After disclosing that her ongoing struggle with the Texas Medical Board had exhausted her insurance policy’s litigation budget, Dr. Mary Talley Bowden recently announced that she was moving forward without legal representation.

The move came the same day Bowden sent an open letter to Ken Paxton asking for the Attorney General to rein in the government bureaucracies working to strip her of her medical license. Alternatively, the legislature and the Governor have also been called on at separate times to bring oversight to the runaway TMB.

Then, over the weekend, Bowden posted to X that her attorneys, Steve Mitby and Michael Barnhart, are “back on the case” and have offered to represent the maligned doctor pro bono going forward. This wasn’t the only bit of news disclosed by Bowden.

According to her post, last week, TMB lawyers offered her an “agreed order” that would have required her to take twelve hours of continued learning and a Juris Prudence exam. This “settlement” offer would mar her record.

An alternative path does exist that would keep Bowden’s record intact, a “remedial plan” that has reportedly been offered to other doctors even after allegations of assault. These are the latest in a string of offers and come after the TMB aborted a hearing set for late April at the last minute.

Dr. Bowden has been locked in an administrative struggle with the state over her successful treatment of patients with ivermectin after supplies of monoclonal antibodies were cut off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, there’s been a barrage of stories about the weaponization of state and federal bureaucracies against medical professionals and whistleblowers from Texas.

Long-time clinical trial administrator Brook Jackson is working to fend off federal intervention in her lawsuit against Pfizer as a whistleblower on vaccine testing that took place in 2020.

According to Jackson, the trial was being run, documented, and reported in a manner that violated federal law and was potentially dangerous. Jackson was fired after bringing this to the attention of Pfizer and the FDA.

Yesterday, indictments against Eithan Haim, a doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital, who disclosed to the public that the institution was still performing gender mutilation procedures, were revealed.

Dr. Tom Oliverson, currently running for Speaker of the House against Dade Phelan posted that, “if he [Haim] had blown the whistle on fraudulent billing, he would get whistleblower protections and a portion of the damages. But mutilating children behind closed doors while swearing publicly you’re not doing it? Now he’s a defendant.”

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is the Director of Innovation for Texas Scorecard.