Obama's Texas Takeover - Texas Scorecard

Team Obama appears poised to dump a lot of cash into Texas this season — though not necessarily because his team thinks he can carry the state. Apparently the Obama team is looking ahead to the congressional redistricting of 2011. They want to spend some of his storied campaign largesse in “strategic” legislative races that will help Democrats draw left-friendly seats — and punish Republicans.

Now, Texas is a “red” state — about as Republican as they come, voter-for-voter. But the careful drawing of lines could quickly change Texas’ congressional delegation from R to D in a flash.

Believe it or not, redistricting battles actually get underway in the 2009/2010 interim season. So, the Obama theory seems to go, the better Democrats do in 2008’s state legislative races, the better shot they have of redrawing Texas. So hold on, the ’08 elections for the Texas House is going to be a lot more expensive than anyone every thought…