Sometimes you just have to laugh at liberals.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman has offered a side-by-side comparison of Texas Democratic Party and Texas Republican Party platforms on issues of his choosing.

One side of his chart shows Democratic Party proposed government solutions to problems and, the other, a Republican Party lack thereof. On issue after issue, the Democrat platform seeks to further inject government into problems while the Republican platform either seeks to get government out of the way or doesn’t support more meddling.

There’s a good reason for this difference: government, in general, is a roving disaster when doing anything but enforcing laws against enemies foreign and domestic. In every case Rep. Coleman cites, government is the cause of the problem Democrats are proposing more government to fix. Conservatives understand this.

In fact, the world has plenty of proof about how the free market compares to government in managing society and solving problems. The United States system was built by the free market and the Soviet Union system was built by giving government total responsibility for social management and problem solving. The result? The United States became the most prosperous nation in world history and continues to provide the lion’s share of world innovation. The Soviet Union was a brutal, inhuman third world country with a first world military. A quick and murderous 69 years was required for History to show the USSR to its natural home on her ash heap. The people in our country weren’t better. Our system was.

Putting government in charge is the Soviet Solutions Model. Getting government out of the way so freemen can solve problems is the U.S.A. Solutions Model. And why not? It’s how America was born; our forefathers knew to build America we needed to get an overbearing English government out of the way. We did. It worked.

So when conservatives see problems in education, health care, retirement, and most other things, then look to get government as far away as possible, they’re channeling the spirit of the men and women responsible for the existence of this place.

So it’s exhausting to watch liberals constantly bragging about their litany of government solutions to our problems, blathering on about how conservatives “aren’t doing anything” because they aren’t taking the same tact.

Government is the problem not the solution, Rep. Coleman.

It’s equally amusing to see Rep. Coleman describe Democrat-favored State Board of Education members as “experts” and Republican-favored members as “ideologues”, since “expert” is simply the Democrat word for ‘liberal ideologue’.

It works like this: Radicals left of Castro infest from top to bottom the oldest universities in the country, the ones that make the standards all other universities follow. Controlling the credentials, they control the “expert” supply.

Just remember when liberals say “expert” they mean ‘liberal ideologue’.

Rep. Coleman’s comparison is good for a laugh and a teachable moment, but not much else.


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