While Texas experiences the hardship of a porous southern border and unprecedented levels of illegal crossings under the Biden administration, a Dallas-based think tank is proposing that Texas take control of the border.

Put forward by the Huffines Liberty Foundation, “Operation Clean Sweep” calls for Texas’ governor to declare an invasion at the southern border using Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution. This section allows states to repel threats in the event of an invasion if the federal government fails to offer protection.

Don Huffines, a former state senator, challenged Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in the 2022 Republican primary election and has continued to challenge Abbott on several conservative issues.

He now serves as the president of the Huffines Liberty Foundation, which promises to “advance the cause of liberty, prosperity, and virtue in the State of Texas by educating citizens so they may hold their elected officials accountable.”

The foundation’s border plan calls for Texas to take control of the border and prevent illegal aliens from flooding into the country. According to Huffines, the U.S. government is failing to protect Texas and other border states from an invasion.

“The federal government has abandoned its duty under the Constitution to protect Texas from invasion,” wrote Huffines. “Illegal aliens are pouring across the Texas Border and invading our state. We are overrun with murderers, rapists, human traffickers, and drugs. The rule of law has been completely subverted.”

The plan asserts that after declaring an invasion, Texas’ governor would have the power to activate the Texas National Guard, state law enforcement, and all other state military forces to enforce immigration laws and repel and expel illegal aliens. The Huffines Foundation cites Article IV, Section 7 of the Texas Constitution, which states, “[The governor] shall have power to call forth the militia to execute the laws of the State, to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions.”

The proposal also directs Texas to remove any incentives for illegal aliens, including in-state tuition and Medicaid spending. It also suggests an 18 percent tax on all money remittances sent to Mexico and mandating a comprehensive E-Verify law to ensure employers verify job applicants’ legal status.

Operation Clean Sweep urges Texas’ governor and the Legislature to pressure Mexico into securing its side of the border. To accomplish this, the state would discourage tourists from visiting Mexico and inspect all trucks and other shipments coming across the border for illegal materials and proper paperwork.

Huffines called for Texas’ government to take what he believes is necessary action to secure the southern border and protect Texans.

“There is nothing magical about reducing the flow of illegal aliens into Texas and other border states,” wrote Huffines. “The Trump Administration demonstrated how determined efforts by the U.S. and economic pressure on Mexico could slow the flow of illegals. An all-hands-on-deck effort like Operation Clean Sweep, supported by the people of Texas, will stop illegal immigration. All it requires is a concerted effort to protect the lives, liberty, and property of Texas citizens.”

Katy Marshall

Katy graduated from Tarleton State University in 2021 after majoring in history and minoring in political science.