The agenda of Texas Tribune managing editor Ross Ramsey, and the publication at large, could be coming into focus right in time for November elections. Ramsey looks to have been tasked with slinging “non-partisan” residency mud. His marching orders are to message against a war hero and the voters of SD 22.

For those unfamiliar (Texas Tribune readers), Brian Birdwell is a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Due to injuries, Birdwell received medical attention in Virginia. Democrats with the help of like minded pundits are crying foul. They are working to disqualify a true servant from serving, and working feverishly to impugn the character of our newly elected Senator.

That’s right, newly elected.

The voters of SD 22 voted in a special election to replace retiring Sen. Kip Averitt with Birdwell, despite similar misplaced allegations being levied during that election cycle. This makes Ramsey’s and the Democrat party’s foul two-fold.

Senator Birdwell has graciously clarified the situation for the Tribune, other media naysayers and misguided challengers. Yet they persist.

In fact, Ramsey in his latest sling states an oft cited legitimate reason for residency confusion: “whether there’s evidence you regard your living spot as temporary (think of a soldier stationed overseas).” Or we could just think of a soldier in another state receiving care for injuries received while serving his country. Of course such an illustration would include Sen. Birdwell, so Ramsey is well advised not to conjure up such a scenario.

Instead Ramsey takes the tact of dredging up residency issues past, seeming to imply that there is a similar situation afoot with Sen. Birdwell. His effort is distasteful. Not to mention the darlings of left that Ramsey neglects to mention accused of bending the rules to get residency status.

JournoList, by any other name, could soon be


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