Liberal Democrat Carol Morgan is that Leftwing Party’s nominee for the House District 84 seat. She will face conservative Republican John Frullo on the November Ballot.

Democrat Morgan is another of these candidates who has made her income from taxpayer pockets and knows little about how to create jobs and provide an environment for economic growth in Texas.

With all the problems facing the Texas economy and budget, the only ideas we get from Democrat Morgan in an interview published by the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, is for her to donate funds for scholarships and to help “rural children in faraway lands such as Africa and Afghanistan.”

This should fire-up the people of District 84 to get on board with her campaign – instead of talking about the needs of the district in her most expansive media interview yet, her chance to “make a splash” as the headline declared, she talked about taking Texas money and sending it overseas to others.

Liberal Morgan also was clear that she was going to raise campaign funds from “a lot of retired people from Lubbock” whom she calls “average West Texan[s].”

Give Morgan credit for her Liberal consistency. She wants to use money from those who can least afford it to promote herself so she can then feel good about herself by redistributing money to others far away. She’s the perfect Liberal Democrat.

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