An alert Pratt on Texas listener caught a problem with the Census all are clamoring for us to return:

“Pratt, I went out of town for spring break and, as expected when I returned, my U.S. Census form was in the mailbox. Knowing what it was, I threw it to the side and ignored it. I went to the office the next day and in my inbox were two U.S. Census forms – one addressed to a street address in East Lubbock and the other one to a street address in Littlefield.

“When I got home that evening I opened the one sent to my home address. I read it and it said “as of April 1, 2010 do you have…..” well it’s not April 1st yet so I don’t know. So I didn’t fill it out cause it says as of April 1st. Yesterday I receive a postcard from the the U.S. Department of Commerce saying they hadn’t received my census information yet. “It’s not April 1st yet”! I can’t answer it truthfully.

“This is the same government that is now going to verify my health benefits and give my provider prior authorizations for my health care. Are you kidding me?”

I checked my, also thrown to the side, census form and he’s right – it does say that the count is as of April 1st and yet, the government is telling you to send it in now. Would that not be perjury of some form to fill it out before the date upon which the count is to be taken?

It’s all par for the government course.

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