The Texas National Guard has installed new anti-climb concertina wire fences near El Paso as the border crisis worsens.

The anti-climb barricades are similar to the fences that were built in Brownsville late last year. According to KTSM, the anti-climb barricades consist of wire fence panels 12 feet tall and laced with a 3-foot thick looping layer of concertina wire. In Brownsville, the goal is to construct 6,000 feet of anti-climb barricades.

Fox News Reporter Matt Finn posted a video on X of the project in early April. “Exclusive: first up-close look at Texas’ new wire fence and barrier going up in El Paso. Miles of it. Similar to the effective ‘wall’ in Shelby Park, Eagle Pass,” he wrote.

This follows the March 21 incident where a surge of illegal aliens breached the border wall in El Paso and rushed Texas National Guardsmen—resulting in approximately $2,500 worth of damages. More than 200 illegals have since been charged in connection with the riot.

Since the border rush, Gov. Greg Abbott has also deployed hundreds of additional troops to El Paso—posting the move to X on March 30.

“More than 700 National Guard troops surged to El Paso after migrants breached razor wire barrier. That includes 200 Soldiers of the Texas Tactical Border Force deployed to El Paso this past week. Mission: Hold the line & deny illegal entry,” he posted.

Border Czar Mike Banks explained the importance of the anti-climb barricades in another video recently posted by Gov. Abbott.

“We need to continue building upon those successes [of 2023],” Banks said. “We need to continue putting in temporary infrastructure in the form of anti-climb fencing, concertina wire, razor wire, [and] border buoy barriers. Texas is going to protect Texas. We’re going to defend Texas.”

Will Biagini

Will was born in Louisiana and raised in a military family. He currently serves as a journalist with Texas Scorecard. Previously, he was a senior correspondent for Campus Reform.