This special session of the Texas legislature provides opportunities for commonsense spending reforms that were shunned during the regular session. State Rep. Kelly Hancock (R – Fort Worth) plans to offer an amendment to SB1 that would improve the state’s spending cap.

Elected officials always seem more concerned with revenue growth than with spending control. For proof, look no further than it’s historical inability to stop overspending: Trends in Texas State Government Spending

It’s no wonder Texas has found itself in a budget shortfall this biennium; we’ve consistently spent beyond our means!

Over the past ten years, state government spending has expanded over twice as quickly as the growth of population plus inflation. This rate of spending is unsustainable.

Between gross overspending and insistently searching for additional revenue, it’s clear Texas has a chronic overspending problem that will only lead to more frequent budget shortfalls in the future.

Texas must enact strong spending limits to curb future overspending ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for Texans.

What is possibly most frustrating, is that over the course of the Texas Legislature’s 82nd regular session, spending reform legislation languished in committee, ultimately fated to never see the full consideration of the Texas House or Senate.

Rather than constantly looking for more money to spend, the Texas Legislature must undertake serious spending reform.

Representative Hancock’s amendment, now offered in the special session of the 82nd Legislature, provides much needed statutory spending reform that would help limit our propensity to continuously overspend.

Take Action at and tell your legislators, “Enough is enough! It is time to enact real spending reform to ensure we live within our means and spend tax dollars responsibly.”

Andrew Kerr is the Executive Director of Empower Texans / Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

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