For all the whining Democrats do about unfunded mandates on public education, they sure don’t mind implementing them. The Texas House voted last night on legislation mandating that every public and private high school principle designate four people as deputy voter registrars. Every Republican, except RINOs Todd Smith and Tommy Merritt, voted against this mandate. Every Democrat, except Tracy King, voted for it.

Worse, House Bill 1654 requires that three of the four designees be certified classroom teachers.

What? Any yahoo can be a deputy voter registrar. Why add this to the burden of already over-burdened classroom teachers?

As Sullivan and others have been pointing out, this is typical of the drivel coming out of this legislation session under the “leadership” of Joe Straus as Speaker. Sure, Tom Craddick may not have been the most likable guy in Austin, but at least he is a conservative.

Straus’ tenure as Speaker has been marked by constant capitulation to the grow-government left and the Democratic party machine.


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