Wow, Democrats working for Judy Jennings, left-wing ideologue for State Board of Education, must be getting desperate.  Recently, they launched another push poll on the SBOE 10 race in which they ask if voters know that Dr. Marsha Farney “attended a white-supremacist rally” last Summer. 

Seriously?   Have you met Dr. Farney?

These lefties are hoping that voters won’t ask which ‘white-supremacist rally,’ since they are actually referring to a Williamson County 4th of July weekend TEA Party Rally that was attended by U.S. Congressman John Carter,  and Texas House candidates Dr. Charles Schwertner and Larry Gonzales.  According to the Austin American Statesman, about 1,200 folks attended, and nary a white hood was in sight.

This ludicrous description of a TEA Party rally reveals that these Democrats are not only desperate, but completely out-of-touch with voters.  According to recent polling data, 56% of mainstream voters approve of the Tea Party Movement, and 52% said the members of the Tea Party have a “better understanding of the issues than the average member of Congress.”  One might venture to guess that these numbers are much higher for Texans. 

Perhaps what’s really got Judy Jennings and her band of leftists in a panic, is the fact that Dr. Farney is not afraid to call them out on their extremist views of America and their desire to re-write history.   In reaction to Dr. Farney’s speech at the July Rally, the Jennings camp expressed faux outrage that they might possibly be considered America-bashing.  While protesting that her ‘personal ideology’ will not play a role in education policy, Judy Jennings has demanded that school curriculum remove any references to the difference between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ immigrants, and wants to make sure no schools teach about the Venona Papers, primary source documents housed in the Library of Congress which reveal the extent of communist infiltration of the United States in the mid-twentieth century.  Sounds like the usual educational indoctrination loved by the Left.

 Since Americans are in no mood to put up with socialist ideologues this year, the Jennings camp is desperate to smear Dr. Farney by painting her a raaaaacist.    Unfortunately for Judy and the Dems, the fact that Marsha Farney spoke at a popular Tea Party Rally is likely to bring even more support to the Farney campaign.  Voters would do well to examine Judy Jennings’ extremist, anti-American views, and choose a candidate who is not only highly qualified, but actually proud of her country.