While Democrats have rushed to condemn Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis for sending illegal aliens to out-of-state liberal bastions, a new report in Reuters finds that the city council in Democrat-run El Paso has been exporting illegals in even greater numbers.

According to Reuters’ report, the city “has bused roughly 7,000 migrants to New York City since late August and sent more than 1,800 to Chicago.” In comparison, “Abbott has bused more than 3,000 migrants to New York City and more than 900 to Chicago as part of a high profile campaign to put a spotlight on the record crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Yet the ire of NYC and Chicago has been aimed exclusively at the Republican governors. According to liberal commentators interviewed by Reuters, the reason is because El Paso is “coordinating with receiving cities.”

As Gov. Greg Abbott said in his debate with gubernatorial rival Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, the mayor of New York City had not reached out to Texas as has been claimed in press reports. Similarly, despite the implication of Reuters, all of the illegal aliens shipped out of state by Texas have gone voluntarily.

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