Liberals have a structural problem. Due to a reproductive imbalance, they need to convert conservatives in order to stay in business. Their best weapon has always been bribery. They trade welfare for votes, all the better if they can dignify welfare with names like “Social Security” and “Medicare.” Of course, they don’t produce their bribe money; they tax it away from producers.

This leads us to an impractical fact concerning health care reform and Democrats.

First let’s review: we insure 30 million new people, make the medical industry less capitalistic (i.e. profitable), and put Obama and Pelosi in charge of it. We’ll have greater demand and less supply; it simply has to lead to rationing. The New York Times, Obama’s cheering section, argued some time ago that health care rationing shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

More seniors vote than any other age group and a many of them vote Democrat. I’ll venture a guess that it isn’t the pro-gay or pro-abortion agenda that motivates Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma to vote Democrat. It’s the ownership Democrats have over Medicare and Social Security. Democrats don’t threaten to reform it the way George W. Bush did.

But seniors are smart. They know they lose in the healthcare rationing game, and that very soon it will be game-on. The Democrats are betting they can make up for the losses in senior votes with gains in every other age group, since this new welfare entitlement is designed to buy the rest of us off.

I predict the country stays mad and seniors go Republican en masse in November.