A petition is circulating asking citizens to call for the Republican Party of Texas to exclude abolishing abortion from its priorities. 

The petition, created on April 6, states that the “abortion issue is tearing the Republican Party of Texas apart” and is jeopardizing Republicans’ ability to secure electoral victories in the state.

Additionally, it states that the party should refocus on efforts such as immigration laws, the economy, crime, and election security. 

The group running the petition, Right to Win, is calling on the RPT to eliminate “Abolish Abortion” from its legislative priorities, eliminate resolutions targeting abortion pills, and reject planks advocating for the prosecution of doctors performing abortions.

“If you are a Texas Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent, we urge you to join our grassroots coalition of like-minded individuals by signing this petition. Your support is crucial in advocating for a more effective Republican Party platform that better serves the concerns of most of its members,” reads the petition. 

Posted to Change.org, the petition has garnered nearly 250 signatures as of May 8—with most supporters located in Houston-area cities.

Dr. John Seago, president of Texas Right to Life, told Texas Scorecard that while some Republicans are willing to give up on the pro-life fight, millions of others continue to hold the issue as a big priority. 

“Right now pro-abortion businesses, illegal websites, and criminal activist organizations are escalating their deadly tactics to advertise, promote, sell, and mail abortion pills in Texas. However, some Republicans are campaigning to abandon this fight and give up the life-saving victories our party has worked towards for fifty years. These Republicans are ignoring the fact that millions of Texans consistently donate, campaign, and vote for Republicans primarily because of their deeply held objection to abortion,” said Seago.

“We should be spending more time and attention on attacking the new strategies of the abortion forces instead of debating how we can selfishly retreat. The Pro-Life movement needs our Republican leaders to be bold so that we can find legislative and legal solutions to protect Texans who are under attack by illegal websites sending abortion pills into our state and killing babies and endangering their mothers,” he added.

Emily Medeiros

Emily graduated from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Journalism. She is excited to use her research and writing skills to report on important issues around Texas.