President Donald Trump’s wall isn’t the only thing under construction along the southern border. Border wall protestors, supported by anarchist groups and native tribes, are building an extensive network of campsites near what they refer to as the “so-called border.” The campsites are intended to support illegal immigration, resist the construction of the wall and fuel pipelines, and reclaim tribal lands from “colonizers.”

Supplied by the main “Somi Se’k Village Base Camp” near Floresville, the smaller camps, or “wolf packs,” aim to span outward from “what is now known as Mission, TX” to encompass the entire Rio Grande Valley. The wolf packs will work with the Carrizo-Comecrudo tribe to recreate ancestral villages on both sides of the border wall. From there, they will be “providing aid to [their] asylum seeking relatives”, “protecting indigenous sacred sites”, “resisting construction of…fossil fuel pipelines”, and “stopping the border wall.”

Anarchists and the tribe recently joined to host a “Day of Solidarity” that revealed a conspicuous leftist ideology, as the group organized “to address the ongoing and coming crises of capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy, climate catastrophe, and more.” The Somi Se’k Facebook page invites volunteers from all walks of life, including “Natives and non-Natives…[and] other collectives…” However, the participating Autonomous Student Network – an anarchist group that has repeatedly doxxed conservative students attending the University of Texas – writes on its website that “whites are expected to bring their own [supplies].”

Ironically capitalistic, the campsite network appears to be funded by resources from Camps A Rising, an environmental activist organization that provides equipment to protestors. A quick scan of the Somi Se’k Facebook page reveals that activists have purchased supplies such as water purifiers, olive-drab tents, and walkie-talkies.

Evidently, the protestors erecting this resistance camp network believe that Texans can lay no property claims to land. They tout the existence of cities and borders as being illegitimate, and they embrace the idea that people should be able to “migrate” freely across others’ boundaries because nobody can truly own land (excepting, of course, the claims they lay to it). And with increasing boldness, the protestors are gathering the resources to act upon their views.

What they do may indeed surprise everyone, and contractors and law enforcement must remain vigilant for possible confrontations.

While it may be virtuous to offer thoughtful concessions to those who view the world differently, surely it is also virtuous to defend the interests of the most people possible when fundamental differences of perspective exist. Right now, that means representatives must accommodate the needs of Texans, who are growing tired of illegal immigration.

Sabotage of Texans’ security and infrastructure should not be tolerated.

Corey Rogan

Corey is a junior in college studying public policy. Introduced to the world of politics at a young age, he quickly became concerned about the disconnect he saw between America's founding principles and the political reality in which he lived. Corey’s goal is to serve as a bridge between America’s exceptional history and his generation. Through his involvement with Convention of States, Empower Texans, Young Americans for Freedom, and the College Republicans, he is always ready to promote and protect America’s founding principles.


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