One of the most damaging educational theories to come out of ‘left field’ in recent decades was the Outcome-Based-Education model.   OBE is responsible for the deterioration of academic standards in our schools, or the ‘dumbing down’ of curriculum, so that all the children can feel good about themselves, since everyone gets a ‘happy face’ no matter what.  Leftists have not limited OBE concepts to our schools, but have implemented such standards for adults too.   Remember when only the most accomplished special forces got to wear a ‘green beret’?  In 2001, the Army decided that all soldiers get to wear a black beret.  Happy faces all around, everyone feels good.

Unfortunately, the OBE “happy-faces-for-all” approach is rampant in politics too.  While Williamson County Democrats have been touting the fact that Representative Diana Maldonado was named “Freshman of the Year” in 2009, there are a few little details voters should know.

First of all, the awarding entity, ‘Legislative Study Group,’ is a partisan Democrat group led by one of the most liberal members of the House, Rep. Garnet Coleman.  Representative Tommy Merritt, the token Republican RINO who joined the group so that they could call themselves ‘bipartisan,’ was spanked and sent home in the GOP Primaries this year to be replaced by Conservative David Simpson.

Furthermore, a little research reveals that EVERY Democrat freshman House member received some kind of ‘best’ award from a left-leaning group.  For example, Democrat Representatives Carol Kent, Robert Miklos, Joe Moody, Marisa Marquez, Kristi Thibaut, and Armando Walle, all received “Freshman of the Year” awards from various liberal groups.  Other Texas House Freshman Democrats received similar awards;  Rep. Carol Alvarado received a Distinguished Service Award, and Rep Al Edwards received the Legislative Champion Award.

So which Democrat is the real FOTY?  Hard to say…looks like everyone got an A.  Now, don’t we all feel good?


7/24/24 Chinese National Importing Fentanyl

-Chinese National Charged in Massive Fentanyl Importation Case -US Rep. Arrington’s Defund Muleshoe Land Grab Amendment Passes in House Vote -Tarrant Appraisal District Directors Pass Reforms Requested by Taxpayers