As the Republican primary fast approaches, Grassroots America – We The People (GAWTP) announced its picks for land commissioner, attorney general, and lieutenant governor. 

Executive Director JoAnn Fleming announced the group’s enthusiastic endorsement of Dr. Jon Spiers for Texas land commissioner, stating:

The Land Commissioner is an elected position, but it is NOT a “political” job.  Rarely has a candidate interviewing with us for an executive state-wide position brought the depth of experience, the multi-discipline knowledge, and the specific skill sets needed to rebuild the organization’s reputation, improve communications and transparency, and rebuild confidence.  The Texas Land Commissioner is a service job requiring a proven leader like Dr. Jon Spiers.

Dr. Spiers’ experience in medicine, law, and business endowed him with unique skills and insight that GAWTP believes prepares him to manage the General Land Office. The GLO “is a sprawling, multi-discipline organization that requires a top executive with proven ability to master complex issues, implement fiscal disciplines, and bring solutions based on Liberty Principles,” said Fleming. 

In the race for attorney general, GAWTP endorsed U.S. Rep Louie Gohmert, stating: 

Just as Louie Gohmert has been a light shining in the darkness of DC, he is the light we need in the Texas Attorney General’s Office because Louie’s heart and mind are not divided. Recognized as a constitutional jurist and a strong believer in the rule of law, Louie Gohmert will not look the other way as the constitutional rights of Texans are wiped out by election fraud and “vaccine” mandates, while their land, communities and wallets are overrun with illegals, and as children are abused with sex change butchery and chemicals that leave them broken and sterile. 

According to GAWTP, throughout Gohmert’s time in Congress, he “kept his promises and never shirked from a fight – even when he had to stand alone.  Because of his bold honesty, the American people know much more about the inner workings of Washington DC because Louie Gohmert always refused to cover up for deceptive, swampy Big Government Republicans.” 

For the lieutenant governor race, GAWTP made an atypical move by endorsing both Trayce Bradford and Daniel Miller, stating:

Both are subject matter experts on issues that are important to saving Texas from the rabid Left and from the rampant establishment cronyism that makes government officials (in both parties) and lobbyists wealthy while making life harder for families and owners of small businesses. Trayce Bradford and Daniel Miller are known and respected for their tireless work to save Texas and their unwavering commitment to Liberty Principles, and constitutional conservatism – all while employing a Christian worldview.

Bradford is a former president of the Texas Eagle Forum, and Miller is president of the Texas Nationalist Movement and well known for pushing for Texas secession (“Texit”). According to Fleming, “Both Daniel and Trayce are passionate defenders of Liberty, are tireless in their pursuit of Republican Party priorities, and are subject matter experts in multiple areas critical to sustaining the growth and prosperity of Texas. Because both can read the signs of the times, the evil at work, and because they both deeply believe Texas should be leading in Liberty, Texas would be far safer in their hands.” 

Texas Scorecard sat down with Dr. Spiers, Gohmert, Bradford, and Miller recently to hear their positions on key issues in Texas. 

In January, GAWTP endorsed former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West for governor. His interview with Texas Scorecard can be found here.

The Republican primary is March 1, with early voting beginning on February 14.

Sydnie Henry

A born and bred Texan, Sydnie serves as the Managing Editor for Texas Scorecard. She graduated from Patrick Henry College with a B.A. in Government and is utilizing her research and writing skills to spread truth to Texans.


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