From Washington D.C. to the state capitol, Second Amendment rights have been a topic of conversation for voters in the upcoming primary election runoff.

The Biden administration recently launched the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center, which aims to provide law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, and more with training and technical assistance to “keep guns out of the hands of people who pose a threat to themselves or others.”

However, representatives from gun rights organizations have stated that this program is a way for Biden to restrict citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

According to Texas Gun Rights, 2023 brought both victories and challenges for this issue. Victories included House bills that helped limit the misuse of gun-free zones, created more financial privacy for gun owners, and strengthened gun preemption laws. Yet Senate Bill 728 was also passed, which moves the state towards universal firearm registration.

Texas Scorecard asked all the runoff candidates what more they believe Texas lawmakers can do to protect the Second Amendment.


Senate District 30

Brent Hagenbuch: “Vigilance will be the mission. We have passed concealed carry, campus carry, open carry, and constitutional carry. We must continue to fight against federal encroachment, big blue cities’ and counties’ efforts to restrict rights, and against trial lawyers who want to sue gun manufacturers and retailers.”

Jace Yarbrough: “As a veteran and proud gun owner, I’m a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment. The government has no business infringing the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms to defend their life, liberty, and property. I will steadfastly resist any attempt to limit this vital constitutional protection—including so-called red flag flaws and unconstitutional federal overreach from agencies like ATF.”


House District 1

Chris Spencer: “I am a staunch supporter of the 2nd amendment.  Any laws taken up by the 89th legislative session should be focused on increasing legal access to firearms and accessories rather than restricting them. Texas has enough gun laws already.”

State Rep. Gary VanDeaver did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 12

Ben Bius: “As we have seen, our precious 2nd Amendment Freedoms are under constant assault, not only in Washington, D.C., but sadly, in Austin as well. As State Representative, I will vigorously and unequivocally oppose any and all legislation that attempts to ban so-called ‘assault weapons,’ other types of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, magazines with certain capacities, or any type of firearms accessory. I will oppose any legislation that attempts to add new data on Texas residents to the federal firearms registry aka: the National Instant Check System. I will oppose any type of ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation law and will author a bill to prohibit “Red Flag” laws in Texas. I will author legislation to repeal all so-called ‘gun-free’ zones in public areas.”

Trey Wharton: “I believe ‘shall not be infringed’ in the 2nd Amendment was crystal clear. Texas must continue to build a culture that respects the importance of the 2nd Amendment and celebrates that in America, but especially here in Texas, the people have a foundational right to defend their safety and their property.”


House District 21

David Covey: “Texas lawmakers must remain loyal to the values of their constituents and to the Constitution. Dade Phelan appointed his liberal lieutenants, Reps Harless and Holland, to move against Texans’ interests and push for stricter gun laws, including age increases. The right to keep and bear arms is one that cannot be infringed upon, and it’s vital that our lawmakers are reminded of that or removed.”

Speaker Dade Phelan did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 29

Jeffrey Barry: “As a proud gun owner I am a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment and enjoy the freedoms that we have with open carry in Texas. I support legislation that makes it easier to lawfully purchase, own, and carry guns and ammunition.”

Alex Kamkar did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 30

AJ Louderback: “The most important amendment! The foundation of freedom for this nation is built on the 2nd Amendment. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and Texas State Rifle Association, a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, LTC Instructor (since 1995), and an avid reloader and competitive pistol shooter. Truly, I have lived a life in concert with our 2nd Amendment.”

Jeff Bauknight did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 33

Katrina Pierson: “I am endorsed by GOA and TX Gun Rights, and have received the highest rating possible for a challenger from the NRA, because I know that the 2nd Amendment is an essential foundation for our freedoms. My opponent has sided with Democrats on buy bans and red flag laws and it’s time for a change.”

State Rep. Justin Holland did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 44

Alan Schoolcraft: “I am staunchly Pro-2nd Amendment! I take the ‘shall not be infringed’ in the Constitution seriously. Under the Biden Administration, the ATF has been weaponized against mom-and-pop firearm stores. The ATF works to shut down these local law-abiding firearm stores for simple Form 4473 errors. Texas should push back on and stop this practice. As a Representative in Austin, I will work to grow and protect gun rights for all Texans! That’s why I am endorsed by Gun Owners of America.”

State Rep. John Kuempel did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 58

Helen Kerwin: “Texas can do several things to strengthen support for 2nd Amendment rights by passing a Red Flag Law ban, refusing to participate in universal gun registration proposed by the Biden Administration, and extending Constitutional Carry to all adults 18 and over. I’m honored to have been endorsed by Gun Owners of America, earned a 100% on my Texas Gun Rights Survey, and have the highest rating possible from the NRA. If we truly want to deal with gun violence in our state, we need to focus on criminals and high crime areas where gun violence is prevalent, instead of passing new laws that only harm and disarm law-abiding citizens.”

State Rep. DeWayne Burns did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 61

Keresa Richardson: “As a state legislator I will fight against unconstitutional restrictions on gun control and excessive regulations on gun manufacturers and sellers. Many of the efforts to restrict the Second Amendment are coming from the federal government and out-of-control agencies. I will fight to protect Texans from the Biden gun-control agenda and illegal gun registry. ‘Gun-free zones’ only make law-abiding people more vulnerable; Texas should end all government-mandated ‘gun-free’ zones. As a Texas lawmaker, I will work to protect our Second Amendment freedoms such as open carry and the ‘castle doctrine’ law. Texans must have the right to defend themselves and their property, and that will be one of my top priorities as a state legislator.”

State Rep. Frederick Frazier did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 64

Andy Hopper: “Texans have a God-given right to self-defense. My campaign is endorsed by both Gun Owners of America and Texas Gun Rights. Additionally, we have received an AQ rating from the National Rifle Associate (NRA), the highest possible rating a candidate can receive. Voters can read my pro-gun platform here.”

State Rep. Lynn Stucky did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry.


House District 91

David Lowe: “After I am elected, I want to help push the legislature to pass a Constitutional amendment to protect Texans from Red Flag laws.”

State Rep. Stephanie Klick did not respond to Texas Scorecard’s inquiry


House District 97

John McQueeny: “I am a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and will fight to defend Constitutional Carry and all of the recent 2nd Amendment victories in the Texas Legislature. I will also look for ways to strengthen our 2nd Amendment laws, including the prohibition of gun-free zones so that all law-abiding citizens have the ability to defend themselves and their families at all times.”

Cheryl Bean: “We are blessed to live in the strongest second amendment state in the country. But that doesn’t stop the federal government from encroaching on our rights with such things as new Red Flag laws or gun Registration laws. We must do everything we can to ensure state sovereignty on second amendment rights and hold the line. As such,  I intend to support all current legislation pertaining to Texan’s 2nd Amendment rights to own, possess, buy/sell and carry ALL firearms. Additionally, I commit to oppose any legislation that infringes on these rights.”

Amelia McKenzie

Amelia is a senior at Liberty University in Virginia. She is studying Digital Journalism and is currently a fellow with Texas Scorecard.