In Jail? Dems Want Your Vote!

So does Texas Democratic chairman Boyd Richie know something about his party faithful the rest of us don’t? Maybe that there are cons among his voters? You know, cons — as in “prisoner, someone in jail”?

Monument To Big Government… Literally

Conservatives like to joke about pork-barrel projects being a “monument to big government” or a “monument to waste.” Well, let this be a warning about how you joke in the future: the North Texas Toll Authority has now created a monument to big-government porkers. All big-spenders who just happen to still be spending your money.

Beware of Dan Huberty on Taxes

Even though I know Empower Texans isn’t endorsing in House District 127, I thought your readers might like to know about Dan Huberty, who is in the run-off election to replace State Rep. Joe Crabb.

Watson’s Monopolistic Hypocrisy

So State Sen. Kirk Watson has caught the compeition bug. He thinks Republicans just ahve too much power in Texas. Where was his outrage at political monopolies for the decades in which Democrats ran the state?

Big Rail

While I agree with Michael Sullivan that it was nice to hear Kay Bailey Hutchison on Friday push against the proposed gasoline tax hikes and other revenue grabs proposed by the proponents of boondoggles like light-rail. But her new oppositions to such porkbarrel spending stands in contrast to her senatorial record of pushing the grossly wasteful Amtrak on American taxpayers.

Debate Antics

Don’t get me wrong, I like Debra Medina. I want her to do well. But this whole “conspiracy against me” angle is getting old fast, especially since her campaign doesn’t have any facts to substantiate the claims. For those who haven’t been paying attention, dark-horse Republican candidate Medina has so far not been invited to the KERA-TV gubernatorial debate in Dallas; incumbent Rick Perry and prime challenger Kay Bailey Hutchison have been.

Copenhagen: Socialism Required, History Ignored

With the world’s busybodies meeting in Copenhagen, it’s apparent they are a band of ideologues with a solution looking for a problem to which it can be applied. Establishment “science” is a tool of their brand of religion, facts contorted and distorted to fit the outcome which best demands their solution.

Demo-can? Republi-crat? Taxers!

John Carona and Hank Gilbert hail from different political parties, but they have the same view on transportation: raise those taxes. They want more of our money.

More Charters!

Texas Tribune is reporting that the education commissioner has found a way to increase the number of charter schools. That’s great news for kids, even if the teacher unions and state Democratic party are up in arms.

An 8% Victory

Only 8% of the state’s 12.9 million registered voters took part in the constitutional ballot election. That’s not a healthy sign, given how important those amendments are. It’s shocking that 92% of the registered voters didn’t have an opinion on property tax reform, eminent domain abuse or new funding schemes for public universities.