Chad Prather, GOP Candidate for Governor, Sues Facebook Over Suspension - Texas Scorecard

UPDATE: Chad Prather says the temporary restraining order against Facebook has been granted.

Original Story:

On Monday, media personality and Republican candidate for Texas governor Chad Prather was suspended from Facebook for a week.

Now Prather is taking the fight to court.

According to Facebook, Prather violated community standards on harassment and bullying when he responded to a woman trolling his account and essentially told her to do more research and spare him the “victimhood.”

The suspension handed down from Facebook placed Prather in “Facebook jail” up until Election Day.

Prather’s suit accuses Facebook and Gov. Greg Abbott of collusion to censor Abbott’s gubernatorial primary opponents, stating, “A California-based social media platform is actively interfering in the Texas gubernatorial elections to tip the scales in favor of the sitting governor of Texas so that he can give them a sweetheart business deal using taxpayer money.”

Although the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 20 in the second legislative special session to prohibit viewpoint discrimination by social media companies active in Texas, Abbott has been courting Facebook to potentially build a new data center in Texas while publicly bashing the social media giant for censorship.

“That Facebook appears to be actively interfering in the Texas governor’s election to benefit the sitting governor, Greg Abbott, in order to protect a private deal that would grant Facebook subsidies with taxpayer dollars to build a new facility in Texas, is a political scandal of epic proportions,” said Prather’s attorney Paul Davis. “This corruption and affront on free and fair elections in Texas is an outrage that must be stopped immediately by our courts.”

The lawsuit may be viewed below: