Doug Kelly is the President and CEO of the American Edge Project. Doug joined AEP as Chief Executive Officer in September 2021 to spearhead AEP’s effort to protect America’s technology innovation edge. He is working to raise awareness about China and its technological advances.

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Got a couple of podcasts this week dealing with Communist China. As you all know, Communist China is our main geopolitical threat in the United States. The polling is finally catching up with this. There was a CNBC I think poll that came out at least I saw this on CNBC, where 50% of Americans believe Communist China is our greatest adversary. I believe they’re a dedicated enemy. As we articulated in a previous podcast, they are teaming up with Mother Russia. Militarily, they are teaming up with other BRICS nations of the sea and the BRICS stands for China. And they are looking to supplant the world’s reserve currency from being the US dollar and make it something else, which of course, will turn the United States into a third world country overnight. And they’re doing this with malign intent. They are not our friends over in communist China. 

Now, there are some issues that I have, with the way the Democrats approach China, they look at China with envy, Barack Hussein Obama envied the power that the Communist Chinese government had over its people, which is totalitarian and Beijing, Biden said this just a couple of weeks back. 

“Now, we’re also united in our approach to the People’s Republic of China. And the joint statement released yesterday, outlines the shared principles we’ve all agreed at the g7 and beyond dealing with China. We’re not looking to decouple from China, we’re looking to derisk and diversify,”

Which is a bunch of bull crap. It’s a bunch of bull, we’re not looking to decouple. That’s all you need to know. They want to keep money flowing into Communist China so they can build bombs and bullets to kill Americans. And I’m sorry, friends, decoupling should be our agenda. We should not be financing for the first time in human history, the United States is financing our own defeat. I think it’s the first time for any nation to actually be financing its own defeat. That’s precisely what we’re doing. If we listen to Democrats. Now some other headlines that I think paint a mosaic here, this is from Business Insider Lynette Lopez writing the headline, China’s economy is way more screwed than anyone thought. Entering 2023 The relentless drumbeat of Wall Street consensus was pounding out one consistent rhythm. China is back after years of lock downs and suppressed output economists and investors cheered the end of Beijing’s zero China virus policy and the economic boom that was sure to follow the Colossus in waiting that is the Chinese consumer was about to roam freely. Analysts said this was great news for the whole world. Everyone would benefit from the globe’s second largest economy getting healthy. But six months into the year, Wall Street’s dreams for the country are turning into a nightmare far from an economic explosion. China’s recovery from the China virus has been weak. Industrial production has been disappointing. A trade with both imports and exports has slowed markedly. Why? Because it’s a command economy. Why? Because the equivalent of Beijing Biden and Alexandria Ocasio Cortes run Communist China. And their job is to suppress human tendency. Their job is to suppress rights, freedoms and liberty. They can’t conceive of unleashing their economy because they can’t control it. And if they unleash their economy, then they’re going to lose control, and no leftist can ever sanction that, whether they be a Democrat in the United States, or the ruling class over in communist China. Then there’s this same Business Insider, a different author from Jake Epstein and Jacob Zink Kula, the US and China are gearing up for war. And America isn’t ready. And a showdown between the world’s two largest powers neither side is ever going to come to the table fully prepared for war, the mobilization required to fight in a global conflict is monumental. And until the fighting starts, it can be impossible to anticipate the scope of resources that are required. While the world should hope a full scale conflict between China and the US can be avoided. Relations between the two superpowers continued to deteriorate. Now politicians, experts and even America’s military leaders have started to raise the question. Just how prepared is the United States if the threats from Beijing become something more serious? 

And by the way, folks, what is the date on this thing? July 27, just after this was published, Communist China teamed up with Mother Russia to send 11 warships very close to Alaska never quite getting into our, into our territorial waters. But they are testing they know we are weak. They are no we are run by weaklings like Beijing Biden, and the Democrat Party who are more sympathetic to the communist way of life than they are to the American way of life. 

Then there’s this from the spectator. It is a headline my friends that should give a lot of us pause. Ian Williams is the author. This is, China’s democratic temat demographic time bomb is ticking faster. The latest warning was stark that China’s population will shrink this year, more than a decade faster than forecast. And the country will become a super aged society by 2035. The economic implications will be a huge thing now not only because of the global inner dependency on a communist nation, let’s leave that aside. Because you can all gather what that’s going to mean. But the reason why Communist China is facing a demographic time bomb right now is because they fulfilled the Democrats big dream of slaughtering children, to a degree that that few can fathom their one child policy and Communist China because communism cannot handle a population that is robust and growing and provides the proper replacement rate. Communism can’t do that only free enterprise, only capitalism can do that. 

