In a discovery revealed exclusively to Texas Scorecard, the American Accountability Foundation (a non-partisan watchdog group) has uncovered a shocking email sent by a Texas A&M professor.

The email was found as part of an open records request from UT-Austin. AAF had sent the request as part of due diligence into Moody College of Communications journalism professor Kathleen McElroy.  As Texas Scorecard has documented, McElroy was recently the subject of controversy, after she was nearly hired as Texas A&M’s journalism school director before declining the offer following public backlash for her background in pushing divisive racial narratives.

While the investigation revealed little new about McElroy, the tranche of documents released included the following email from Texas A&M professor Nathan Crick to McElroy. Crick is currently a professor of communications.  According to his bio, Crick specializes in “critical studies.”

In the email, Crick claims the Texas A&M board of regents are “holding onto their Texan whiteness.” He further suggests that regents possess “bags of oil money.”

Notably, according to the A&M system website, regents Robert Albritton, David Baggett, and Jay Graham have direct ties to the energy industry. It is unknown whether Professor Crick intended his email as a personal attack on the regents in question.

Adam Cahn, a Texas based AAF staffer, released the following statement:

What kind of ship are they running in Aggieland?!?

Texas A&M bills itself to alumni and donors as the ‘conservative’ alternative to UT-Austin, yet for this sort of document to pop-up in what should have been an unrelated inquiry at a separate institution illustrates a cultural problem in College Station.  Beyond its rank insubordination, Professor Crick’s comments are a direct assault on the business interests of regents Albritton, Baggett, and Graham.

Leftist institutional capture is a failure by the Texas A&M board of regents far graver than the ongoing Jimbo Fischer/DJ Durkin farce.

The American Accountability Foundation calls upon the Texas A&M board of regents, Governor Abbott, and the Texas Legislature to eliminate leftist institutional capture. Texas taxpayers expect no less.

The Texas A&M Board of Regents is appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott and confirmed by the Texas Senate.

Concerned Texans may contact the Texas A&M board of regents at (979) 458-7700.

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