All for outrageous spending by Fort Worth area schools stand up and holler. The Star Telegram is reporting that five schools in Fort Worth will be sending their football teams to Abilene at a cost of more than $1500 per trip and that amount only covers the fuel for the eight buses “needed”.

That’s right: eight buses. Because leaving the band, cheerleaders and spirit groups at home is so far, “something not many schools have decided to do.” The schools should decide not to make the trips and save taxpayers the money.

Amarillo ISD is in a similar position traveling to San Angelo and Odessa this football season. The combined total for travel alone based on current estimates will be over $5000. Add in the juice boxes, snacks, and hourly wages and that’s one expensive away game.

The private sector has found and implemented multiple solutions to similar districting nightmares. Grapevine Faith saved itself trips to Lubbock and Midland by petitioning to be included in TAPPS 5a division rather than stay in 4a. Other private schools unable to move up divisions have resorted to scheduling double headers to cut costs or by leaving unnecessary entities like the band, cheerleaders and spirit groups behind.

Our state-funded schools have over-inflated budgets and an over-inflated sense that those budgets are justified. Herb Stevens, FWISD athletic director wants us to look at the bright side, “At least we’re not Abilene.” Abilene has to make two trips to Fort Worth.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.


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