Mark Strama, a Democrat representing North Austin and Pflugerville, is proving that he is not beholden to liberal orthodoxy when it comes to fiscal responsibility. He has filed the following bills:

HB 2966 mandates that funds collected from specialty license plate fees must be used for the purpose and/or entity for which it was dedicated

HB3430 requires that all state government expenditures be posted online, promoting public transparency in state spending.

HB 2533 would provide tax relief to small businesses from the onerous new state business tax by allowing them to deduct the cost of their independent contractor employees from their tax liability under the new tax – currently, only formal employees’ compensation can be deducted from gross receipts, which are taxed at 1 percent even if the business is not profitable.

Bravo to Representative Strama for stepping up to the plate on these issues and taking a swing for Texas taxpayers.