Reflections on Life & Liberty
Would We Answer?

One day into the siege of the Alamo, on February 24, 1836, William Barret Travis wrote a desperate letter seeking aid from his fellow Texians and all Americans in the world. You see, rather than offer an easy and dishonorable surrender to the far superior forces surrounding them, Travis and his men were determined to use their last breath in the fight for cause of liberty.

Their plea, of course, went unanswered. I find myself wondering what I would have done back then? More importantly, of course, is to ask what will we do today? When liberty is threatened, do we embrace our creature comforts, or run to the action?


Who Do You Love?

We’re called to love God and love others, not ourselves.

In the Beginning

To appreciate salvation, we must embrace our spiritual context.

Downstream from Faith

“Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”