gonna make my tuition from $20,000 a year to $50,000 a year because I’m gonna get the money. And so it’s, it’s it, it is just bad business. It’s bad policy and it’s wrong. Yeah, it’s just wrong and wrong that that, you know, and of course not everybody wanted their student debt relief that, you know that just that’s the way it is you, you signed the note and now you got to pay it. And hopefully you got a job out of the deal to to be able to afford to pay it healthily. And but yeah, it’s just the whole system’s just seems wrong. I don’t know. Everything seems wrong, man. I was Ted Cruz, it came out, saying You know what, it’s not the weather to blame for the reason why your planes are so late. It’s the government’s interference. And a week ago, I had two of my staff members over at the at the Newsmax show me one waited on the tarmac for six hours, six hours in the plane in the plane before they took off. Then the other one was in the Bahamas or something like that trying to get back in the United States. Again, flight delayed for by about 12 hours. And then a family member of mine, got out of DFW flew into Philadelphia sat in Philadelphia on a on a scheduled layover for three hours, then sat on the plane, another six hours took off, only to be turned back around and did land having a train to the final destination. And I’m thinking to myself, Man, why is this all of a sudden so hard in America? And I and I said it I go has nothing to do with the business. It’s a result of government interference. And then Cruz comes out a week later saying, yeah, it’s government’s fault. The reason why this is all happening? Well, I mean, they’re the ones hiring the FAA people. So that’s a big part of it. Yeah. I’m sure there are regulations that I just don’t know and understand, on the airlines that make it difficult. But a lot of it is the airline’s fault. We saw the Southwest stuff over Christmas. And that was because they don’t have updated computer stuff now. Well, so. Yes. And then the COVID decisions that these airlines made, and it is none of it. I mean, I don’t want to say that they’re completely blameless. But here we are in 2023. And the planes can’t run on time. And it’s like, wait a minute, you’re blaming the weather. The weather’s always been with us and it’s always been wicked. And somehow you found a way around it, but it’s because we have less money. We have less resources, less wealth, and it’s an it shows its man, I don’t want to be too hyperbolic about this. But it feels like this is what this is what a declining failing society feels like. Is that too far? Well, it’s par for the course for you. You are a doomsayer. But am I wrong? Am I wrong? It is. Things aren’t good. Things are not good. Yeah. Okay. I’ll go with that now. Unless your name is Hunter Biden. I’m going to read up headline for you and I have I didn’t run folks. I didn’t run this by Sean ahead of time. I’m just going to read it and let him give his reaction. Exclusive from the UK Daily Mail. Life in the fast lane. How reckless Hunter Biden photographed himself driving at 172 miles per hour behind the wheel of his Porsche in route to a day’s long Vegas Bender with prostitutes and pictured himself smoking crack while behind the wheel. Your reaction man Well, if red light cameras can give me a ticket why can’t they just retroactively arrested he’s doing all that dude. He’s never been charged on drug charges. He’s been he’s been thrown out of the Navy with a an honorable discharge for for coking out in the Navy. But never never had to face the music there. And now we’re hearing his tax stuff. He got a sweetheart plea deal, no jail time. Now he can lie on a federal gun form. And no jail time. It’s like seriously, dude. Yeah, go try doing that. Crack 172 miles an hour on crack. Wow. Well, I did. I also saw today that there’s a there’s a memorandum that apparently has been leaked or something about the official answer that aides are supposed to give. Biden’s aides are supposed to give When it comes to the number of grandchildren he has, yeah. six children, six grandchildren, of course, you know, the little two year old didn’t. She’s four and a half Caroline or whatever she four she’s four. That, you know has not been recognized and even though that That case was settled last week that he is indeed the father and good financially responsible for her. That yeah, she is not official granddaughter, that poor little girl. Yeah, it’s really sad. I mean, first of all, you got you know, crackhead dad is not going to be in the picture. You got an extra per mom, who, you know, I’m not judging her for that. You know, there’s there’s lots of women that are on and had great families and needed a little extra money at Christmas. And so the script, big deal. Yeah, but you know, but that’s, that’s every headline is ex stripper. So yeah, that poor little kid. I just, it’s just awful. Those kinds of situations. Yeah, she didn’t ask for to have a loser father, and a mom who has poor taste. And man, let’s just put it that way. And to have Grandpa Joe, you know, Mr. Compassion, saying, oh, yeah, screw you. You don’t exist. It’s, I’m sorry. Yeah. And it’s also it also reflects the quote unquote, values or lack thereof, of the Biden’s and with all the other crap, which I’m not going to bore you with? What’s going on politically with this family? It is par for the course. Man. It is par for the course. Well, glad to see you’re back in the saddle. And yeah, man. We’ll we will continue to press on and get you back on next week for the next show behind the show. Sounds good. Yeah, it does sound good. You don’t want the show behind the show. It is our only weekly feature here on the Salcedo storm podcast and you guys, I get more email about just two dudes rapping about what what life’s all about. Then almost all of the other stuff combined. So thanks a lot, guys. We appreciate you appreciating the show behind the show. My buddy Sean Chasteen and me your liberty loving Latino folks, that’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast visit Chris Visit Texas Catch the Chris Salcedo shows on ks evey catch us on Newsmax TV as well. Until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s work is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. We measure a society’s worth by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends

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