A faith-based organization with a patriotic mission, Patriots for America Militia began as a means of fighting child sex trafficking. Now they are stationed in Kinney County to assist the local sheriff’s office in protecting the Texas-Mexico border. 

Our mission is “to be the hands and feet of Christ, everywhere we go,” Patriots for America Militia founder Samuel Hall told Texas Scorecard

From praying over them to providing medical attention to illegal border crossers as they wait for law enforcement, Hall and PFA are on a humanitarian mission to help the people of Kinney County and to respect and care for the individual lives of the illegal border crossers. 

Hall explains that—while they are incredibly empathetic to the plight of these people and their search for a better life in the U.S.—as a nation of laws, these illegal aliens need to enter the country legally. 

PFA intends to be on the border for as long as Kinney County needs, and Sheriff Brad Coe estimates it will be three years—the length of Joe Biden’s remaining presidential term. 

Kinney County, with a population of fewer than 4,000 residents, has been relatively ignored by the Texas government in Operation Lone Star. The Texas National Guard is not stationed in Kinney County, and DPS can only provide limited help.

The commissioners court in Kinney County recently approved the deputizing of up to 10 residents by Sheriff Coe in an attempt to provide needed relief for local law enforcement. Hence, Kinney County residents and local law enforcement have welcomed the additional PFA presence, although Texas regional DPS has tried to drive them out of the area. 

According to Hall, the regional director of DPS in the Kinney County area threatened to remove all DPS presence from Kinney County unless Sheriff Coe sent the militia away.  However, Sheriff Coe told DPS that a constitutional militia had every right to be there, and he refused to send PFA out of Kinney County. 

Since then, Hall says the group has been targeted.

 “We’ve been harassed. And I’ll call it what it is, because that’s what it feels like; it feels like harassment from DPS ever since. They follow us around with drones. While we’re on ops, we’ve been pulled over probably seven, eight, nine times now, for no reason. The ground units have been particularly, with the exception of a couple situations, very cordial, very professional with us. You know, they’re just doing what they’re told to do in their paramilitary kind of organization. And so naturally, they have orders that they have to follow,” said Hall. 

“But nevertheless, it still makes it hard for us. We’re just there trying to help and then we were told by DPS that if we call them, they’re not to show up to help us in any way. Well, that’s discouraging, because they’re law enforcement.”

Kinney County, which encompasses just under 1,400 square miles of land, only has six deputies in the county. Since not all six deputies are on duty at once, there may only be two or three deputies on duty at any one point. 

“So if I can’t get a hold of them or they’re busy, the next people that are present would be DPS. And to know that he has ordered his men, you know, to not help us in any way, well, that’s wrong. That is wrong. And it’s discouraging. I don’t even know if it’s legal to do,” said Hall. 

With the DPS regional director refusing to work with the militia in any capacity and spending time antagonizing the militia rather than catching illegal border crossers and traffickers, citizens remain in danger from the illegal activity in the area. 

“You had a 73-year-old woman get brutally raped by two or three cartel [members] that came across. And she almost died. She spent about a month and a half in the hospital. Sometimes they leave dead bodies in the street just to intimidate locals. None of them are residents. But still, nevertheless, those are human beings. Those are souls. And, of course, they hurt people that they come across on those caravans, and they sexually assault and brutally rape them,” Hall explained.

“It’s a mess on the border, and it’s all being orchestrated and engineered by the Biden administration, on the altar of political gain and power,” Hall added. 

“How do you turn Texas blue?” Hall asked, believing that Democrat domination in Texas is the goal for this open border policy. “Well, you open up our borders wide open, you dangle a carrot out there … $450,000 a person, and I don’t think they have any intention of giving anybody $450,000 … for being separated from their families, for coming across illegally. But what it does is it dangles that fear in people that were sitting on the couch that didn’t want to make that trip. Well, now $450,000 sounds very enticing. And so now they’re going to be coming across, as well. And so it’s just a perpetuation of an already desperate situation. It truly is a tragedy to this nation.”  

Hall and PFA have chosen to gear up and defend a porous border that the government has seemingly abandoned. 

However, Hall has a message for all Texans requesting prayers and assistance: 

“[We will stay as] long as we can to sustain this ministry. You know, it takes money, it takes donations, it takes supplies, it takes all [of us].” 

Hall’s hope in the midst of the border crisis is that their everyday actions to help their neighbors inspires a movement.

“My hope is that we’re giving people hope where they felt hopeless. My hope is that we’re standing up to a state and federal government, especially a federal government that has abandoned us and betrayed us. And so if we can inspire others, well, we can spark a movement. And if we can spark that movement, and we can have the manpower that we need, and maybe the political aspirations of others to get involved in Austin and D.C. …” said Hall. 

“We need people in Washington, we need people in Austin that can make a difference. And I guess my hope is that we’re inspiring those people to get in this fight, to get activated, and to help us make a difference. You know, not everybody’s meant to carry a sword. Some people are meant to yield the pen, but the pen is more powerful than the sword. We need those people in legislative offices that can wield the pen righteously and not be compromised by lobbyists to cross the aisle with money and political promises, etc. We need people that can stay conservative and not become RINOs once they get into office.” 

Patriots for America Militia has endorsed former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West in the Republican gubernatorial primary, with Hall stating, “I’ve known him since 2016. A great man, patriot veteran, will stand up for this country, will stand up for our military, will stand up for our state. And we believe he’s the right man for the job.” 

However, Hall acknowledged that whatever the outcome of the primary, PFA is an “Anyone but Abbott” organization and would throw its support behind Chad Prather or Don Huffines over incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott.

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.