According to recently released campaign finance records, liberal billionaire George Soros donated $1 million to current Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Democrat challenger Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

Soros made billions as a hedge fund manager and now spends much of his fortune funding liberal causes through philanthropic and personal donations. Since 1984 Soros has donated more than $32 billion to Democrat politicians and organizations.

Through his Open Society Foundations group, Soros funds a variety of “individuals and organizations across the globe fighting for freedom of expression, accountable government, and societies that promote justice and equality.” The advocacy affiliate of this group issues grants to smaller activist organizations.

Soros often supports groups pushing for lax immigration enforcement. The Vera Institute of Justice, one Soros-backed organization, recently received a $172 million contract from the federal government to help illegal border crossers evade deportation. Using government funds, the institute will hire attorneys to represent unaccompanied minors who enter the country illegally.

Similarly, during his presidential campaign, O’Rourke promised to partner with Congress and grant citizenship to more than 11 million illegal border crossers. He also voiced support for eliminating former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico Policy.” The mandate requires non-Mexican migrants to stay in Mexico while waiting for their U.S. court date.

Soros also supports policies aimed at radically reforming the country’s criminal justice system. The billionaire has spent more than $30 million funding the campaigns of progressive Democrat district attorney candidates across the country. Many Soros-backed candidates support policies to reduce “racial disparities” in the criminal justice system, lowering the penalties for drug offenses, and defunding the police.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s communications director, Mark Miner, linked Soros’ favored policies with O’Rourke’s gubernatorial campaign promises.

“It’s no surprise Beto O’Rourke received a $1 million campaign contribution from billionaire George Soros, liberal Democrats’ favorite check writer, given they both support defunding our police, open borders, and radical energy policies,” said Miner.

The $1 million donation came as part of $27.6 million raised by O’Rourke during the reporting period, which runs from February 20 through the end of June. Abbott raised $24.9 million during the same period.

Abbott, however, still boasts a larger war chest, with $45.7 million cash on hand compared to O’Rourke’s $23.9 million.

Although O’Rourke is currently lagging behind Abbott in recent polls for the November general election, it remains to be seen whether funding from one of liberal Democrats’ largest donors will jumpstart his campaign.

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.