Some pretty nasty medicine was prescribed by State Rep. John Zerwas, MD, that he thinks will “dull the edge” of the current budgeting process. Sorry, doc, but yours isn’t a very sound diagnosis.

In an interview earlier today, Rep. John Zerwas staked out a position in direct opposition to the Governor and other conservative leaders approaching this session’s budgeting process in a fiscally responsible way. When asked his position on use of the state’s Economic Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund), Rep. Zerwas (R – Simonton) said he was in favor of spending all but $1 billion of the fund to “dull the edge” of this biennium’s budgeting process.

On another note – file this under “ways to tell when you may be wrong” – liberals and progressives rejoiced saying that he had joined “with the TX AFL-CIO” when approaching the budget.

Currently listed as a member of the legislature’s newly formed “Tea Party Caucus”, I’m sure Rep. Zerwas’ position left several of his colleagues scratching their heads.

While budgeting this session, Texans don’t need something to take the “edge” off; and we certainly don’t need the type of medicine that drains the Rainy Day Fund of almost 90% of it’s value. In a tight economic climate, Texans expect bold conservative leadership to responsibly trim and limit government. Dulling the pain might be nice for a time, but it does nothing to solve the problem.

Dr. Zerwas’ prescription might make his job easier today, but would make the state’s job harder in the future. Texas voters aren’t interested in delaying the kind of surgical procedures needed to keep Texas fiscally healthy.

Andrew Kerr is the Executive Director of Empower Texans / Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

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