As the primary election nears, voters in House District 68 have two candidates to consider for a seat in the House.

Incumbent State Rep. David Spiller (R-Jacksboro) is facing a primary challenge from grassroots candidate Kerri Kingsbery.

Spiller, who was first elected in 2021, has listed his priorities as enforcing border security, defending second amendment rights, preventing COVID-19 vaccine mandates, advocating for unborn life, and providing healthcare in rural areas.

He has received endorsements from Gov. Greg Abbott, Young Conservatives of Texas, Texas Alliance for Life, Associated Republicans of Texas, Texas State Rifle Association PAC, Texas Farm Bureau AgFund, National Rifle Association, National Federation of Independent Business Texas PAC, and Texas State Association of Fire Fighters.

Spiller’s top campaign contributors include Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan, Texas Farm Bureau AgFund, and the Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund.

During this past legislative session, Spiller was the House sponsor for Senate Bill 4, which creates a criminal offense for illegal entry into Texas. It also allows a judge to order an illegal alien to return to their country of origin. 

Spiller has received a candidate rating of 79 from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, a 90 from Young Conservatives of Texas, and an 89 from Texas Right to Life.

However, he came under scrutiny for his involvement in the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton. 

Spiller was among the 60 Republican House members who voted to impeach Paxton and served as one of the 12 House impeachment managers leading the impeachment trial in the Texas Senate. 

His challenger, Kingsbery, made that a focal point of her campaign. 

She has a background in  management and business. Her top campaign priorities include protecting children from indoctrination, securing the border, protecting Texas’ sovereignty, restoring election integrity, and protecting parental rights and education freedom. In addition, she is seeking to restore true Republican values in the Texas House, ban Democrat committee chairs, and lower property taxes.

Kingsbery has been endorsed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and Grassroots America: We the People. She has been recommended by conservative grassroots organization True Texas Project as well as Texans for Vaccine Choice. Her campaign has mostly been self-funded, but she has also received contributions from individual donors.

House District 68 spans 12 counties including Brown, Comanche, Cooke, Eastland, Jack, Lampasas, Mills, Montague, San Saba, Shackelford, Throckmorton, and Young.

The primary election is March 5, with early voting beginning February 20.

Amelia McKenzie

Amelia is a senior at Liberty University in Virginia. She is studying Digital Journalism and is currently a fellow with Texas Scorecard.