R. Stevens

Humdrum Ramsey

The agenda of Texas Tribune managing editor Ross Ramsey, and the publication at large, could be coming into focus right in time for November elections. Ramsey looks to have been tasked with slinging “non-partisan” residency mud. His marching orders are to message against a war hero and the voters of SD 22.

Tribune Tarring a Hero

Papers like the Austin American Statesman and the Waco Herald-Tribune should think twice before running articles from non-profit political muckraking outfits, like the Texas Tribune.

Course Management

Schools around Texas once again find themselves in the troughs of the summer budget writing process. Before the bell tolls in September some districts will be tapping reserve funds and making cuts others will try to raise taxes.

Voters Aren’t Buying

With the end of another bout of elections comes shortsighted, shallow analysis and whining by the print media. This week Enrique Rangel provided the former and the Dallas Morning News the latter.

Cut Superintendents From Equation

With all of the hand wringing over the SBOE these last couple of weeks some education headlines have fallen by the wayside. One such headline was Time to Consolidate School Districts.

Stuck in the Middle with Straus

How can you rush to a man’s side if that man is stuck in the middle? Republican Speaker Joe Straus is a moderate hoping to retain his position of leadership but that could prove to be a difficult task when the 2011 Legislature convenes.

Ahead of HD 105 General

Democrat operatives continue to have high hopes for winning in House District 105. While contributors to the Texas Tribune and party insiders respectively speculate and fantasize about HD 105 slipping from the grasp of the GOP they avoid addressing the failed attempt in 2008 and the implications of that failure.