HD84's Mark Griffin not even with mainstream Republicans - Texas Scorecard

In the Liberty Institute candidate survey, HD84 candidate Mark Griffin separated himself from every Republican Party house candidate in the North and Western side of Texas by not being Strongly Opposed to Obama-care; by not opposing the homosexual-lobby pushed employment bill, and; by not being opposed to embryonic stem cell research. That’s right, Mark Griffin’s stance on issues demonstrate that he’s not just a liberal Republican but, likely not much of a Republican at all.

And no wonder Delwin Jones in HD83 has endorsed his fellow conservative-hater Mark Griffin. Delwin Jones actually said he was “undecided” on national health care! Delwin Jones and Mark Griffin are both extremely uncomfortable with even mainstream Republican positions on the issues facing us. So why do both of them pretend to be Republicans?

If you want to see the voter guide in question, visit www.freevotersguide.com.

Let’s hope the hard working people of House District 83 and 84 will have better sense than the few who choose to remain blind to the liberal leanings of Mark Griffin and Delwin Jones.

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