So when China kept that one child policy in place for too many years, because again, they are run by the equivalent of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and permille, Ajay appall and those left wing morons because they’re run by people like that. They stopped their replacement rate almost dead in its tracks, their demographic time bomb is going to go off. And that means that they have a very, very small window right now to fight war, where their population is going to be able to wage war. And so now they’re timetables pushed up. We’re not the only ones watching this demographic time bomb going off faster than we thought they are watching too. And that means a conflict with the United States is going to be pushed forward because China has to fight it before they get too old to fight it. And that’s where the technological battle comes in. 

We’re losing because of Democrats we’re losing because our government can’t keep its secrets and is allowing to flow right out the door right into communist China’s hands. More on this on the Salcedo storm Podcast coming up next. 

All right, my friends. Let’s have a conversation with Doug Kelly. He is the president and CEO of the American Edge Project. Doug joined AEP as chief executive officer in September of 2021. to spearhead AEPS efforts to protect America’s technology innovation edge and edge folks, I gotta be honest, we are losing. He is working to raise awareness about China, and its technological advances. Doug, welcome back. 

Hey, Chris, thanks for having me. 

So I brought this up earlier. It turns out that Communist China has hacked again, the United States of America, they’ve hacked our State Department. And they’ve done done done so through their friends over in Google. And they’ve also hacked the Department of the Navy. So while all this is going on, Joe Biden has responded by attacking America’s water heaters. So we can’t rely on Democrats to defend this country when communists attack. So I think it’s up to We The People that understand what we’re up against, how is it that China is so easily able to exploit and hack America? 

Well, here’s the thing we are in a dogfight with China over who’s going to be the technology leader, globally. And it matters which country is that leader, right? Because technology isn’t just another sector, Chris, is the very backbone of our national security, our economic prosperity, and our values. And, you know, one of the reasons they’re able to hack like that, is they have a group called the cyber core, it’s 100,000 people. It’s employed by their defense department that is dedicated to hacking. It’s got translators, hackers, IT professionals, to stealing different countries secrets, and pulling them back in. And it’s part of China’s three part plan to win the tech race. First, they want to build their own capabilities, their second, they’re going to steal as much technology as they can. And third, they want to make the world dependent on Chinese technology. technology so that they have leveraged, and so it matters which country builds the future, and we got to have every person on our government, both at the state federal level, helping us in this effort to win. 

Well, let me ask you about that. Because I think the American people have to be more discerning about who we elect as politicians. We don’t want to elect politicians, we want to elect leaders. Let me give you an example of this. I think you and I can agree that semiconductors, microchips, they are part of the advancements in technology and defense and in medicine, and basically entertainment that is crucial to the American economy and to our security. Can you want to agree on that? 


Now, I think it’s fair for guys like you and me to say, whose bright idea was it to take something that is arguably the most important aspect of national defense and our financial prowess and say, Oh, I got a great idea because this is what our elected politicians, not leaders, what our politicians did, they move the manufacturing of these chips and the elements of these of the manufacturing of these chips over to places like Ukraine, on Russia’s doorstep and Taiwan on China’s doorstep. Do you think it’s smart for politicians to move America’s vital infrastructure that, arguably, is a key to our survival? Moving it over on the doorstep of our enemies? 

Yeah, I think you know, it’s the end of the day, there are certain technologies or strategic nature like semiconductors that we have to have built. Here, we have to have made in the USA, we have to either have it made here or with an ally, who is not threatened by any hostile power. Because look, everybody saw during the pandemic, what happens when we have supply chain shortages of key things like semiconductors, right, automobile companies were building cars, but they were sitting in parking lots unable to sell because they needed one final chip to go in. I mean, cars take 6000 chips. And so you know, I’ll give credit to President Trump for raising the alarm about China, I’ll give credit to Congress for passing the bill that helped create more manufacturing of microchips here. But really, at the end of the day, sometimes Congress is really focusing on hurting our private sector, technology companies. And that is our number one advantage against China, because China’s doing a top down approach to try and rebuild their military through technology. And it’s America’s technology companies that are really leading the way in helping our national security, our economy and for our values. 

Yeah, you’ve got a lot of sorry that there’s just me a lot of left wing folks, both political parties who seem to be invested in making sure they do everything they possibly can to advantage Communist China, over America, because these people don’t believe in capitalism and the free market anymore. They think that China has the right way of doing things, folks, we’re talking to Doug Kelly, he’s the president and CEO of the American edge project, you guys just published a national security paper. Let me ask you a question. Did you guys go over our loss of our technology advantage with Communist China? I mean, I remember growing up, and members of my family who are in the military telling me, you know, we’ve got about a 2015 20 year headstart on any one of our enemies and adversaries, technologically speaking. And my understanding is that that advantage has completely evaporated. Is that yours? 

