It is no secret that Texas’ Democrat Party wants to take back their former stronghold. If Texas had gone blue in 2016, Donald Trump would have lost and Hillary Clinton would have become president.

Trump carried Texas by nine points in 2016, but with Ted Cruz only narrowly beating Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke in 2018 and polling suggesting former Vice President Joe Biden would beat Trump if the election was held today, Republicans nationwide have reason for concern.

On top of these numbers, Texas Republicans are dealing with the fallout from a disappointing legislative session and a constant news cycle that can often be hostile to conservatives.

It’s here that Democrats see an opportunity.

Earlier this year, Speaker Nancy Pelosi dubbed Texas as “ground zero” for 2020, and since then Democrats have made it well known they are gunning for Texas.

This past week, however, Democrats amped up their statements about their plans to take Texas.

On the national, albeit dwindling, debate stage last Tuesday night, O’Rourke touted his close, but ultimately failed, attempt to unseat Cruz in 2018. On the debate stage, Beto declared to thunderous applause and Bernie Sander’s nods of approval, “We can put Texas in play and, furthermore, we can win Texas.”

Beto’s declaration shows that now more than ever, the Democrats want to take Texas. However, the Democrat party is not only after the electoral college votes Texas provides.

Indeed, the greatest prize Texas Democrats could win is the control of the Texas House.

In 2018, the state Democrat party gained 12 seats in the Texas House. If the Democrat party gains just nine more, they’ll have the majority for the first time since 2003.

Democrats know how crucial the 2020 election is in the Texas House with redistricting approaching, and they have begun constantly pouring more money into Texas—another $100,000 arrived just this month.

With Democrats and their allies in the media mobilizing, Texas conservatives may risk losing the Lone Star State if they are not vigilant.

Jordan Clements

A lifelong Texan and Texas Ex, Jordan had many adventures as a Conservative College Activist: from being the Chairman of Young Conservatives of Texas at UT to even being a former intern at Texas Scorecard. Upon graduation, Jordan dove headfirst into working in politics full-time, and enjoys every single minute of it.


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