Over the weekend, News 8 Austin did a nice little puff piece on Annie’s List and State Representative Diana Maldonado (D-52). Throughout the story Reporter Karina King refers to Annie’s List as a “nonprofit” that “helps women” in politics, and she includes statements from both Maldonado and Annie’s List Deputy Political Director Genevieve Van Cleve.

Of course Annie’s List is a political action committee, and serves as the state version of Emily’s List, a national PAC devoted to electing pro-abortion Democrat women. According to the News 8 report, the women Annie’s List supports will better protect “families, education policies, and the evironment,” no mention is made of the more extremist views of Annie’s List staff and candidates, and while Van Cleve and company lament the number of women in the Texas House, of course they completely ignore the 21 Republican candidates for 2010 who happen to be women:

Debbie Riddle, District 150
Lois Kolkhorst, District 13, Incumbent
Linda Harper-Brown, District 105
Angie Chen-Button, District 112
Myra Crownover, District 64 Incumbent
Geanie Morrison, District 30, Incumbent
Connie Scott, District 34
Rebecca Cerverra, District 41
Marilyn Jackson, District 51
Marva Beck, District 57
Susan King, District 71, Incumbent
Jodie Laubenberg, District 89, Incumbent
Barbara Nash, District 93
Diane Patrick, District 94, Incumbent
Vicki Truitt, District 98
Cindy Burkett, District 101
Stefani Carter, District 102
Patricia Harless, District 126, Incumbent
Sarah Davis, District 134
Beverly Woolley, District 136
Sylvia Spivey, District 137

Furthermore, while the Genevieve Van Cleve appearing in this story seems very serious and really, genuinely concerned about families, here’s the weekend Genevieve, an angry, rabid Liberal. Not exactly the kind of person I trust to protect my family.

Oh, and by the way, Genevieve Van Cleve was Diana Maldonado’s campaign manager in 2008.

Just sayin…