Yeah, I mean, you know, the recent study by Harvard Kennedy School that showed China is the world’s top high tech manufacturing, manufacturer. And it’s a real serious competitor with us in the foundational technologies for the 21st century, like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, semiconductors, and biotechnology. So we have to do everything possible to make sure that our tech companies are freed up to innovate and aren’t hamstrung by unnecessary regulations, laws that want to break these companies up in different pieces. Because then they that’s going to be the deciding difference. And this tech race is going to be one, Chris, in the next decade. So we can’t have short sighted policies, hurting our best innovators. Because otherwise, we’re gonna see the same movie we saw with manufacturing, right? I mean, every city including Texas, welcome a lot of manufacturing jobs to China over the last two decades, because of short sighted decision by lawmakers, we cannot have the same thing happened with technology. 

Let me give you an example. And I’m just dying to hear what you think about this an example of what I believe is part of our problem. And it is this massive, unaccountable bureaucracy that guys like John Cornyn, that guys like Mitch McConnell, or Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, they have no prayer of managing, it’s grown. It’s its own monster. It’s its own beast. And because we don’t have enough grown ups in charge, who are able to monitor what’s going on stories like this happen. I’ll give you an example. It’s something called a vanadium redox flow battery. It was technology that was paid for by the American taxpayer. Barack Hussein Obama started this he gave the money to American companies to develop this battery technology. And guess what they did American free enterprise. They did they invented a battery that basically stays at the same level throughout its entire life, which is about 30 years. So you know how with your iPhone, Doug, you know, when when you when you use it over time, it doesn’t hold the charge as long? Well, the vanadium redox flow batteries don’t suffer from that you charge it. It’s full 100% It’s in nearly its entire life of 30 years. And then it then it, then it poops out. But it was a radical advancement and battery technology, something that the Democrats and left us in this country say we needed. But America allowed it because of our federal bureaucracy and the Department of Energy, allowed it to walk right out the door, have a company and American company being bought up by Communist China. And now we don’t make it Communist China does, isn’t that emblematic of our problem. 

That’s one of the reasons why we have to do everything possible to protect the innovations that we develop and create, right. So like I said earlier, you know, China is dead set on stealing as much intellectual property as possible. But sometimes they steal it, sometimes they acquire it sometimes, you know, they do forced joint mergers with American companies who are working over there. So we have to have our eyes wide open. Because at the end of the day, the US and China have two very different sets of values, right? Their view of the internet and technology is closed, censoring, and controlling. And America’s view is open, accessible, and empowering. And, you know, bottom line, if China becomes the world’s technology leader, their values are going to be embedded in technology. And it’s going to be spread around the globe, we can’t have that happen. And that’s why we’re asking lawmakers in America to make sure that they’re helping accelerate innovation in US lawmakers in Europe who were targeting us tech companies for really tough new regulations, because they’re trying to help their industry out. But what they’re really doing, Chris, is they’re helping China. 

Yeah, folks. And trust me, you don’t want to live in a world where Communist China is setting the table as to what values are. Because that world is genocidal. That world is racist, that world is totalitarian with a loss of freedom and a loss of quality of life that no American wants to experience except for your average Democrat voter and your average Democrat politician, 

Doug Kelly, everybody, President and CEO of the American edge project. If folks want to support what you’re doing and want to find out more about what you’re doing, where can they go? 

Yeah, they can come to our website, American edge. And I just urge your audience, I know how active they are. Pick up the phone and call your lawmakers in Washington, DC, and say, Hey, you got to stand up for American technology as China don’t pass laws or regulations that help Communist China take the tech lead. 

Doug Kelly, sir, thank you very much appreciate the expertise on the Salcedo storm podcast. That’s gonna do what everybody for this one, make sure you visit a couple of websites Texas and, you go there to those websites. And you will be informed at Texas scorecard about everything that’s happening in Texas and beyond. You go to Chris You’ll be educated and where to find me. You’ll be able to find our social media hookups, you’ll be able to find the locals page if you haven’t. If you haven’t paid a visit to a locals chat, kids. It is unprecedented access to me to where you get to influence some of the things that happen on the shows on the Chris Salcedo show on KSL TV or on Newsmax so make sure you check it out at your leisure until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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