Earlier this month, Texas A&M announced that vaccine requirements would begin rolling out to employees and possibly students who were qualified under federal contracts with the university. Now some nursing students at University of Texas at Tyler have been notified that the vaccine will be a requirement for them as well. 

According to an email sent by UT Tyler, students enrolled in the nursing program and participating in clinical practice will be required to get at least one dose of the COVID vaccine by December 5th. By January 4th they will need to be fully vaccinated.

The university’s clinical facilities fall under President Joe Biden’s executive order as CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid). 

Gov. Greg Abbott has so far been reluctant to call another special session to address medical freedom, despite his political opponents, members of the legislature, and the Texas GOP insisting he do so. Instead, he has resorted to implementing the policy via executive order, which has been repeatedly ignored.

State-funded universities in Texas are governed by a board of regents who determine policies for the school to uphold, similar to a school board for an ISD. However, regents are not elected. In Texas they are appointed by the governor and approved by the senate. 

Not only has Abbott refused to call the legislature into session to defend Texans’ medical freedom, but he also appointed university leaders who are allowing taxpayer funds to be used on vaccination campaigns. These campaigns known as “Vaccine incentive programs” allow vaccinated students to participate in raffles to receive prizes from Visa gift cards, to tuition reimbursements. 

While public funds are being used to discriminate against people who have a right to medical freedom, the decision to call lawmakers into a special session to end the practice remains in the governor’s court.

Griffin White

After graduating high school with an associates degree in fine arts, Griffin chose to seek experience in his field of interest rather than attend university. He describes himself as a patriotic Fort Worth native with a passion for cars and guitars. He is now a fellow for Texas Scorecard.


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